Inside: Tip of tongue piercings you’ll be willing to try. 

A tip of tongue piercing is the new wave of tongue piercings! These are a classic “rebel” move. I remember growing up anytime I saw someone with a tongue piercing, I remember thinking: “They are such a rebel!” It was the ultimate edgy girl piercing. I wanted to be her so bad.

The piercing that goes from both sides of your tongue at the tip is called either the snake eye piercing or the scoop piercing, or the one that goes from top to bottom is simply a vertical tongue piercing. The vertical is more similar to your standard tongue piercing, but closer to the tip.

Now with so many different face piercings, there’s so many “edgy girl” options to choose from.

But if you’re still considering the tip of tongue piercing, I’ve got everything you need to know! From inspiration, jewelry ideas, to answering all your biggest questions, I’m here to show you that you’ll love a tongue piercing.

Three girls with piercings on the tip of their tongues

Facial piercings, especially tongue piercings, while they’re edgy, if you really feel like it’s the right move for you, will always be fun and exciting. To get something new that expresses who you are is always a good investment!
If you’ve had one of these piercings on your mind, now’s the time to start executing the idea.

Set up a consultation with a piercer and get excited.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of your piercing is going to have a pretty decent range, due to your geographical location, the size of the shop, and the experience of the piercer you go to! All of these will cause the price to vary. If you’re looking at a shop in a big city versus one in the suburbs, you’re going to find that the one in the big city is more expensive, whether or not the piercers are more experienced.

You’re probably looking at somewhere between $35 and $100 for your piercing! Since this is such a wide range, really do your research and find someone with really good experience to give you your tongue piercing! Mouth piercings are the ones I really don’t play around with, so make sure you’re confident with your choice!

This price also does not include jewelry! So you’re going to want to factor in jewelry on top of this. You should also consider higher quality jewelry as well– if you’re going to be going above and beyond to make sure this piercing stays nice and clean, you’ll want to use a quality piece of metal to make sure it’s not getting irritated by the jewelry you put in it!

How Much Does A Tip Of Tongue Piercing Hurt

While everyone’s pain tolerance is different, the tongue piercing isn’t usually reported as being one of the more painful piercing procedures! Most commonly likened to shot or an injection, you’re looking at a pretty easy piercing!

My first thought about tongue piercings is to think how bad it hurts when I bite my tongue… a whole piercing must hurt a lot! But that’s not actually the case! Tongue piercings for some hurt less than an ear piercing, so I’d be pretty relaxed going in for this one!

There’s a lot of swelling on the tongue during the healing phase, so that might be what you need to look out for more and you may feel the pain a little more during this period, but ultimately, it’s a decently low-pain process! Woohoo!

How To Heal And Not Get Infected?

This is an easy one to heal since you just have to rinse your mouth out to clean it!

Using a non-alcoholic mouthwash, rinse your mouth a few times a day, if not several times daily. It may not hurt to throw in a saltwater rinse before bed either!

If your tongue is starting to look like it needs a little more TLC and attention, go ahead and soak a Q-Tip in saline (saltwater solution) and apply it directly to the piercing. You can do this from the start for the first couple days as well, but rinsing to make sure there isn’t any food lodged in and giving it a good cleaning should do the trick.

What Does The Scar Look Like On The Tip Of Tongue?

Indentations and subtle scarring will likely occur once you remove the tip of the tongue piercing, but ultimately, you won’t see too much damage from the piercing.

And to be honest, even if you did… It’s usually pretty hidden, right?

So no scarring worries here for your tip of tongue piercing! No biggie.

A vertical tongue piercing with an evil eye stud

Vertical Tip Of Tongue Piercing

This is the piercing that’s most similar to your standard tongue piercing that you’ve probably seen before! With it being closer to the front of the tongue it’s a little edgier and a little bit newer of a style.

Tip of tongue piercings are so fresh and new, any way that you do them is going to be different! Get ahead of some of these trends and as you’re considering a tongue piercing, check out these vertical tip of tongue piercings for a new spin on it!

1. Evil Eye
2. Vertical And Horizontal
3. White Stud
4. Moon
5. Classic Bar

Two women with snake eye piercings

Snake Eyes

The snake eye piercings are the horizontal version of the tip of tongue piercing that has become a cute new micro trend!

Going from one side of your tongue to the other close to the tip, it resembles the eyes of a snake, hence the name, snake eyes. Duh, of course.

Check out these inspiration pictures to catch the vision and see if this is the piercing for you!

6. Flirty
7. White Barbell
8. Standard

Two barbells jewelry

Venom Piercing Jewelry

Venom piercing is another name for the snake eyes. Easy. So check out some more of these idea pictures!

It’s so fun and new, there’s probably so many ways you can put your own spin on it!

Any curved barbell will do the trick, so you can have some fun with these! High quality metal will always be the best, especially while healing, but if you know you don’t have reactions to cheaper metals, then after it’s all healed up, try something new!

9. White Opal
10. Gold Diamond
11. Black
12. Studs

The snake eyes or tip of tongue piercing is so new and fresh, a really cool take on the typical tongue piercing! If you don’t know anyone else with these piercings, get ahead of the curve and get this new cool piercing!

Piercing trends never go away, which is what’s so cool about them. You’re in it for the long game. So even if you get this new idea and it becomes trendy, it’s going to be a cool piece that a lot of people have while still being unique to you because only you have it with the combination of other piercings that you have.

Unique and creative, the tip of tongue piercing is edgy in its own right, earning the title of edgy tongue piercing that we’ve always known and loved from the piercing community!

Eat this style up and go get a tip of tongue piercing!

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