Inside: 11 styles of double ear piercings that you’ll love for any kind of piercing style you have.

Double ear piercings are some of the most common and it’s usually where a lot of us start our piercing addiction. If you got your lobes first pierced when you were young, and then added on the second lobe piercing when you were in highschool or so, you’re probably in good company here. It felt like that’s what everyone wanted to do and we all did it and most of us continued to slowly add on from there.

If you haven’t moved into the world of the double piercing and you’re starting to look forward to it, I’m here to give you 11 examples of why you should and answer all the questions.

We’ll look at some other versions of double piercings that aren’t just on the lobe, and talk about how double ear piercings work.

Doing a double ear piercing over a single is an elevated way to add something new to your ear, even if it’s two really simple ones.

Three girls with multiple ear piercings

How Much Does It Cost

The price range for this piercing is going to depend on a few different factors. If you’re looking for a double piercing, are you looking for two piercings of the same kind in the same sitting? Or are you looking for your double lobe piercing alone? These are two very different piercings with two price points.

First let’s start with if you’re looking to get two piercings of the same kind at the same time. You’re going to have to pay double, unless you’re going to a shop that does double deals, or packages for multiple piercings. An ear piercing generally cost anywhere from $25-$50, so if you’re doing two you’re likely going to be looking at $50-$100, this is a very rough estimate, as every piercing shop, piercer, and piercing itself is different, but you’re going to be looking in the higher range for a double piercing.

If you’re looking to get your lobe double pierced, it’s going to be about the same price as a standard lobe piercing. These are the most basic piercings, and you’re probably looking anywhere from $25-$50 for the piercing alone. You will also have to buy jewelry, but you don’t always have to invest in super high-quality jewelry for a lobe piercing unless you already know you have sensitivities.

Different piercing shops and piercers are going to have different price ranges, so that’s for your cost will vary, but lobe piercings aren’t usually ones I’m super concerned about investing in. Nine times out of ten I recommend investing in a great piercer and paying the extra few dollars just to make sure you have a good experience.

But with lobe piercings, finding a professional that you trust is all you really need.

How Much Does It Hurt

The classic question when it comes to getting a new piercing… How much is it going to hurt?

What kind of piercing are you looking to get? If you’re looking for something more cartilage based, it’s going to be very different from the lobe double piercing. But we’ll look at both of them. In general, though, neither of them are really going to have a solid answer, as there’s no number scale you can put on pain tolerance as everybody is so different.

I didn’t find my cartilage piercing to be particularly painful personally, so, if you’re looking at a double helix piercing, I would say it doesn’t hurt very much! But the next girl might say that it was her most painful piercing. Cartilage is more tough to pierce through so anything that’s more cartilage-based it’s going to have a tougher experience than a quick little needle gun to the flesh at your lobe.

In general, ear piercings tend to be some of the most painless piercings, or easiest to sit through at least. However, in my experience, the Rook was the most painful piercing I’ve received, but I don’t think that that’s up for a double debate today.

As you plan your next piercing, don’t plan around pain. You can sit there anything if you put your mind to it. Even with a low pain tolerance. Be brave, you can do this!

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing ear piercings is one of the easiest to do. There’s not a ton of interruption with them, as long as you keep your hair out of the way and are mindful when drying your hair with a towel or going to sleep at night on the side of your head.

All it takes is a simple cleaning solution and a Q-tip and then of course, a conscious effort to keep it out of harm’s way.

Usually with ear piercings, I end up with a Saline solution from my piercer, but you can buy plenty of different ones from your local stores, or you can make a Saline solution with salt and water at your home. All of these do the trick and get the job done. Soak a Q-tip in your Saline solution or cleaning solution, whichever one you decide to go with, and douse the area with the cleaning solution.

It’s an open wound, so you might see some crust as it heals, and that’s a good thing. Simply clean it away with the Q-tip and saline and you’re good to go. This is all true for any kind of ear piercing.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Another good thing about ear piercings is that there’s no scarring left once you take them out.

It is very rare that piercings on the ear closes all the way up. You may not be able to get a piercing through them again, but there’s going to be scar tissue left behind. Even if the tiny scars are left, or if you can notice the scar tissue on your ear… It’s literally on your ear, there’s not much to worry about being noticed and seen by others.

I’ve had my ears pierced on the lobe for 16 years, and I often go weeks if not months without wearing earrings in the lobe piercings, and they still don’t close up. If I pinch them, I can feel the scar tissue where the piercing is, and you can see the hole, of course, but there’s no nasty scar left behind. If you’re worried about scarring with a double ear piercing, don’t even worry about it.

Four girls with cute ideas of double ear piercings

Double Lobe Piercings

1. Mini Hoops
2. Square Studs
3. Combo
4. Little Hoops

Hoop and stud combinations of double ear piercings

Hoop And Stud

5. Mini Hoop
6. Flower Stud
7. The Basics
8. Cluster

Double helix piercings

Ideas Simple

9. Double Helix
10. Cool Studs
11. Double Forward Helix

Double ear piercings are so fun, and such an elevated look to your typical ear piercings. Even if you’re not into the crazy piercings, or looking at getting studded all over your face and ears, adding a little extra one to your next piercing, even if it’s simple, is a really cute look that I think you’re going to love.

Just have fun with it, I know that ear piercings are some of the most low maintenance so whatever you decide to do isn’t going to be a huge commitment. I think these are all beautiful styles that we looked at today, and they’ve definitely convinced me that I want more double piercings.

The fun things you can do with earrings that are made for doubles are just too cute, and I feel inspired all over again! And I hope you do too.
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