Inside: 13 killer jestrum piercing inspirations that will convince you that you want this piercing.

Have you been looking into the Medusa piercing, but want something a little different? You need to check out these killer jestrum piercings! It’s essentially the same as the Medusa, but it goes through the center of the lip rather than straight back!

It’s edgy and it’s so cool. If you’re already looking at an upper lip piercing, taking it up a notch is the way to go!

You won’t regret making an extra statement with the jestrum piercing, and you’ll definitely grab attention with it!

Being an uncommon piercing, you probably have a ton of questions like how bad does it hurt, how do you even heal a piercing like that, et cetera. But I’ve got all of the answers for you and inspiration photos to show you why you need this piercing in your life (and on your face!).

Three women with jestrum lip rings and other piercings

Get inspired and book your appointment ASAP!

How Much Does It Cost

Like most lip piercings, you’re looking at a $30 to $60 range for this piercing! Excluding jewelry. Invest in good jewelry and a good piercer, always for face piercings and especially for mouth piercings. Titanium jewelry is a great place to start so you don’t have to be concerned with cheap metals. You’ll already be doing so much to protect it, heal it, and be mindful of it, that you want to do everything you can right off the bat to make sure it’s going to be a good experience and a happy piercing!

Prices for piercings generally vary based on the experience of the piercer, the geographical location of the shop, and general shop minimums.

Research is totally necessary, especially for something so special as the jestrum. With piercings like this that aren’t too common, you’ll usually have to try to find a piercer that’s comfortable with the process as has done it enough to make YOU feel comfortable with the process.

Don’t go with the cheap route just to go with the cheap route, this is an investment! Commit to it, and you won’t regret it.

How Much Does This Piercing Hurt?

Good news for you, lips are generally not too painful to get pierced! Since they’re more made up of flesh than cartilage, it will hurt significantly less than a cartilage spot like your helix or your nose. It will hurt more than your earlobe, since it’s actually a thicker area than your ear is, but it’s nothing you can’t handle if you’ve had other piercings before.

Generally speaking, there’s significantly more nerves in your lips than there are in your ears, so this adds a bit more sensitivity to the area too.

The pain scale is different for everyone, so you may totally have a different experience, but a general consensus is that this won’t hurt too badly. No need to panic!

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing a mouth piercing can be tricky because it requires so much attention. But don’t worry, you can totally manage it, you just have to commit to the process.

Clean the piercing spots with a saline solution, one that you can find from your piercer, the shop, any store, or you can make at home! It’s a simple saltwater solution. You’ll want to do this twice, maybe three times a day.
After eating, drinking, or kissing is a good time to go in and give it a good clean, so no foreign substances get into the piercing and cause an infection.

When it comes to face and lip products, do everything you can to keep them away from the piercing. Even clean and cleaning substances and chemicals aren’t good for an open wound, so while washing your face and applying lip product, be super mindful of the new metal in your lip!

What Does The Jestrum Piercing Scar Look Like

Facial piercings, especially in the fleshier areas of the face will always leave a scar. This is the downside to lip and cheek piercings!

Scar tissue will do its job and take over after the piercing is removed, and there will be a scar left in its place. It may look more like a slight indentation than a true scar, since the skin got used to the shape being there.
Using scar creams can help minimize the scarring, as well as being super protective of your piercing, especially in the early days.

The more the piercing moves, stretches, and tears while it’s still healing from the initial pierce, the more definite and prominent the piercing will be.

So go out of your way to do the most when it comes to guarding your new jewelry!

Two women with vertical lip rings

Vertical Lip Piercing

While there are several different kinds, styles, and placements for a vertical lip piercing, the jestrum is easily the cooler of the options. A lot of the jewelry options are pretty simple, but the way that you combine it with other piercings on your face, mouth, or nose, all add to the look!

Piercings in the same area all play together to bring out the end result, so it’s not all about each individual piercing!

If you feel like this is the next one for you, check out some of these ideas!

1. Punk Glam
2. Heart Stud
3. Clean Girl
4. Labret Combo
5.Beauty Shot

Three girls with facial piercings

Jestrum Piercings

How cool is it that there’s a variation of just about every piercing? This being a spin off of the classic Medusa is so interesting. We’re just always finding ways to change things up, aren’t we?

Not sure if this is the one for you? Some of these ideas and inspiration pictures should totally help you visualize the piercing on yourself. If you can see it, and you can see yourself rocking it, which you totally can, then go ahead and book a consultation! Make this piercing your reality.

6. Flat Stud
7. Silver Pairings
8. Edgy
9. Down The Line
10. Gold

Three people with jestrum piercings

Jewelry Ideas

For the most part, the jewelry for a jestrum piercing is pretty simple, a silver barbell. But the options that are available are so cool!

With the ever growing e-commerce market and businesses to shop online, the market for these lip rings are bound to keep growing!

11. Flat Stud
12. Purple Barbell
13. The Standard

The jestrum piercing is so different, if you’re already leaning towards a centered upper lip piercing, you’ve got to go the extra mile! It’s such a cool look that can’t be compared to any other facial piercing, and you’ll fall in love with it! With being more of a rare piece, you’ll turn heads and definitely get attention with this one.

The styling and the aesthetic of it all is way cool, and you’ll be one of few in the piercing community that have braved this new procedure.

Show off to all of your friends and family how committed you are to this new look and jump on the jestrum piercing train!

If you’re looking for some other different piercing ideas, one of my favorites is the bridge nose piercing! Want to learn more about it? Check out the full guide here!