Girl with silver hair wearing a diamond stud earring

Determining The Best Size Diamond Stud Earrings For You

Inside: Determining the best size diamond stud earrings for you and your collection of earrings. Venturing into the world of diamond studs can be intimidating since there are so many shapes, sizes, and styles, and these investment pieces are likely staying in your jewelry box for a long time. Diamonds are never a wrong answer, […] Read more…

A girl with three piercings on her lobe.

17 Minimalist Ear Piercings For Simple Style

Inside: 17 Cool minimalist ear piercings for simple style. Minimalism is out and maximalism is in. In fashion anyway, but minimalism is all the rage when it comes to the details like piercings and tattoos, and it’s just so fun to play with all the little dainty earrings and fun ideas that there are to […] Read more…

A girl putting in an earring

The Daith: Ear Piercing For Anxiety

Inside: The daith: The ear piercing for anxiety. How much does it actually work? If you suffer from anxiety, it can be a burden not just on your mental health, but on your physical health and how well you feel, too. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that you’re just going to have to […] Read more…

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