Inside: Cute Facial Piercing Ideas for Girls + Placements.

If you can’t decide where to place your next stud then here are a few cute facial piercing ideas just for you. Traditionally, most women wear ear studs, but actually, there’s so much more out there.

From the massive collection of ear piercing placements, you also have spots like your nose, lips, and eyebrows.

Piercings are very versatile and look gorgeous too! In fact, you can even customize them according to your preference and personality. Typically, you can pierce any part of your body as long as it has a skin covering. If you want to try any of these then be sure to look for a reliable piercing parlor or tattoo shop.

Check out our favorite cute facial piercing ideas and find some fun inspiration.

Facial Piercings Ideas for Females

Face piercings can be pretty intimidating, whether this is your first one or not! So are you looking for some new ideas for cute face piercings to convince you to jump on the train or are you already on it? I’ve got some ideas for you.

Are you leaning towards the eyebrow? The lip? Nose? Maybe even the cheek dermals? Or do you not even have any direction yet? No big, check these cute facials out and you might know exactly what you want at the end of it.
Face piercings aren’t the same taboo that they used to be.

Unless your job prohibits visible piercings, if you’re wanting a new piece of jewelry, try one of these if you’re feeling bold.

Cute Piercing Placement Ideas

There are tons of different placement ideas when it comes to choosing the cutest piercing, especially for girls. So what’s the cutest piercing for a girl? First, let’s talk about placement options…

Cute Ear Piercing Placements

Earlobe: This is by far the most common and the oldest type of piercing. There is a huge selection of jewelry to choose from ranging from straight barbells, circular barbells as well as rings.

Conch: In this type of piercing, the jewelry is installed right in the middle of the ear.

Helix: This piercing is placed on the upper area of the ear cartilage. It can make you look cool and there is a huge variety of options that are available. You can show your creativity by selecting different angles, locations, and jewelry.

Tragus: Tragus is actually the small flappy part of your ear. It is quite common these days and it also looks amazing. It’s best to use a barbell then upgrade it to a ring after it has completely healed.

Rook: This area is located right at the top of the conch and daith.

Cute Piercings on Face

Eyebrow: This piercing can quickly heal. At the same time, it can also enhance the shape of your face. It’s best to use a curved barbell, although you may also use a ring or a straight barbell.

Bridge: This piercing is implanted right in the upper bridge of the nose which is just between the eyes. Once it is healed you can adorn it with stylish jewelry so it can look stunning.

Nostril:  A nose piercing is very delicate, so it’s best to let the initial jewelry stay for 4 to 6 months before changing it. The best thing about this type of piercing is that there is a wide selection of jewelry that is available.

Septum: The septum piercing is done through the soft thin area at the center of the nose.

Monroe: This piercing is named after Marilyn Monroe since it has a resemblance to her beauty mark. It is a great compliment to your lips or mouth.

Cheek: It looks like a little dimple on your face and it also takes a bit longer to heal.

Lip:  The lip piercing is done just below the lip line.

Cute Facial Piercing Ideas

These cute facial piercings are simple, delicate, and perfect for females looking to get new jewelry. From ears, nose, and lips, check out a few of our favorites.

1.  Microdermal Piercing with Diamond Stud

2. Ear Full of Piercings with Double Small Studs

3. Small Gold Stud in Nose

4.  Piercing Under Lip with Gold Hoop

Cute Facial Piercing

5. Lip and Nose Piercing Combo

6. Triple Lobe Pierced Ears

7. Double Helix and Double Lobe Piercing

Cute Piercing Ideas for Females

Most females are drawn too delicate, dainty, or small piercings. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for females.

8. Double Gold Hoop Lip Piercing

9. Small Flower Nose Stud Piercing

10. Double Eyebrow Piercing Idea

11. Industrial Bar

Cute Piercing Ideas for Females

12. Rook Heart Shaped Earring

13. Small Monroe Lip Piercing

14. Cute Dimple Piercing on Cheeks

Cute Small Face Piercings

These small piercing ideas are some of the cutest facial piercing ideas. They add a fun flair to your style and bring a unique look with their designs.

15. Trio Earlobe Piercing Idea

16. Simple Septum Hoop

17. Labret Lip Stud Piercing

18. Rook Piercing Idea

Cute Small Face Piercings

19. Classic Eyebrow Piercing

20. Bridge Piercing Idea

21. Septum Piercing Hoop

I’m here to give you some inspiration and answer some of the questions that you might have about facial piercings in general down to price, scarring, and pain levels.

Face piercing questions answered how much does it hurt

How Much Does It Cost

For the most part, the cost of facial piercings are pretty much all in the same range. Roughly, you would be looking at the $30 to $70 range for piercings like tongue, eyebrow, cheek, and nose piercings if you’re keeping to the more standard forms of the piercings. If you’re going for more of a more specialized version or increasing your jewelry quality, you might find yourself in a higher price range.

However, all of this is not including the price of jewelry – so factor that in.

You will want to factor in the geographical location of the shop you’re going to, the piercer’s experience levels, and the jewelry that you select for your piercing.

Don’t pick a piercer based on cheapest prices, especially if you are going for something a little more specialized– usually the higher the prices means the better the experience.

How Much Does It Hurt

We’re covering a large variety of piercings here today, but in general, your facial piercings don’t rank too high in the most painful piercings scales.

Nose piercings like nostril and septum are uncomfortable experiences, but not necessarily painful. The nasallang, being closer to the bone, can definitely hurt a bit more, but still not too high on the pain scale.

Piercings on different parts of your face like eyebrow, cheek, and lip all tend to rank around a four on the scale if you’re rating the pain from one to ten! But remember, pain is relative and is different for everyone, and probably depends on how many piercings you’ve sat through before to compare it to.

These spots on your face don’t have any tough cartilage, which can make a piercing tough and even a little more painful, so you’re going to have a bit of an easier time with it. You might see more swelling, but you won’t have as much pain in the initial piercing.

How To Heal Them

Facial piercings can be some of the easiest piercings to heal or some of the hardest. If you’ve got a lip piercing or a nose, you’ve just opened your skin in areas that have pretty high bacteria levels. You’ll want to pay a lot of attention to these, cleaning them frequently and protecting them from getting snagged.

All facial piercings you can pretty much clean the same way. Clean all openings with a Q-tip or cotton pad soaked in saline, at least twice a day.

Getting an infection is the number one enemy you’ll face with trying to heal your piercings in a timely manner! It will be well worth it when you have a nice, clean, cute facial piercing without an infection.

For a lip piercing, also be ready to swish your mouth with mouthwash after you eat, drink, and smoke to clean the area inside that you can’t clean with the saline solution you use on the rest.

What Does The Scar Look Like

The scarring for all of these will look a little different, but ultimately, having a piercing on any fleshy part of your body is going to leave a scar! You’re inviting scar tissue by piercing the skin, so it’s pretty inevitable.
Since the lips are the most “fleshy,” you’re likely to see more of an indentation at the sites of any previous lip piercings.

And there are ways to prevent the scarring from getting worse as well! The best thing you can do to avoid scars is to protect your piercing from snagging like your life depends on it, especially during the initial healing process.

All of the neurotic cleaning and guarding will pay off in the long run.

Four women with multiple facial piercings

Placement Inspiration For Your Next Face Piercing

Cute Cheek Piercing

The cheek piercings have yet to make a huge splash, but that makes them all the more cool and edgy! Be one of the first you know with a piercing on your cheek.

They look intimidating, but they’re not any more bold than a nose hoop or eyebrow ring: you’re going to rock it.

  1. Mouth Frames
  2. Silver Stud
  3. Dimples
  4. Diamond Studs
  5. Cheek Bones
  6. Smile Lines
  7. Dimple Enhancements
  8. Cheek And Cheekbone
  9. Barbell
  10. Mixed Studs
  11. Dual
  12. Blue Stud
  13. Medusa Combo
  14. Two Gold Studs
  15. Coordinated Labret

Woman with several eyebrow hoops


Eyebrows are your classic facial piercings, and there are so many ways for you to style them once you’ve got them pierced and healed. Don’t worry about it looking like everyone else’s if you’re not into that: here are some cute eyebrow piercing ideas to spark your inspiration.

  1. Squiggle
  2. Hoop And Barbell Doubles
  3. Flat Studs
  4. Spikes
  5. Anti Eyebrow Dermal
  6. Swirly 
  7. Classic Barbell Stud
  8. Hoop
  9. Hoops On Hoops
  10. Teardrop Charm
  11. Symmetrical
  12. Anti Eyebrow Stud
  13. Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings
  14. Brown Bone
  15. Flat Stud
  16. Horizontal And Vertical Combo

Two women with nose piercings, septum hoop and double nostril hoop

Nose Piercing Types

There are so many ways to pierce your nose and so many more kinds of jewelry to wear to make it your own.

You can go with nasallang, nostril, high nostril, septum, septril, rhino… You can put jewelry anywhere on your nose and there’s a name for it. Mix and match if you’ve already got some, or try something really bold for your first nose piercing.

You cannot go wrong with any of these, so check them out and see which one is for you:

  1. Nasallang Chain
  2. Double Piercing: Stud And Hoop
  3. Symmetrical Stud
  4. Rhino Nose
  5. Multiple High Nostril
  6. Classic Septum
  7. Double Nose Stud
  8. Blue Stone And Hoop
  9. Gold And Dazzling Septum Hoop
  10. Bridge Chain
  11. Double Hoops
  12. High Nostril
  13. Bridge Barbell
  14. Classic Stud
  15. Matching Hoops

Two women with dimple cheek piercings

Creative Face Piercing Inspiration

We’ve covered some of the most popular, but there are numerous ways to pierce your face, and the piercing world is always finding new ways to wear studs and hoops all over. So if none of the typical piercings are calling to you, check out some of these other cute face piercings that might grab your attention.

  1. Anti Eyebrow
  2. All At Once
  3. Triple Threat Tongue
  4. Double Lip Hoop
  5. Labret Horseshoe
  6. Snakebites
  7. Single Lower Lip
  8. Triple Anti Eyebrow
  9. Medusa Stud
  10. Marble Tongue Stud
  11. The Monroe
  12. Snake Eyes
  13. Bridge Studs
  14. Lip Stud Combos
  15. Heart Stud
  16. Smiley Piercing
  17. Labret Stud

If you’re ready to start your facial piercing journey or ready to add more to the plenty you already have, you’re in the right spot to figure out what you want next. These cute facial piercings are to die for and will be a great addition to any that you already have, if any!

If you’re considering any of them, start investigating new piercing shops or call your regular guy or gal and set up an appointment for a consultation. It’s time to snag that new jewelry on your face. If you’re hesitating, what are you waiting for?! You really don’t have anything to lose with these piercings, unless your job isn’t a fan.

Cute face piercings are everything these days, so be ready to have people wanting to copy you with any of these piercing styles. You’re a trendsetter.