Inside: 53 emo piercings inspiration that are creative and fun.

Emo fashion is a specific style movement inspired by the emo music of the early 2000s.

The name comes from the emotional nature of this style of music, which was a mix of punk and rock, channeled by bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Taking Back Sunday.

A popular choice amongst teens who like to dress outside of the mainstream, adopting this style is easy once you know how to look emo.

Check out our favorite emo piercings and styles and let us know which are your favorites!
Emo Piercing Ideas

Emo Piercing Ideas

1. Face Full of Emo 

2. Tongue Web Piercing

3. Symmetrical Face Piercings

4. Surface Cheek Piercing Idea

5. Dimple Piercings with Septum

6. Double Lip Piercing with Hoop and Stud

7. Lip and Tongue Piercing Combo

8. Nose Chain Crossover Piercing

9. Snake Eye Tongue Tip Piercing

10. Dangling Charm Ear Stack

11. Snake Bite Hoops

Emo Snake Bites Piercing Inspiration

A snake bite piercing is actually made up of two lower lip piercings, usually placed close to the edge of the lip equidistant from the center on both the left and right sides.

There are actually two types of snake bite piercings: ring piercings and labret studs. These categories are exactly what they sound like: The ring piercings are snake bites pierced with jewelry that fully wraps around the lip, while labret studs are two piercings directly from the outside of the mouth to the inside.

12. Black Snake Bite Jewelry

13. Snake Bite Hoops

14. Hoops in Snake Bite Piercing

15. Snake Bite Studs

16. Curved Barbell Jewelry

17. Black and Silver Snake Bite Hoops

Punk Piercing

18. Simple Snake Bites Piercing

19. Upper Lip Snake Bites

20. Symmetrical Snake Bite Piercings

21. Black Hoop Snake Bites

22. Snake Bite Studs

Emo Ear Piercings

Think of your ear as an empty canvas: With the help of the right piercer, it’s a work of art waiting to be created. However, there are some things you should know before you’re needle-ready.

  • First, always work with a reputable piercer who makes you feel comfortable and uses hygienic techniques.
  • Surgical-grade titanium or gold are the best metals to put in your body, as they run the lowest risk of infection.
  • Your piercer will go over the aftercare routine they recommend, but you’ll need a saline spray to cleanse your piercing as it heals.
  • Avoid sleeping on your newly pierced ears, and wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly.

With those basics out of the way, let’s talk inspiration.

23. Cool Skull Earring Styles

24. Spiked Ear Cuff

25. Emo Ear Stack and Chains

26. Dangling Charm Ear Stack

27. Long Spikes with Gauge

28. Full Emo Ear Piercings

Emo Ear Piercings

29. Stacked Silver Ear Jewelry

30. Chunky Chain Ear Jewelry

31. Gague and Surface Piercing

32. Full Stacked Ear Hoops

33. Spiked Ear Cuff

Emo Nose Piercing Ideas

Here are some aftercare tips unique to nose piercing:

  • Don’t touch the jewelry. Spinning, scratching, or moving the jewelry can cause trauma to the surrounding skin that can lead to scarring, piercing bumps, and other unsightly issues. Cartilage is particularly susceptible to damage, so you need to be extra sure that you leave your jewelry alone as it heals.
  • Keep makeup and other face products away from the piercing. The only product or solution that you should introduce to your nose piercing is saline solution. Soap, makeup, and lotions contain chemicals that can irritate your piercing.
  • Nose piercings close quickly. If your jewelry falls out as your nose piercing is healing, visit your piercer immediately to get the jewelry replaced.

34. Septum and Nose Piercing Combo

35. Double Hoop Nose Ring

36. Nose Chain and Septum

37. Multiple Nose Ring Piercings

38. Double Hoops with Septum

Emo Nose Piercing Ideas

39. Spike Stud with Hoop

40. Connecting Chain Nose Piercings

41. Septum and Nose Piercing

42. Double Hoop Nose Ring

43. Nose Chain and Septum

Cool Punk Piercings

44. Double Eyebrow Piercings

45. Skull Hand Lip Ring

46. Surface Cheek Piercing

47. Face Full of Emo Piercings

48. Tongue Web Piercing

49. Symmetrical Face Piercings

50. Dimple Piercings with Septum

51. Double Lip Piercing with Hoop and Stud

52. Lip and Tongue Piercing Combo

53. Nose Chain Crossover Piercing

More Cool Piercing Inspiration You’ll Love

If you like these cool emo piercings then check out some of our favorite healing tips for piercings.

  • When Can I Change My Ear Piercing? – If you’ve paid to have your piercing done, chances are you don’t want it to close up, and you’d be surprised how quickly this can happen with new piercings. the longer you have a piercing, the longer you can leave it without wearing an earring/piece of jewelry.
  • How Long Does a Tongue Piercing Take to Heal? – Your tongue is a muscle, so its healing process can be slightly different from a skin piercing. Tongue piercings heal quite quickly compared to other body piercings. However, the healing time can vary from person to person and depends heavily on how well the tongue piercing is being cared for at the start of its life.
  • How to Care for a Nose Piercing? – A new nose piercing requires frequent cleanings. Like any new piercing, regular cleanings help keep debris out of the piercing while also preventing infection. However, the aftercare doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to regularly ensure your nose piercing and jewelry are both in good shape to prevent any future problems.

Emo Piercings