Mouth Piercings

Drawing of Marilyn

29 Reasons To Get The Fabulous Monroe Piercing

Inside: 29 reasons to get the fabulous Monroe piercing. Upper lip piercings. A staple, a classic, and a favorite in the piercing community! There are so many different styles and placements, how can you choose? Truly? I don’t know about you but the Monroe is a personal favorite, due to the actual placement and the […] Read more…

11 Tip Of Tongue Piercings Worth Trying

Inside: Tip of tongue piercings you’ll be willing to try.  A tip of tongue piercing is the new wave of tongue piercings! These are a classic “rebel” move. I remember growing up anytime I saw someone with a tongue piercing, I remember thinking: “They are such a rebel!” It was the ultimate edgy girl piercing. […] Read more…

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