Mouth Piercings

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5 Stunning Examples Of Cyber Bites

Inside: 5 Stunning examples of cyber bites. Lip piercings are some of the most classic and edgy piercings in the book. There’s so many variations, but they’re all centered around a very similar vibe. Each one has its own personality, whether you’re looking at the medusa, the Madonna, Angel bites… But if you’re looking at […] Read more…

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9 Scoop Tongue Piercing Ideas

Inside: 9 Scoop tongue piercing ideas for adding something new to your mouth piercing collection. Mouth and tongue piercings are some of the most classic styles in the book when it comes to the different types of piercings. In the industry, it’s so common to have multiple mouth piercings, and while there are many variations […] Read more…

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29 Reasons To Get The Fabulous Monroe Piercing

Inside: 29 reasons to get the fabulous Monroe piercing. Upper lip piercings. A staple, a classic, and a favorite in the piercing community! There are so many different styles and placements, how can you choose? Truly? I don’t know about you but the Monroe is a personal favorite, due to the actual placement and the […] Read more…

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