Inside: 17 Cool minimalist ear piercings for simple style.

Minimalism is out and maximalism is in. In fashion anyway, but minimalism is all the rage when it comes to the details like piercings and tattoos, and it’s just so fun to play with all the little dainty earrings and fun ideas that there are to pair them together.

Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, sometimes it’s just easier to play the easy route and get all the cool piercings but place minimalist pieces of jewelry in them instead.

Especially when you’ve got a ton of piercings on the same ear, it can be fun to keep it simple with the way you style them all. It’s true that sometimes less really is more, and it makes sense to use less bulky earrings in the place of some of these piercings.

As long as you’re having fun with the styling, that’s all that matters, and if minimalism is more of your thing, then here are some fun and cute examples to make it come to life!

Three simple minimalist ear piercing styles

Minimalist Piercings Versus Minimalist Jewelry

There are two different ways that you can look at this style and trend of piercings.

You can look at it like having the basic styles of piercings, like the typical lobe piercing, even a double, and maybe the classic and basic helix piercing on the cartilage on the top of the ear.

This is what I would think of as the minimalist piercings, but I think what we’re looking for more examples of in this post is more of the minimalist jewelry.

Minimalist jewelry can be the little, tiny, dainty studs that go into the many piercings that you may have on one ear. Whether you have your triples done on your lobe, or maybe even have a constellation cluster on the lobe and around the auricle, there’s still so many ways to style these piercings in minimalist vibes even with having them all in the same area.

This is where it starts to get super trendy, and you get to have a lot of fun putting together different studs, styles and ideas that you might have to make the best collaboration of different earring styles that really represents you and your style.

So… Are you more of a minimalist piercing or minimalist jewelry person?

How Much Do These Piercings Cost?

Okay. This is a pretty broad question but let’s start with the basics.

If you’re looking for a lobe piercing, you’re likely going to be looking at about $50. Usually you find that they pierce both lobes in a bundle, especially if it’s your first lobe piercing needing to be done. Most piercings aren’t done on both ears, if you want it doubled you’ve got to pay double the price. But this is generally a special case.

A basic helix is going to have a pretty wide range as far as price goes. Around the US you’re going to find that you could be paying anywhere from $30 to $75 for this piercing. As with most piercing price ranges, it’s going to depend on the shop simply because some shops are going to see this one as more of a specialty piercing and some see it as more of a basic. Find a piercer you like and stick with them, regardless of prices.

A style you’re going to see more than a few times in this post is the constellation piercing. This is the cluster of little studs on the lobe of the ear that kind of travel up the side of the ear, around the auricle area. This is a really cute style to wear with minimalist and simple studs. It generally runs up the same cost as getting multiple lobe piercings, unless you go to a piercer that has done this several times before, is familiar with the process, and tends to bundle them together for a “constellation” style lobe piercing. Each one will likely cost anywhere from $35 to $50, but to get so many in a small area, that’s a pretty good price on each one!

Piercings that are a bit more random and specialty like the tragus and auricle piercings tend to run up a bit pricier, looking at maybe somewhere around $80.

There are several factors to the pricing of your piercing, and it mainly comes down to the piercer and the shop. Depending on the shop minimum and the piercer’s experience, you’re going to have a little bit of a different range. My advice is to never go to the cheapest option, and do your research. Look at social media and what people say about the piercers you find, and ask your friends around town who they like to go to. If you find someone you like and that you trust and maybe even works with you to collaborate on artistic input on these cool bodily investments, it’s always worth paying a little bit more for the experience of the person you find to do your piercings.

Three earring ideas

Minimalist Jewelry Ideas

You can have every possible ear piercing in the world, and if you use minimalist jewelry, it’s going to be a pretty simple ear set you’ve got going on. It’s going to be so cute and so fun to work with.

Check out these ideas to inspire your earring shopping!

1. Interesting And Simple
2. Ear Jacket
3. Halo Hoops
4. Tiny Hoop And Stud
5. Tiny Flower
6. Minimal Pieces

A girl with really cool and minimal piercings

Cool Piercings

Cool piercings are hard to come by when any and all edgy piercings become trendy at one point or another.

But even basic piercings can be made cool with the right combinations and the coolest jewelry out there. Get some ideas here.

7. Koi
8. Cool Clusters
9. Auricle
10. Snake Climbers
11. Lightning
12. Climbers

Three styles of different earring compilations

Simple Ear Piercing Ideas

Searching for simple earrings can be more overwhelming than it should be when you’ve got to sift through too many options that are out there!

Here are some that I personally love that can maybe help you narrow down your search while cruising the online jewelry stores.

13. Tiny Studs
14. Mixing And Matching
15. Stud Duos
16. Tiny Pieces
17. Orbital

As you’re working on curating the perfect ear, you may want to just commit to the basics of the typical lobe piercings and maybe a helix or two, but even if you’re looking for more of the stacks of piercings on the same ear, and continuing to build the look, then there are still ways to keep it pretty minimal. And I hope you found some stunning examples of that in this post.

Piercings are meant to be a form of expression and an addition to your style, so think of them and the jewelry that you wear in them as extensions of your personal style and how you want to embellish your look.

I’m such a stickler about how every detail of an outfit or look for an event works together, so I love to utilize everything from the earrings I wear down to the shoes to make sense and add to the outfit overall. It’s all the fun part of styling for me, so I love to play each part up as much as I can.

Try these cute cartilage piercing ideas for your new favorite piercing ideas!