Inside: 5 Stunning examples of cyber bites.

Lip piercings are some of the most classic and edgy piercings in the book. There’s so many variations, but they’re all centered around a very similar vibe. Each one has its own personality, whether you’re looking at the medusa, the Madonna, Angel bites… But if you’re looking at something centered, but want something a little more than the basics, you might be interested in the cyber bites.

This is a stunning combination of the medusa and the standard Labret piercings, which are both already so pretty on their own. These are centered top and bottom lip piercings that have so much room and space for creativity and allow you to play around with different types of jewelry whether they are mixed or whether they’re matched. If this feels like your next piercing, keep reading, I think you’re gonna love this cyber bite piercing.

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Two girls with edgy face piercings

How Much Does It Cost

On average, you’re likely looking at around $50 to $80 for a cyber bite piercing. It’s the combination of two piercings that are typically done separately, but not every shop is going to charge you like they’re two separate, if your intention is to have them done together for this style specifically.

This price is before jewelry costs as well.

The prices of piercings vary not only depending on the style of piercing, but also on a few different factors around the shop and the piercer themselves. If the piercer is more experienced, especially in a certain area or style of piercing, they’re going to have a little higher prices than the average shop cost. And they should! They’ve earned it. And you likely want to go to someone with a ton of experience with mouth piercings when you’re getting your lips done, it tends to be a better process with someone that really knows what they’re doing. Invest in your piercer, as mouth piercings already need special care from you, make sure that they have the best care from the start.

Shop locations can change the price range a little bit as well. The suburbs tend to charge a little less than the major cities, due to the types of traffic they drive. More experienced piercers tend to flood the city for the kinds of clientele, but there are plenty of incredible piercers hidden in the suburbs as well. Take your pick!

You’ll want to make sure you’re investing in the jewelry you use as well– it will help. As you’re checking out the jewelry options at the shop, especially if you have a sensitivity to any metals or jewelry types, you’ll want to make sure you’re grabbing a high quality metal. It helps the healing process more than you think.

How Much Does It Hurt

There’s no real way to tell if a piercing is really going to be all that painful for you. Everyone’s pain scales are so different and vary so greatly that there’s no solid number you can put on any piercing to say how much it hurts.

However you CAN compare piercings to others and say which one hurt the most for you to give reference.

Most say that lip piercings are some of the most painless out there, and as someone that doesn’t have a lip piercing, that is shocking to me, personally. I would think it’s such a soft area that it would hurt a ton, but I suppose only the inside of the mouth is that sensitive. Outside and around the mouth area isn’t actually too bad.

So you may be looking at a pretty easy process! Good for you.

The hardest part about piercings like these is that you do actually have to sit through both piercings before being able to really feel it. Getting the first one done may be easy before you really know what to expect, and then the next one might be a little tougher knowing what the feeling is like. If you can get them done pretty quickly back to back before you have too much time to think about it, you’ll be fine.

Easy peasy.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing a mouth piercing requires extra care, but isn’t necessarily difficult. It’s a two step process to clean it, and it needs to be done in full twice a day, and in part multiple times a day.

Cleaning the outside of the piercing is the easy part, it only needs to be done twice a day: in the morning, and in the evening. You can do this with a saline solution that you buy from your local store, your piercer, or you can make it at home with a salt water mixture. No matter which one you use, soak it with a Q-tip and douse the area around the piercing and get it nice and clean. Get under the piercing as well and if there are any crusties, go ahead and wipe them away. This is the same as any other piercing, so you likely already have a Saline solution sitting around or know how this process goes.

Cleaning the inside of the piercing with a mouth piercing is a little different, however, and requires a little bit more repetition. You can use a home salt water mixture inside your mouth, or you can use a non-alcoholic mouthwash. Either way, you’ll need to rinse your mouth around the area for sure twice a day when you clean the outside, and then also every time you eat.

Food getting lodged in the piercing will cause a lot of issues, so you want to make sure that there’s nothing left behind after a meal.

The healing process it’s also gonna take a few days for it to start getting better, so you’ll want to minimize using your mouth as much as possible, or moving your lips too much more than necessary. Obviously, you’re not on vocal rest, but as you go about your day, be mindful that the more you move the piercings, the more that they can stretch in the more they’re going to wiggle around and cause a little discomfort. Plan to get this piercing around days when you don’t have to socialize too much. The longer it’s been since you’ve got it pierced, the easier it will be to heal it and you won’t have to try so hard to protect it, but give it a few days before really going back to normal.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Since it’s a pretty fleshy area, your lip piercings are always going to leave behind a scar. It may not be anything too brutal, and it’s going to depend how long you’ve had it in and how you took care of it while you kept it, but it’s likely going to leave a dimple-like spot on your mouth for the most part. If you don’t ever experience an infection, or if you do pretty well not moving it around too much while you have it in, you’ll probably be fine with what’s left when you remove it.

Edgy styled girl with cool face piercing

Cyber Bites Piercing

1. Black Studs
2. Lip Collection
3. Simple And Pretty

Two punk styled girls with lip piercings

Beautiful Lip Piercings

4. Edgy
5. Perfect Studs

Cyber bite piercings are edgy and to the point, and if that’s what the look you’re going for, I definitely recommend this piercing for you.

An upper and bottom lip combination is always really chic in the piercing world as they are balanced and beautiful together. The best part of piercings, especially facial piercings, is playing with the pairings. Pairing different piercings together is so fun and creates different looks and gives it a more unique vibe that’s unique to you even though there’s a million people in the world with the same piercing. But no one has the exact same combination and jewelry style as you.

So hopefully the cyber bite examples and Q&A helps you decide that this is the next piercing move for you. You’re going to love your cyber bites!

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