Inside: Your ultimate guide to cute cheek piercing ideas if you’re considering and need some questions answered.

A cute cheek piercing is so edgy, especially if you have natural dimples and these piercings are simply highlighting a cute feature you already have!

Two girls with edgy style and cute check piercings

One of my favorite things about cheek piercings is that they’re usually symmetrical! This isn’t the case with most facial piercings, so it’s always fun when you get something that can be or usually is placed on both sides. It adds so much to the look! And there are so many different placements of cheek piercings, where do you even start?

Upper cheek, dimple, anti-eyebrow… the options for cute cheek piercings are endless!

If you’re trying to figure out all the details and find out what these cheek piercings are all about before you commit to getting them done, here are the answers to all of your questions and concerns, and hopefully convince you that if you’ve been thinking about it, this is the piercing for you!

A black and white photo of a girl with cheek piercings

There’s a lot to know, so let’s get into it!

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of a cheek piercing is a wide range– averaging from $40 to $100. These prices are varied depending on how nice the jewelry is, the location of the shop, and the experience of the piercer. Don’t cheap out on jewelry or expertise though! You don’t want to play a game of risk with something that’s going in your face, that’s for sure.

If you’re looking more at an anti-eyebrow– while not technically a cheek piercing, but definitely a similar option, it’s more in the $40 to $60 range!

Always go with a quality metal for your face. Dealing with a skin reaction on your face is a bigger beast than on your ear, and not to mention more visible!

How Much Does It Hurt

Good news! This is not likely going to be your most painful piercing. The piercing scale is different for everyone, so it’s not totally fair to say that it won’t hurt, but something more fleshy like your cheek is likely to hurt way less than something with more cartilage.

You will taste blood, and likely see blood too. But you just pierced your skin– that’s not anything to be worried about!

How To Heal Your Cheek Piercing

Healing cheek piercings isn’t too difficult, you simply have to commit to keeping it clean! The outside of the cheek isn’t your biggest concern, rather the inside that is meeting many foreign objects in an open wound.

Food and saliva are going to be your enemies when healing a cheek piercing, so your dedication to mouthwash has to be through the roof!

Swishing with mouthwash at least twice daily is the minimum, if you can get to three times, that would be ideal! Essentially when you wake up, when you go to sleep, and after lunch, or even after that afternoon cup of coffee.
Cleaning the outside is like any other piercing, really. Using a saline solution from your piercer, the store, or one you made yourself, soak a cotton pad and place it gently on the piercing site.

While washing the rest of your face, be sure to avoid the piercing areas with your actual face wash. The chemicals and what not isn’t great for the piercing, so be mindful during your skincare routine!

You have a dope open wound on your face, so just be sure to treat it as such! Any infection or irritation will be pretty obvious so just make sure you’re taking good care of it.

Cheek Piercing Scars

Scarring will definitely occur with a cheek piercing. That is the one downside to a piercing like this.
In an area of the skin that’s super fleshy, there’s going to be a lot of scar tissue ready to take over when you remove the cheek piercing! Once your skin has become used to having a stud in that place, it’s going to leave an indentation on your cheek.

Some have it worse than others, and one thing you can do to minimize the scarring is to really protect it from snagging and tearing, as well as keep it from embedding too deep into your skin.

Worried about embedding with your lip piercing? Here are some genius ways to stop it from happening!

Snagging and embedding while it’s still healing is going to produce more scarring in the long run. Tender tears are tough to keep up with! Even if you protect from anything majorly harsh, there is still a good amount of stretching because of all the movement in the area: talking and eating can’t be avoided! Obviously.

Go the extra mile during the healing process to not only keep it clean but keep it safe! Infections can also be a cause of scarring. You’ll thank yourself later.

What To Know

Now that you’ve caught up on the healing process and the likeliness of scarring, there’s one more thing you should know.

You absolutely must research your piercer, as there are muscles and ducts in your face that have a potential of being permanently damaged by this piercing. Your parotid duct is what carries saliva into your mouth and is located on your cheeks. Your piercer should be checking for this inside of your mouth before piercing, because if pierced and damaged, it cannot be repaired.

This risk plus the permanent scars are the two major risks of cheek piercings, but if you’re good with risk and don’t care too much about scarring, pierce away!

Different Styles Of Cute Cheek Piercings

While dimple cheek piercings are the main cheek piercings on the circuit, there are a couple other piercings that are technically on the cheek area of the face, but simply aren’t considered cheek piercings!

If you’re debating the cheek but are curious about other, similar options, check these out too to see if this is more of what you’re looking for.

Two of the most popular alternate cheek piercing styles are the anti-eyebrow and the dahlia. Check out some examples!

A girl with dramatic makeup and a dimple piercing

Dimple Piercings

These are the most common cheek piercings, the one we’ve been discussing this whole post. They’re precious, and highlight your already natural dimples, or give the illusion that you have them if you don’t actually!

If these look like your dream piercings, then the risks and the cleaning precautions are well worth it!

1. Dimples
2. Metal Studs
3. Statement

Two girls with piercings under their eyes

Upper Cheek Piercing

Upper cheek piercings are referred to as the anti-eyebrow or the cheekbone piercing. It goes along the cheekbone, under the eye and is usually more of a light dermal piercing!

If you want the cute cheek piercing look but maybe not as noticeable as the dimple piercings, this might be a good option for you.

Here are some examples of the anti-eyebrow!

1. Microdermal Stud
2. Cheekbone
3. Surface Barbell

Dahlia Piercing

The dahlia is a cute cheek piercing with a little different placement. It’s still on the cheeks, but a little closer to the mouth! These are more like a lip piercing to the side, so they kind of fit into both categories!

5. Silver Studs
6. Both
7. Simple

Three women with different facial Dahlia piercings

If you’re digging these dahlia piercings, I’ve got the whole scoop on the procedure: cost, scarring, and pain level! Not to mention some inspiration too!

Find the dahlia piercing guide here!

Cute cheek piercings are one of those that are so classic and so talked about as being a “crazy piercing,” that you feel like they’re super common– and they’re not!

Maybe in the piercing community, but out and about meeting people that just have a few cool piercings, you’re not likely to see many cheek piercings! If you find yourself with one, you’ll stand out in the crowd for sure!

They’re so cool since they can stand out and grab anyone’s attention, or they can be subtle! Whatever your style is for these, it’s available. If you prefer something low key that isn’t too flashy, a cheek stud is still a great option. You can’t go wrong with using jewelry to highlight your current features.