Inside: Ear Cuff No Piercing: 7 Cute Examples And Why You Should Snag One.

Ear cuffs have been around on the earring market forever. All of our parents probably had one when they were our age or even younger!

Piercings have always been cool and edgy, but they’re not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, nor are everyone’s parents on board with it when they’re young. This makes it hard when you want to get the cool jewelry everyone else has, or you want to do something to freshen up your look, but an actual piercing is out of the question.

But these cute ear cuffs with no piercing are here to save the day, and you don’t need to even step foot in a piercing shop or tattoo salon to get the look.

If you need something that’s easy to throw on your ear when you want the look and remove it when you don’t, then these are for you.

Surely we all had one at fifteen, but I’m ready to get another one now just to have it on deck if I want something a little extra one random day.

Check these out and get started on picking your ear cuff no piercing.

Four cool earrings that don't require a piercing

Is There A Way To Wear Earrings Without A Piercing?

The answer is as easy as the solution: Yes! Of course you can wear earrings without getting a piercing.

For as long as I can remember there have been plenty of clip on earrings, magnetic earrings, stick on earrings… All kinds of non-piercing earrings on the market for people of any age or style that prefer to not get the needle through their ear to be able to wear earrings.

I will say that a majority of these are found at Claires or similar stores that offer ideas and examples for the little girls that aren’t quite at ear piercing age yet, but there are plenty out there now for adults too! It’s not just an age thing, it’s a preference thing and that’s totally allowed.

While we’re a fan of piercings here at CutePiercing, there’s nothing saying that you have to load up your ear with holes to get the look.

Today, we’re obviously mainly talking about earring cuffs, as these are my personal favorites and tend to look the most legit, and the most edgy. Which is the best of both worlds, of course.

What is a cuff?

I remember vividly when I was a sophomore in high school, how popular these ear cuffs were and how people really wanted to get the pierced look without getting too pierced, whether it was their parents decision or theirs.

Everyone wore a pretty thick cuff that looked like a tiny hoop earring without any kind of closure on it. It was a pull open and apart style of earring, and we all wore it on the side of our ears like an auricle.

That’s still the most common placement, because it’s just a little more secure there. But there are plenty of other options too for making this happen these days.

Let’s learn a little more about these earring ideas!

A girl wearing an ear cuff

Am I Too Old To Wear Ear Cuffs?

A big question right now that people are asking is if they’re too old to wear ear cuffs. And my answer for something like this, as always, is no. Of course not.

There’s no such thing as too old in my book, as I highly value people acting as youthful and fun as they want to feel. If you want someone to give you a brutally honest answer about this, I’m not the one, but honestly, even if I were to think about it critically, I truly don’t believe you can be too old for a cuff.

If it matches your style and you like the idea of the hoop on the side of your ear but don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a new piercing and cleaning it too, then don’t even think twice. Get the cuff! Sure they’re generally for the youngers who need a way around their mom saying no to another piercing in their ear, but that’s not to say at all that you can’t or shouldn’t get one as well.

Who cares?

It’s not an over the top fake earring, and if you get one that goes with your overall aesthetic and vibe, you’re good to go in my opinion. As long as it doesn’t stick out from your style and says you’re trying too hard or like you want to look young, I believe you’re in the clear. It’s all about how you make these trends match your personal style that keep them looking right for you.

Don’t overthink it, just have fun with your new earrings without all of the work of cleaning a new piercing.

How Much Do They Cost?

This is another simple one. Ear cuffs are fairly inexpensive.

You can get really nice ones from your favorite jewelry store like Kendra Scott, or you can get a super simple one from Target or anywhere else you can find the one that matches your style.

Either way, you’re looking at a pretty chill range from anywhere from $10 to $80. And that’s a great range for a lovely piece like an earring cuff. If you end up with one on the higher end of the scale, you’re likely going to end up with a piece that will stay with you for a long time and not tarnish. Worth the investment, I think.

Styling An Ear Cuff No Piercing

Styling this is easy, and it all depends on if you have any other piercings or not.

If you don’t, grab one (or a few to switch out) that really match your style and your personal aesthetic. If you wear rings or earrings, match the metal type and tone of your other jewelry.

If you do, shop for a cuff like you would shop for any other earring. One that matches the aesthetic and vibe of the other earrings you have going on and add it in there. Simple!

Three silver ear cuffss

Silver Ear Cuffs

1. Climber
2. Studded
3. Moon And Stars
4. Angel Wing

Cool gold earrings

Gold Earrings

5. Thick Hoops
6. Ear Wrap
7. Bohemian

Adding an ear cuff can make the difference of a whole look. Depending on the earrings you’re wearing in your lobe piercings, depending on how you’re wearing your hair, and even what outfit you’re wearing, you’re going to find some fun and minimal ways to change the look up with the littlest details.

Using an ear cuff to edge up an outfit is the easiest way to get the vibe you want.

Hopefully whether you choose this route because you don’t feel like committing to a new piercing or if your parents haven’t let you fully commit to new piercings, you’ve found the best style and inspiration for you to get the cuff that you want.

These are easy pieces to find, purchase, and keep purchasing new ones to change out the style every day! You can swap these like normal earrings, don’t think that one is ever enough!

These are a cute and fun way to add some spice to your ears and ear piercings you already have (if any), and I think it’s the perfect next move for you.

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