Piercing Jewelry

A girl wearing celestial themed silver earrings

39 Best Earrings For Sensitive Ears

Inside: Best earrings for sensitive ears…. because what’s in our earrings really does matter. It’s pretty common to find yourself having a reaction to different earrings and different metals when trying out new pieces. Whether you’re new to piercings of any kind or you’ve had at least your ears pierced since you were ten, you’re […] Read more…

A woman with a bridge piercing

3 Different Nose Chain Piercing Options

yInside: 3 different nose chain piercing options if you’re dying to add a chain to your look. There are so many ways to decorate our piercings these days. Obviously starting with new piercing styles, then trying it with new jewelry, and then adding on some pretty spunky accessories to all the pre-existing piercings and jewelries. […] Read more…

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