Inside: Classy Madonna piercings and jewelry ideas to take your next piercing to the next level.

Considering a lip piercing? Madonna piercings are some of the coolest! It’s one of two similar styled and named piercings, the Madonna and the Monroe. The Madonna is placed on the pierce’s right hand side on the upper lip, and the Monroe on the left side. These are placed and named so to reference each star’s iconic beauty mark.

There’s something so very Hollywood about piercing your lip to reflect the iconic beauty of a true starlet! How cool.

Naturally, the Madonna might be one of the most fabulous facial piercings you can get! If you’re debating between this and another lip stud, let me answer some questions for you and give you some inspo.

You might realize this really is the piercing for you.

Three women with upper lip piercings

Stunning, fun, and flirty, you’ll love all of these 57 fabulous Madonna piercings and jewelry ideas!

How Much Does A Madonna Piercing Cost

This is a pretty simple procedure, so without jewelry you’re looking at a range from $20 to $60, the variables being the location and piercer experience. You don’t ever want to go with simply the cheapest option without researching the artists themselves to make sure they’re experienced and reputable. It’s true that you get what you pay for, and pay for a cheap piercing…. You might just end up with a cheap piercing!

And as far as jewelry goes, I always recommend nicer jewelry especially for your face! You don’t want to be dealing with an infection on your face… no way! So don’t get caught up with dealing with cheap metal either. If you’re putting some metals in your face, invest in doing it correctly and making sure you only use quality services and equipment… You’ll thank yourself in the future when you have a happy and healed Madonna piercing!

If you want to learn more about quality jewelry, you can read our titanium guide here!

How Much Does It Hurt

Your lips are a pretty tender spot and have a bit more nerves than the rest of your face, but even still this isn’t known to be a painful piercing! The lips being so soft is a good and bad thing. Bad because it’s more tender, but good because it’s an easier process to pierce!

Cartilage usually hurts a bit to pierce because it’s so tough to break through, but a soft spot like your upper lip is easy! It’ll be so quick, you won’t even think about it!

How To Heal A Madonna Piercing

Healing a Madonna piercing is pretty simple, but you have to be mindful of everything that your mouth is experiencing while it’s healing.

Just like any other piercing, you’ll want to take a Q-Tip or a cotton pad and soak it in saline solution. Then douse the outside of the piercing with the cotton pad. You’ll want to do this twice a day.

You can get saline solution at any grocery store, drug store, piercing shop, or you can make some at home! It’s a simple salt water recipe that is a great deep cleaner for your piercings.

Now, for the inside of the piercing, that’s a different story. You’ll want to plan to rinse your mouth out with mouthwash after every meal, at least! The potential of having food stuck in your piercing is very real, so we want to do everything we can to keep that from happening!

Really commit to this process, and it will be fine! Just set your cleaning rules and follow them.

While washing your face at night and in the morning, be careful not to let any face wash or other products into the area. Extra chemicals and substances aren’t good for it, so keep that in mind while doing your skincare routine!

What Does The Scar Look Like

The one thing you should know about this piercing is that you’re pretty much guaranteed a scar on your upper lip. It’s not necessarily a bad or intense scar, but it is a scar nonetheless.

You can help keep it from getting gnarly by being really protective over it in the early days. Keeping it from snagging, pulling, and tearing is key to keeping the scar as minimal as possible! And avoiding infection helps with this too!

When it comes time to remove your piercing and the scar is more than you anticipated, you may be able to really help the process by using scar creams! On areas like your cheeks and lips they can really help more than a cartilage-y area like your nose!

Your scar tissue is really doing its job, so you can’t be too upset by the scar!

Two girls with subtle madonna piercings

Small Madonna Piercing

Part of the allure of the Madonna piercing is that it can be so subtle but so stunning at the same time! It doesn’t need to take up much space to grab attention.

Some of these small studs for the lip piercing are so perfect, and are just a subtle enough hint at the beauty mark spot to complete the look!

1. Tiny Rhinestone
2. Gold Stud
3. Minimalist Stud
4. Black
5. Subtle And Soft
6. Diamond
7. Silver Stud
8. Mega Glam

Falling in love with these small Madonna piercings yet? They’re so cute, how could you not!

9. Smaller Ball
10. Nose Hoop Pair
11. Natural Beauty
12. Part Of The Look
13. Only Piercing
14. Twee Style

A photo of lightening bolt labret studs on woman


One of the best parts of getting a new piercing is thinking through all of the possible jewelry ideas! You can totally express yourself through different studs and styles of jewelry. The options are endless with online shopping and small businesses popping up making creative and unique jewelry!

Whatever your style is, you can find something that perfectly fits who you are through your new lip piercing!

15. Titanium Opal
16. Glam
17. Gold Star
18. Amy Winehouse
19. Silver Shapes
20. Flat Disk
21. Lightening Bolt

If you’re not new to the Madonna piercing, simply looking for new jewelry ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Get inspired here!

22. Black Stud
23. North Star
24. Zodiac
25. Star
26. Minimal Butterfly
27. Gold Titanium
28. Colored Titanium

Two women in extra glamor Madonna piercings

Madonna Piercing Aesthetic

There’s no greater aesthetic than glam– and that’s what you naturally give off with the Madonna! You can go so many different directions from there with how you style it and what aesthetic you radiate with the jewelry, here are some ideas if you need some inspo!

29. Y2K Glam
30. Grungy Glam
31. Simple
32. Matching The Septum
33. Natural
34. Minimalist
35. Classic Stud
36. Glasses
37. Classic Stud
38. Silver Stud
39. Edgy
40. Girly
41. Clean
42. Matching Little Studs
43. Cute

Madonna Lip Piercings

The Madonna might be one of my favorite lip piercings! It’s elegant, while still totally being an edgy lip piercing! You can’t go wrong with this one.

44. Full Angel Bites
45. Classic
46. Black Studs
47. Natural
48. Silver Hoop
49. Subtle
50. Glam

If you need to be convinced that this is a good piercing for you, here are the 57 reasons why you should do it! It’s so beautiful, you’ll love this addition to your piercings.

51. Red Gloss
52. A Stunning Look
53. Diamond Stud
54. Alternating Sides
55. Edgy Style
56. Vibes
57. Lots Of Jewelry

Madonna piercings are iconic… that’s all I have to say! How flirty and edgy, to get a piercing that replicates the beauty mark of a culture icon! You can’t really beat that!

If you’re looking for a piercing that will add to your look but not be over the top, this might be the one for you. Hopefully after all of these ideas you’re convinced and are ready to tackle the madonna piercing trend! Which, speaking of… this piercing isn’t too trendy right now, but it’s so cool, you never know when it will be. So might as well get ahead of the curve, no?

Rock the madonna piercing and channel your most fabulous self!