Inside: Cute Tongue Web Piercing Ideas (Pros + Cons List).

Tongue piercings, or lingual frenulum piercings, are a great form of self-expression. What many don’t know is that there are different forms of tongue piercings.

One of the least common ones is a tongue web.

The tongue web piercing, also known as tongue frenulum piercing, is done under the tongue. If you look under your tongue right now, you’ll see what looks like a string attached to it. That’s your frenulum, hence the name.

Every piercing has its pros and cons. So let’s chat all about those and look at some cute tongue web piercing ideas and the jewelry that works best for them.

Web Mouth Piercing Ideas

What is a Tongue Web Piercing?

The frenulum is a piece of connective tissue found inside the mouth on the upper and lower lip connecting the lip the gums, and there is also a larger one under the tongue. The tongue web piercing is the piercing in the frenulum under the tongue that connects the tongue to the bottom of your mouth.

A lot like the smiley is the piercing in the frenulum in the upper lip because the jewelry shape and flow mimics the smile. The frowny piercing is the inverse of the smiley, which is a piercing in the lower lip frenulum. Or all 3 piercings can also simply be called web piercings.

Does a Tounge Web Piercing Hurt?

Yes, tongue piercings do hurt because this sensory organ contains nerve endings, muscles, and blood vessels. However, most people say it does not hurt as much as others imagine it to be. Many people who have undergone tongue piercings report less pain than ear piercing.

Cute Tongue Web Piercing Ideas

1. Basic and Simple Tongue Web Barbell

2. Long Barbell Underneath Tongue Piercing

3. Diamond End Barbell Web Piercing Jewelry

Cute Tongue Web Piercing Ideas

4. Small Marley Piercing

5. Subtle Spider Web Piercing Idea

6. Smiley, Frowny, and Septem Piercing Combo

7. Cute Across Tongue Piercing

Tongue Web Piercing Pros and Cons


  • It’s a Unique Piercing
  • There is Limited Contact with Teeth and Gums
  • It’s an Easy Piercing to Hide
  • It Doesn’t Affect Eating and Talking
  • Heals Quickly

Tongue Web Piercing Pros and Cons


  • Inhibit Tongue Movement (If There is a Problem)
  • Swelling
  • Can Damage Your Mouth
  • Can Cause Rejection and Migration
  • Be Impossible Based on Your Anatomy

How Long Does It Take for a Web Piercing to Heal?

Healing takes approximately 1-2 months for these piercings and you can usually change your jewelry after a month for a smaller barbell or a different piece. It’s always good to be cautious though and wait to change your jewelry if it doesn’t feel healed for at least 2 months.

How to Change Tongue Web Piercing

Twelve weeks after getting an oral web piercing, it should be safe to change your jewelry yourself as long as you haven’t experienced any piercing problems that could have delayed the healing process, like an infection.

How to Remove a Tongue Web Piercing

When you’re ready to try changing your jewelry on your own, consider using your new jewelry to push the old jewelry out for a smoother transition.

Your piercing could close up quickly, in which case you’d need to wait at least 2-3 months to get re-pierced. If you’re nervous this might happen to you, ask your piercer to supervise while you try changing your jewelry the first time. That way they can jump in if you encounter a problem.

Tongue Web Piercing Rings

8. Gold Circular Barbell Ring

9. Slightly Curved Barbell Jewelry

10. White Opal Ends of Barbell

Tongue Web Piercing Rings

11. Clear Half Hoop Jewelry

12. Silver Hoop Web Piercing

13. Gold Curved Barbell Ring

How Much are Tongue Web Piercings?

The cost of a web piercing can range from $50 to $60 to start and varies depending on the cost of the jewelry chosen for the piercing and the shop you are at. Web piercings are a popular choice because they can be easy to show off or be easy to conceal and keep hidden depending on the jewelry chosen for the piercing.

How to Pierce Your Tongue Web at  Home

We always recommend visiting a licensed professional for any piercing.

If your piercer determines that you’re a good candidate for this piercing, they’ll begin the process. The actual procedure is relatively quick, lasting a few minutes at most.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Your piercer will give you an antibacterial solution to rinse out your mouth.
  2. After your mouth is clean, they’ll pull your upper lip back to expose the frenulum.
  3. The piercing is then made with a sterile needle.
  4. They’ll thread the jewelry through the hole, and, if needed, screw any applicable beads on to hold the jewelry in place.

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Cute Tongue Web Piercing