Nose Piercings

A woman with a bridge piercing

3 Different Nose Chain Piercing Options

yInside: 3 different nose chain piercing options if you’re dying to add a chain to your look. There are so many ways to decorate our piercings these days. Obviously starting with new piercing styles, then trying it with new jewelry, and then adding on some pretty spunky accessories to all the pre-existing piercings and jewelries. […] Read more…

girl with many nose piercings

27 Same Side Double Nose Piercing Ideas

Inside: The best same side double nose piercing ideas & how to style them. Sometimes even the most beautifully minimal piercings need a little something extra. I love minimalism with piercings, but even more than that I love something fun, funky, and unique. While same side double nose piercings may not be the most unique […] Read more…

girl with nose piercings

19+ Creatively New Mantis Piercing Ideas

Inside: 19 new mantis piercing ideas to convince you to follow this new trend. Have you heard of this cool new mantis piercing? I love the creativity that’s starting to flow from people being bored with all the facial piercings we’ve seen thus far! The mantis piercing is a front-facing nose piercing. It’s not anything […] Read more…

a girl with three piercings on one nostril

9 Cool High Nostril Piercing Ideas

Inside: 9 cool high nostril piercing ideas to check out if your nose needs something new. All the new ways we’re doing nose piercings these days is dope– adding a little something new here and there really makes a difference when it comes to styling your piercings! The high nostril piercings are fun and different, […] Read more…

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