Inside: 43 Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Idea + Are They Worth It?

Tongue piercings are nothing new; piercings in the tongue started gaining traction in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. People love them because they can be more easily hidden than other piercing types—as long as you learn how to talk around the jewelry—and they offer a sensual aspect that people love.

As tongue piercings become more and more popular, people have begun to seek ways to make their tongue piercings truly unique. This has resulted in piercing types like multiple tongue piercings, surface tongue piercings, and the topic of this article, the snake eyes tongue piercing.

Check out this information about the risks, healing time, and also some cool inspiration.

Unique Mouth Piercings

What is a Snake Eye Tongue Piercing?

The Snake Eyes piercing, which may look like two separate piercings, is actually a curved bullbar that penetrates horizontally through the tongue.

Does the Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Hurt?

The thought of having a small bar and two holes put in your tongue may freak you out, but surprisingly this piercing doesn’t hurt as much as you might think it would. To many people, it just feels like you’ve bitten your tongue rather hard when you’re chewing something.

Cute Snake Eyes Piercing

1. Simple Silver Balled Barbell

2. Small and Wider Snake Eyes

3. Gold Barbell Piercing Jewelry

4. Snake Eyes with Lip Piercing

Cute Snake Eyes Piercing

5. Wider Snake Eyes on Tongue

6. Snake Eyes and Regular Tongue Piercing Combo

7. Snake Eyes with Tongue Piercing

How Long Does It Take for a Tongue Piercing to Heal?

A tongue piercing officially takes between six and eight weeks to completely heal. However, your individual healing process depends entirely on how you care for your new piercing.

How to Eat with Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

With a newly pierced and swollen tongue, sticking to soft foods that require little to no chewing is the best option. Mild flavors and soft textures such as yogurt and soups are preferred over hot, spicy, and acidic foods that add to the irritation. Using a straw is helpful until the complete healing.

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Jewelry

8. Basic Snake Eyes Piercing Idea

9. Dark New Snake Eyes Piercing

10. Large Snake Eyes Jewelry

11. Small Snake Eyes with Tongue Piercing

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Jewelry

12. Little Double Tongue Piercing Idea

13. Tip of Tongue Piercing

14. Cute Scoop Tongue Piercing

15. Two Tongue Piercings on Tip of Tongue

How Much Does Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Cost?

In the US, snake eyes piercings range from $40 to $100.

Where Can I Get Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Near Me?

The best method to find a piercer that will do this piercing for you is to google credible shops around you. Then research their work and check out their past reviews.

Small Naked Eyes Piercing Ideas

16. Small Snake Eyes

17. Cute Snake Eyes Piercing Idea

18. Double Tongue Piercing with Studs

19. Small Tongue Piercing Jewelry

20. Side View of Snake Eyes Piercing

21. Snake Eyes with Nose Piercing Combo

22. Basic Snake Eyes

23. Small Snake Eyes Jewelry

24. Tip of Tongue Piercing

25. Snake Eyes with Lip Piercing

Are Snake Eyes Piercings Safe?

Most piercers consider the snake eyes piercing to be unsafe. Most reputable piercing shops refuse to do it. There’s a high risk of rejection as well as gum rejection, cracking or chipping of the teeth. The health risks alone are enough to put most people off of this piercing.

In addition to the known health risks of snake eye piercings, the unknown long-term risks are a concern. The tongue consists of two muscles which are connected by the piercing, preventing independent movement. At this point, the long-term effects of this are still unknown. Plus, removing the piercing can leave a pretty nasty scar.

Health isn’t the only concern stopping people from getting this piercing. Another is the appearance itself – it’s really not for everybody.

Risks of Snake Eye Tongue Piercing

The hazard it has on the tongue is that it binds the two muscles, meaning they are unable to move independently.

Also, it is almost guaranteed the client will see gum erosion, cracking/chipping of the teeth, and migration/rejection of the piercing leaving a nasty-looking scar.

Should You Get a Snake Eyes Piercing?

As with any piercing, there are risks and rewards with the snake eyes piercing. Peruse the pros and cons below to see if this piercing is right for you:


  • Snake eyes piercings are some of the most unique oral piercings around because of the horizontal placement and edgy feel.
  • This piercing can be dressed up or down depending on how obvious you want it to be.


  • Piercing migration is a serious concern because of the placement of this piercing. However, this risk can be mitigated by insisting on high-quality jewelry made of stainless steel or titanium.
  • Infection is always a potential risk for any piercing. Insisting on proper aftercare minimizes this risk significantly.

Ideas for Piercing Snake Tongue

26. Simple Silver Balled Barbell

27. Small and Wider Snake Eyes

28. Gold Barbell Piercing Jewelry

29. Snake Eyes with Lip Piercing

30. Wider Snake Eyes on Tongue

Piercing Snake Tongue

31. Snake Eyes and Regular Tongue Piercing Combo

32. Snake Eyes with Tongue Piercing

33. Double Tongue Piercing with Studs

34. Small Snake Eyes

35. Cute Snake Eyes Jewelry

Tongue Piercing Ideas

36. Basic Snake Eyes Piercing Idea

37. Dark New Snake Eyes Piercing

38. Large Snake Eyes Jewelry

39. Small Snake Eyes with Tongue Piercing

40. Little Double Tongue Piercing Idea

41. Tip of Tongue Piercing

42. Cute Scoop Tongue Piercing

43. Two Tongue Piercings on Tip of Tongue

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