Inside: Our Favorite Cute Piercings for Girls.

Many women want to get piercings, but might be turned off by the stereotype piercings may bring or may be worried that having “too big” of a piercing could distract from their other facial features or even draw too much attention.

For all these reasons, women are starting to turn to more delicate piercing options— small studs placed in discrete places, or even more obvious piercings, but with smaller jewelry. These piercings allow you to be versatile, for when you want to have a piercing that doesn’t dominate your entire look, or when you want to be able to wear a facial piercing at all occasions- even at work or a formal event.

Don’t worry anymore because we have come up with the ultimate list of cute piercings for girls. This list features any possible facial piercing you could want! Check out our favorites and find inspiration for your next piercing session.

Cute Piercing Ideas

Cute Female Facial Piercing Ideas

1. Medusa Piercing: This is a gorgeous kind of piercing located above your top lip. Specifically, it can be seen on the philtrum, which is the area that links the nose and the lip. The curve of the human lip here is sometimes called Cupid’s Bow due to the attractive way it resembles the shape of a bow.

2.  Dimple Piercing: This type of piercing is popular because of its prominent placement and ability to mimic or highlight dimples. Some people get the piercing because they want the scars. You can also choose to keep the jewelry in place. If you ever decide to remove the piercing, the scar will most likely remain, even if you’ve only had jewelry in a couple of months.

3. Tooth Piercing: This trend involves placing a gem, stone, or other types of jewelry right onto a tooth in your mouth. While the procedure can add some sparkle to your smile, it doesn’t come without risks.

4. Dahlia Mouth Piercing: Dahlia piercing refers to one puncture at each corner of the lips. This piercing has a centering effect and is sometimes called a joker bites piercing.

5. Smiley Piercing: With a name like Smiley Piercing, what is not to love about this unique idea? A smiley piercing (also known as a lip frenulum piercing) is an inner lip piercing that runs through the thin layer of skin that connects your upper lip to the top of your gums. You can feel this piece of tissue by keeping your lips closed and pushing your tongue upward in front of your teeth. This piercing is called the smiley piercing because it’s most visible when you smile.

Cute Piercings to Get for Girls

6. Tongue Web Piercing: The frenulum is a piece of connective tissue found inside the mouth on the upper and lower lip connecting the lip the gums, and there is also a larger one under the tongue. The tongue web piercing is the piercing in the frenulum under the tongue that connects the tongue to the bottom of your mouth.

7. Spider Bite Piercing: The spider bites lip piercing consists of two piercings placed right next to each other on either side of the lower lip near the corner of the mouth. Because of their proximity to each other, they resemble a spider bite.

8. Eyelid Piercing: An eyelid piercing involves piercing the eyelid and adorning the area with jewelry called a captive bead ring. A piercer may use a clamp for easier access to the eyelid.

9. Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing: As tongue piercings become more and more popular, people have begun to seek ways to make their tongue piercings truly unique. This has resulted in piercing types like multiple tongue piercings, surface tongue piercings, and the topic of this article, the snake eyes tongue piercing.

10. Anti Eyebrow Piercing: Want to step up your piercing game with a unique new look? An anti-eyebrow piercing might be exactly what you’re looking for, and we’re here to tell you all about them! Anti-eyebrow piercings are a type of surface piercing, which means it sits on the surface of your skin. They are pretty much the opposite of eyebrow piercings and are also known as teardrop piercings or butterfly piercings.

Cute Ear Piercings for Girls

11. Cool Double Stack Earring Collection

12. Thin Gold Hoops Scattered In Ear

13. Diamond Heart Daith Piercing

14. Double Helix Hoops

15. Small Snug Piercing

Cute Ear Piercings for Girls

Our Favorite Ear Piercings Posts

16. Industrial Piercing: Broken down to basics, an industrial piercing is two holes connected by one piece of jewelry—typically a barbell. With so few guidelines, the possibility for customization is endless. You can go for an ornate bar or something super minimal. You can choose to include gemstones or go for smooth steel.

17. Conch Piercing: Conch piercings are a type of cartilage piercings that’s named after the large spiral shape that ears take after. Within the world of conch piercings, there are options of placement (inner versus outer) and type of jewelry (stud or hoop). But while these piercings are both Insta-worthy and gorgeous, it can also be quite intimidating—even for piercings enthusiasts.

18. Triple Lobe Piercing: A triple lobe piercing, also known as a high-lobe piercing sits on the upper part of the earlobe, above the crux where a traditional ear piercing is placed. This is often needed when creating a triple lob piercing look.

19. Double Helix Piercing: A helix piercing is any piercing made to the upper cartilage of the ear – but there are different kinds of helix piercings. A standard helix piercing is made in the outer upper cartilage, but you can also get forward-backward, double, or even triple helix piercings.

20. Cute Rook Piercing: The rook piercing is one of the more unusual inner-ear piercings. The tragus and the daith tend to be more popular choices, but who wants to look the same as everyone else? Besides looking fresh and delicate, the rook piercing is versatile, and it’s having quite a moment right now.

Cute Piercings for Nose

21. Rhino Piercing

22. Double Nostril Piercing

23. Septum and Nostril Hoop Combo

24. Thin Septum Ring

25. Triple Nose Ring Piercings

Cute Nose Piercing Females

26. Double Nostril Stud with Septum Hoop

27. Triangle Shaped Nose Piercing Jewelry

28. Gold Twisted Hoop

29. Small Gold Flower Shaped Jewelry

30. Double Nostril Piercing with Stud and Hoop

Cute Body Piercings – Belly Button

A belly button piercing, also known as a navel piercing, is a piece of jewelry that’s typically inserted through the skin, directly above the belly button. This allows the jewelry to hang slightly over the belly button to essentially highlight itself.

31. Diamond Belly Button Piercing

32. Gold Stud with Heart Shaped Diamond

33. Crystal Starburst Shaped Belly Button Ring

Cute Body Piercings

34. Small Simple Belly Button Piercing Idea

35. Diamond Heart with Dangling Charm

36. Butterfly Charm on Belly Button Ring

37. Rose Gold and Trillion Cut Jewel

More Cute Piercing Ideas for You

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Cute Piercings for Girls