Inside: 43 Trident Piercing Ideas & Devils Pitchfork Jewelry. 

Now here is a piercing you might not be familiar with, The Trident Piercing.

Though this ear piercing is famous among both genders, you still won’t see it around. This could be the only reason for you to have it that it is quite an uncommon piercing.

Check out everything you need to know and some of our favorite jewelry styles.

Pitchfork Piercing

What is a Trident Piercing?

The trident piercing punctures the cartilage three times along the top curve of the ear and extends down to one puncture within the bottom cartilage.

This jewelry usually consists of one long straight barbell and one large curved barbell to ultimately form a trident shape.

Does a Trident Piercing Hurt?

Due to the multiple perforations, a Trident Piercing procedure may be painful for you.

The pain level depends on individual health conditions and several other factors

On a pain scale meter from level 1 (least painful) to level 10 (most painful), Trident Piercing is a 6.

The reason is obvious. There are multiple perforations involved during the procedure. That makes it more painful.

What is the Healing Time?

You may be concerned about the healing time after the procedure. If you want it to heal quickly, keep following the aftercare instructions.

Trident Piercing usually takes 6-8 months to heal if you properly follow the aftercare instructions.

In some cases, it may take up to a year due to the multiple perforations involved.

Trident Ear Piercing Ideas

Whenever you decide on any piercing procedure, always look for the best and most professional piercer around your area. The equipment must be sterilized and individually packed during every piercing procedure. The professional piercer will examine the anatomy of the ear. You will have to tell him what do you have in your mind about the Trident Industrial Piercing.

1. Basic Trident Pitchfork Jewelry

2. Curved Trident Ear Piercing

3. Trident with Gauges Combo

4. Narrow Trident Pitchfork Jewelry

5. Colorful Jewelry Trident

6. Bold Trident Jewelry

Ear Piercings pitchforks

7. Unique Pitchfork with Ball

8. Extra Long Pitchfork Piercing

9. Close Up of Trident 

10. Curved Pitchfork Jewelry

11. Gold Trident Jewelry

Devils Trident Piercing Ideas

12. Industrial Piercing with Pitchfork

13. Colorful Pitchfork Jewelry

14. Small Curved Pitchfork

15. Sideways Pitchfork Piercing

16. Ball End Pitchfork

Devils Trident Piercing Ideas

17. Narrow Trident Jewelry

18. Unique Pitchfork Jewelry

19. Short Pitchfork Jewelry

20. Classic Trident Jewelry

21. Ball Joint Pitchfork Piercing

22. Basic Pitchfork Jewelry

23. Wide Pitchfork Jewelry

Pros & Cons

You may have something in mind about why you should have a Trident Piercing and what you must consider.


  • It is quite a unique piercing that most people haven’t seen.
  • The procedure does not take much time.
  • People will not be able to take their eyes off once you have it. This may be the only reason for you to have it. It is undoubtedly unique.
  • You can select among different types of jewelry, from a simple long barbell to multiple connected barbells. Some with the beads and having different shapes and size


  • You may face difficulty in performing everyday tasks due to this piercing. This includes adjusting your sleeping position until it heals.
  • The procedure may be painful due to the involvement of multiple perforations.
  • It can easily get infected if you do not follow the aftercare instructions.

Trident Ear Piercing

Check out these ideas that focus on different ways to dress up your trident piercing.

24. Curved Bar Trident 

25. Three Spike

26. Individual Spike Piercings

27. Piercing with Different Jewelry

28. Spikes in Ear Piercing

29. Small Spikes Jewelry

Trident Ear Piercing

30. Curved Trident

31. Spike Trident Jewelry Idea

32. Spike Piercings

33. Spikes in Trident

Trident Industrial Piercing Ideas

34. Basic Trident Pitchfork Jewelry

35. Curved Trident Ear Piercing

36. Trident with Gauges Combo

37. Narrow Pitchfork Jewelry

38. Colorful Jewelry Pitchfork

39. Bold Trident Jewelry

40. Unique Pitchfork with Ball

41. Extra Long Pitchfork Piercing

42. Long Pitchfork 

43. Curved Pitchfork Jewelry

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Trident Piercing