Inside: What is a Rhino Piercing + Unique Ideas.

Many people aren’t aware of rhino piercings — if that includes you, don’t worry, because you’re not alone! It’s pretty uncommon in the West, and until very recently was largely seen among people in some African and South American cultures.

However, it might be on the rise as more people become aware of the piercing and decide to give it a go. That’s why we’ve included things you need to know right here. Could it be your next piercing?

Check out everything you need to know about this upcoming rhino piercing trend.

Nose Piercings

What is a Rhino Piercing?

Rhino piercings have a couple of different names and variations, but all are placed on the tip of the nose and pierced through the cartilage of the nose.

Vertical Nose Tip Piercing

This is the most common form of the rhino piercing, and it extends from the bottom through the tip of the nose out the top. This piercing is pierced before much of the major cartilage begins in your nose, and is able to be pierced between the major sections of cartilage in your nose tip.

If you take your finger and place it on the tip of your nose, you will be able to feel a bit of a divot between the two halves of the cartilage in your nose. This is the tissue through which the rhino is pierced.

Cute Rhino Piercing Ideas

1. Basic Rhino Piercing Idea

2. Flat Stud Rhino Jewelry

3. Rhino and Septum Combo

Cute Rhino Piercing

4. Diamond Heart Rhino Nose Jewelry

5. Small Rhino Studs

Does a Rhino Piercing Hurt?

When you look at a rhino piercing, the first thing you might think is, “That has to be painful.”  You might be surprised to learn that, while it is one of the more painful piercings, you’ll feel more discomfort than pain.

Cartilage tends to hurt more than piercings in fleshier areas, so if you’ve gotten your ears or nostrils pierced, you already know what to expect in terms of pain. The discomfort of the piercing comes from the fact that there’s a significant amount of tissue that the needle must go through, and you’ll feel that.

How Much Does a Rhino Piercing Cost?

$50 – $100

This will change from location to location and is honestly not the easiest to predict. Because this piercing is not a common one, most places don’t list pricing for it obviously. This requires some one-on-one communication with your piercer to figure out their price. Because it is a harder piercing and a bit more of a custom piece, it will be more expensive than other nose piercings. The jewelry is also larger, and would ultimately also cost more. I would gander a rough estimate, not including the price of the jewelry, would be about

Rhino Piercing Jewelry

Once your piercer has confirmed that the piercing is healed, you can change out your jewelry. The standard rhino piercing takes a curved barbell while the deep rhino piercing will wear a straight barbell. Be sure to ask your piercer what the proper size is. Jewelry that’s too big might snag, and jewelry that’s too small could press against your piercing which could cause complications like jewelry rejection.

While standard ball ends are always classic, gemstones offer a gorgeous look in this already alluring piercing. You can also choose barbells with mismatched ball ends, charms, opals, or pearls.

Looking to get inspired? Here are some of our favorite curved barbell options for your rhino piercing.

8. 14k Gold Diamond Spike Barbell

9. Unique Opal Female Rhino Piercing Jewelry

10. 16G Rose gold plated surgical steel spike Curved Barbell

11. Golden Classic Star Steel Curved Barbell

Rhino Piercing Jewelry

12. Heart-Shaped Curved Barbell Jewelry

13. 20g Gold Curved Barbell

Risks of Rhino Nose Piercing

Like anybody modification, the answer to this is yes. There is always a risk of infection, damage to the body part, rejection of the piercing, everything.

The biggest danger to this piercing honestly comes from it being pierced incorrectly.

There are a lot of delicate structures in your nose that should not be pierced or messed with, and the rhino piercing risks interacting with these. This is especially true for deep rhinos, as these are placed in a more delicate part of the nose and go through a lot more tissue than a standard rhino. If this is pierced correctly, it could permanently affect the shape of your nose, and in some extreme cases could require surgery to fix.

Do your research on your piercer, talk with them, and make sure that whoever you’re going with understands the process they are undertaking and how to do it properly.

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