Inside: 137 Cute Nose Piercing Ideas + Inspiration

Whether you chose a subtle nostril sparkle or a statement septum ring, a nose piercing can totally update your look. One of the most fun aspects of a nose piercing is how much creativity you have when it comes to placement. A nose piercing is also one of the easiest to handle when it comes to pain and healing time, too.

Check out everything you need to know about cute nose piercing ideas and find your next new piercing!

Types Of Nose Piercings for Girls

Types of Nose Piercings

  • Septal Piercing: This is a piercing that goes through the nasal septum where there is a sweet spot called the “collumella”—the area between the bottom of the nose and the cartilage. This piercing should not go through the cartilage itself because that would be painful. A septum retainer or a hoop is the jewelry of choice for this type of piercing. This is a popular piercing, but it is not common because there are several pros and cons to consider.
  • Bridge Piercing: A straight barbell is placed on the bridge of the nose between the eyes. Because a bridge piercing is only a surface piercing it will be highly prone to rejection. Unfortunately, the bridge of the nose cannot handle deeper insertions.
  • Vertical Tip or Rhino Piercing: A curved barbell is used for this one. Both ends of the barbell will be visible—one end will be visible on the tip of the nose, and the other end will show under the tip.
  • Septril Piercing: A nose bone or curved barbell is inserted half-vertically on the bottom tip of the nose. This one is really complicated and requires a lot of time. For this type of piercing, some nose structures are better than others. Usually a wider septum area is preferable because there is more area to work with.
  • Nasallang Piercing: This is a tri-nasal piercing that goes through both the nostril and the septum. It will look like you have two nostril piercings on either side of your nose, but the piercing uses just one straight barbell that goes straight across.

Nose Piercing Pain

Although everyone has a different threshold for pain when it comes to body modification, nose piercings are associated with relatively minor discomfort.

For a moment, your eyes will water, but only because your nose bone is connected to your eye bones. Otherwise, it will feel like a bit of a pinch. Expect to feel a soft bruise immediately following the piercing. Within a day, pain should subside unless you snag it on something, like your T-shirt or washcloth, so be extra mindful of your face.

Healing of Nose Piercing

Complete healing time for a nose piercing typically takes four to six months.

Cost of Nose Piercing

Your nose piercing should run you between $25 and $30 per piercing, though the jewelry is a separate cost. Read reviews to choose a reputable piercer in a studio that is hygienic and clean.

Cute Nose Piercing Ideas

1. Double Diamond Stud

2. Simple Silver Septum Hoop and Nostril Hoop

3. Bumblebee Septum Ring

4. Flat Opal Stud

5. Snake Shaped Nose Stud

6. Diamond Hoop Ring

7. Triple Nose Piercing Combo

8. Small Gold Stud

9. Nostril Chain Piercing Idea

10. Gold Flower Jewelry

11. Simple Thin Gold Hoop

12. Double Gold Hoop

13. Triangle Shaped Studs

14. Nose Piercing on Both Nostrils

15. Septum Piercing Idea

16. Twisted Gold Hoop

17. Tri Diamond Studs

18. Unique Gold Jewelry

19. Septum and Chian Combo

20. Classic Gold Septum Ring

Nose Piercing Stud Ideas

21. Tri Diamond Stud

22. Heart Shaped Diamond Stud

23. Silver Flower Shaped Stud

24. Heart Outlined Jewelry

25. Diamond Butterfly Piercing Idea

26. Moon Shaped Nose Stud

27. Flat Flower Studs

28. Tiny Gold Star Stud

29. 3D Butterfly Nose Jewelry

30. Silver Flower Shaped Stud

Nose Piercing Stud Ideas

31. Basic Diamond Stud

32. Gold Ball Stud 

33. Diamond Butterfly Piercing Idea

34. Flat Flower Studs

35. Heart Shaped Diamond Stud

36. Diamond Nose Jewelry

37. Flat Gold Star Stud

38. Heart Outlined Jewelry

39. Moon Nose Ring

40. Tri Diamond Stud

Nose Ring Ideas

41. Diamond and Opal Decorative Septum Ring

42. Floral Decorative Septum Jewelry

43. Septum and Chain Piercing

44. Gold Olive Branch Jewelry

45. Snowflake Shaped Nose Ring

46. Flattened Gold Hoop

47. Three Opal Jewels on Hoop

48. Diamond and Opal Decorative Septum Ring

49. Floral Decorative Septum Jewelry

50. Septum and Chain Piercing

51. Gold Olive Branch Jewelry

52. Snowflake Shaped Nose Ring

53. Flattened Gold Hoop

54. Three Opal Jewels on Hoop

55. Tri Diamond Studs

56. Unique Gold Jewelry

57. Septum and Chian Combo

58. Classic Gold Septum Ring

59. Thin Gold Hoop

60. Bumblebee Septum Piercing

Cute Double Nose Piercings

61. Simple Stud and Hoop Combo

62. Double Hoop Piercing

63. Hoop on Both Nostrils

64. Spiked Stud with Hoop

65. Double Rings Nose Jewelry

66. Two Nostril Studs with Spetum

67. Unique Hoop with Small Diamond Stud

68. Fun Gold Jewelry Combo

69. Small Stud with Hoop

70. Double Diamond Studs

Cute Double Nose Piercings

71. Simple Stud and Hoop Combo

72. Double Hoop Piercing

73. Hoop on Both Nostrils

74. Spiked Stud with Hoop

75. Double Rings Nose Jewelry

76. Two Nostril Studs with Spetum

77. Unique Hoop with Small Diamond Stud

78. Fun Gold Jewelry Combo

79. Small Stud with Hoop

80. Double Diamond Studs

Aesthetic Nose Piercing

81. Double Diamond Stud

82. Simple Silver Septum Hoop and Nostril Hoop

83. Bumblebee Septum Ring

84. Flat Opal Stud

85. Snake Shaped Nose Stud

86. Diamond Hoop Ring

87. Triple Nose Piercing Combo

88. Small Gold Stud

89. Nostril Chain Piercing Idea

90. Gold Flower Jewelry

91. Simple Thin Gold Hoop

92. Double Gold Hoop

93. Triangle Shaped Studs

94. Nose Piercing on Both Nostrils

95. Septum Piercing Idea

96. Twisted Gold Hoop

97. Tri Diamond Studs

98. Unique Gold Jewelry

99. Septum and Chian Combo

100. Classic Gold Septum Ring

Cute Septum Nose Piercing Ideas

101. Thin Gold Hoop

102. Bumblebee Septum Piercing

103. Simple Curved Barbell

104. Triangle Shaped Septum Piercing

105. Double Gold Hoop

106. Basic Septum Jewelry

107. Septum and Nostril Studs

108. Cool Septum and Smiley Piercing Combo

109. Subtle Septum Jewelry

110. Diamond Cuff

111. Thin Gold Hoop

112. Bumblebee Septum Piercing

113. Simple Curved Barbell

114. Triangle Shaped Septum Piercing

115. Double Gold Hoop

116. Basic Septum Jewelry

117. Septum and Nostril Studs

118. Cool Septum and Smiley Piercing Combo

119. Subtle Septum Jewelry

120. Diamond Cuff

Fun Nose Cute Piercings

121. Double Diamond Stud

122. Simple Silver Septum Hoop and Nostril Hoop

123. Bumblebee Septum Ring

124. Flat Opal Stud

125. Snake Shaped Nose Stud

126. Diamond Hoop Ring

127. Triple Nose Piercing Combo

128. Small Gold Stud

Fun Nose Cute Piercings

129. Nostril Chain Piercing Idea

130. Gold Flower Jewelry

131. Simple Thin Gold Hoop

132. Double Gold Hoop

133. Triangle Shaped Studs

134. Nose Piercing on Both Nostrils

135. Spetum Piercing Idea

136. Twisted Gold Hoop

137. Tri Diamond Studs

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Cute Nose Piercing Ideas