Inside: Extreme Eyelid Piercing + Is it Dangerous?

First people started getting their eyebrows pierced, then they started getting the bridge of their nose pierced, now they’re piercing their eyelids?? I guess you can’t pierce your eye so maybe this is as far as it goes. It seems like the newest trend is going below the eyebrow and going straight to the eyelid.

Check out everything you need to know about this new trend and why it’s become so popular.

Eyelid Piercing Ideas

Can You Pierce Your Eyelid?

Believe it or not, yes.

Eyelid piercings are not common and they come with several risks in addition to the typical piercing risks.

How the Eyelid Is Pierced?

An eyelid piercing involves piercing the eyelid and adorning the area with jewelry called a captive bead ring. A piercer may use a clamp for easier access to the eyelid.

Eyelid Piercing Ideas

1. Classic Hoop Jewelry

2. Small Hoop Piercing on Eyelid

3. Corner of Eyelid Piercing

Dangerous Piercings

Dangerous or Not?

The eyelids serve a purpose similar to the windshield wipers of a car and are structured to wipe the surface free of foreign bodies, bacteria, and viruses and to spread the tear film evenly across the surface to prevent eye inflammations.

Any change in the structure of the lids will likely reduce the ability of the lids to perform their cleaning-and-moistening functions, leading to physical irritation and eventual inflammation. Inflammation makes eyes red, and what’s worse is that the inflammation can become chronic and cause permanent structural changes on the surface of the eye that result in chronic eye problems for the rest of your life.

Piercing by Eye

Make the Safe Decision

Know the process. If you are really resolute in your decision to pierce your eyelid, make sure that you know the process inside and out. The piercing can be done using clamps or your piercer’s hands. A very thin needle will be pierced into the skin, and the jewelry called a captive bead ring is placed.

Choose a safe place to pierce. Not all sides of your eyelids are safe to be pierced. Avoid spots that block your vision, and instead, consider the outer end part of the eyelid so that minimal trauma and risk for infection, as well as faster healing can be expected.

Inspect the piercing salon or shop. Proper handling of materials and sanitation of the place is very important in tattoo and piercing salons since their services deal with needles. Any contamination of work materials can easily make a customer vulnerable to the transfer of blood-borne diseases like HIV and hepatitis. Make sure that the establishment passed sanitation inspection and the artist or piercer will only use new needles for each customer.

Aftercare. More than complications during the piercing itself, many customers who have had their eyelids pierced complain of post-piercing problems. Some include allergic reaction to the jewelry, eye irritation, swelling, pain, and development of pus around the piercing which is an indication of infection. Proper aftercare practices can make a huge difference in how your piercing will heal. Eye solutions like saline drops can be useful since these are formulated to mimic tears, allowing the eyes to naturally be cleaned and disinfected. Over-the-counter medications for pain and swelling can also be taken to alleviate discomfort.

Possible Complications

Because of the proximity to the eye, there are many possible complications with this type of piercing. The jewelry might irritate or scratch the eyeball. Eye damage can also occur during the piercing process. There’s also a high risk of infection, which can lead to abscess formation.

It’s easy to snag certain types of piercings on clothing or towels. Eyelid piercings are no exception. Tearing the skin on the ear is painful, but lacerating an eyelid may be excruciating.

Piercings by Eye

If you just can’t commit to an eyelid piercing then check out a few piercings that are close to the eyelid, but aren’t interfering with your vision.

4. Double Eyebrow Piercing

5. Eyebrow Piercing Hoop

6. Spike and Barbell Jewelry

7. Simple Eyebrow Piercing Idea

Piercing by Eye

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Eyelid Piercing