Inside: Cute Dimple Piercing Inspiration + Your Questions Answered… Does It Scar?

If you’re looking for your next eye-catching body piercing, you might want to consider the cheek piercing (also called the dimple piercing). This type of face piercing is done in your cheek and often resembles a dimple, which is why some people refer to it as a dimple piercing.

It’s also known as a dermal cheek piercing.

This type of piercing is popular because of its prominent placement and ability to mimic or highlight dimples. Some people get the piercing because they want the scars. You can also choose to keep the jewelry in place. If you ever decide to remove the piercing, the scar will most likely remain, even if you’ve only had jewelry in a couple of months.

Below are key facts you should know when deciding whether or not to get a cheek and dimple piercing, including the location, the piercing procedure, the pain level, types of jewelry, and more.

Cute Dimple Piercing Ideas

What Is a Dimple Piercing?

Simply put, a dimple piercing is performed in the cheek area proximate to the parotid duct and gives the illusion of dimples. This piercing allows you to uniquely emulate the look of dimples and add extra sparkle.

Over time the piercings actually creates skin divots, once the piercing has healed and the jewel is removed.

Do I have to get both cheeks pierced with a cheek piercing?

While you can get one cheek piercing at a time, for the sake of symmetry, it’s very common for people to get both cheeks pierced.

How Much are Dimple Piercings?

A cheek piercing will vary in cost depending on location, but you can expect to spend somewhere between $30 – $100. Keep in mind that it is a double piercing, so although you aren’t paying for two piercings, it will cost a little more than a single piercing would.

Healing Time for a Dimple Piercing

Healing times for cheek piercings vary from person to person. Generally, you can expect your dimple piercing to be healed in approximately eight to twelve weeks, but since everyone is different, your body may need a little longer time to heal.

When can I change my cheek piercing jewelry?

After your cheek piercing has fully healed, you can change your jewelry. You’ll need to follow the advice of your piercer and make sure it’s healed completely, otherwise, you risk infection. If you’re uncertain whether your piercing has healed, consult a piercing professional.

Do Cheek Piercings Give You Dimples?

While cheek piercings are likely to scar your skin, whether they give you the appearance of dimples will vary depending on the specifics of your skin. You should be prepared for some level of change and possible light scarring to your skin if you get a cheek piercing. Your professional piercer can tell you more about how a cheek piercing is likely to impact your body.

1. Matte Black Cheek Studs

2. Double Dimple Piercing Ideas

3. Deep Face Cheek Piercing

Face Cheek Piercing

4. Multicolored Cheek Jewelry

5. New Small Piercing in Dimple

6. Double Black Cheek Piercing

7. Face Dimple Jewelry 

Cheek Piercing Jewelry

The most common types of body jewelry for cheek and dimple piercings are 14G or 16G labret lip rings and barbells that are usually 7/16″ up to one inch in length. This jewelry comes in a wide range of colors so you can best express yourself depending on your preferred jewelry style.

You’ll want to make sure you’re using body jewelry that will fit your piercing, and that you’re using the right type of barbell for cheeks, not something like industrial barbells. Jewelry materials vary depending on the manufacturer and can include surgical steel or other metals. If you’re looking for body-sensitive jewelry due to a nickel allergy or sensitive skin, make sure you make that clear to your piercer.

8.  Heart Shaped Jewelry

9. Opal Stone Screw-On Flat Back Piercing

10. Rose Gold and Crystal Piercing

Cheek Piercing Jewelry

11. Black Spike

12. Gold Flower Shaped Stud

13. Cherry Piercing for Dimples

Are Cheek Piercings Risky?

As with any piercing, deciding whether a cheek piercing is risky is a conversation you should have with a professional piercer. They can assess your specific risk factors and advise you about whether a cheek piercing is right for you. Because of its proximity to the parotid gland, a cheek piercing may be a little riskier than an ear-piercing, for instance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. You should simply be as informed as possible before making this important decision.

Is Cheek Jewelry Risky

Can I do a cheek piercing at home?

A cheek piercing shouldn’t be done at home, but by a professional piercer who has the appropriate level of training and experience. A dimple piercing is a complex procedure that should not be taken lightly.

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