Inside: 44 unique piercing ideas for the new year to start off the year with something fresh.

Okay we’re well into getting started with the new year, but it’s still time to make some new and fresh additions and decisions to the docket for the start of the year. What better way to say “new year, new me” than with some brand new piercings?

And while adding the classics is always a good move, trying something new and unique that will make people stop and ask about it is such a fun element to getting a new piercing that you just have to get something different.
Unique piercings are so fun to get and so rare to come by, since every cool one tends to become a big trend until we’ve all seen it a ton. But there are quite a few new ones on the market that haven’t hit a super mainstream wave of popularity yet that you can still get ahead of.

I’ve covered a few of them individually, but we’ll do it all again here for the sake of consolidating my favorite unique piercing ideas.

Three girls with unique piercing ideas

Unique Piercing Ideas

We’ll cover each of these piercing ideas and all of the details about each one, but let’s look at what they all are first.

I love how fun and fresh each of these unique piercing ideas are, and how they can show your personality through the piercings whether in your lobe, your cartilage, or your nose.

Some of them are unique because they’re pretty new ideas and some of them are unique because of how edgy and intense of a piercing they are. Decide which is more your route– do you still want something dainty and girly or are you pretty deep in the piercing world and need something a little more heavy hitting?

Whatever you’re looking for today you’re going to find here with some of these piercing ideas.

Constellation Piercing – Lobe clusters
Forward Helix – Single, double, or triple
Anti Tragus – Inner lobe cartilage
Nasallang – Like a high nostril on the nose

Let’s break down each one of these and look at examples of how you can style them and wear them to match your own unique style. Curate them to follow the trends of your other piercings or recreate the look overall with an overhaul of all of your piercing jewelry.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Some of the information for the piercings are all unique to the piercing, but the healing and cleaning process is the same for all of them.

Find a saline solution or a cleaning solution that you like, whether you make one with salt and water or you find one at your local store or buy it from your piercer. Use a cotton swab with the saline solution and clean the area really well, removing any crusts that you find that naturally form during the healing process.

Clean twice a day.

Snagging and tearing a fresh piercing can also lead to infection which in turn also leads to scarring, so make sure to keep the area safe and be super mindful of each of the new piercings while drying your hair or face with a towel or changing your clothes.

Four women with clusters of piercings on their lobes

Constellation Piercings

Constellation piercings are itty bitty clusters of tiny minimalist studs on the ear lobe around your normal lobe piercings. They all look so different based on how big your lobe is and how many you can fit, the earrings in your main lobe piercings, and where you have them placed.

How Much Does It Cost
These are simple lobe piercings, likely using a smaller needle so as to be able to use smaller jewelry studs as well. Standard lobe piercings cost around $35 to $50 depending on location of the shop and experience of the piercer. You will likely pay per piercing unless you find a shop that bundles for this look, and you’re going to have to factor in the price of the jewelry on top of that.

How Much Does It Hurt
If you’re considering the constellation, or any of these piercings for that matter, I assume that you have your basic lobe piercings done, like your first and seconds at least. So you already know how a piercing feels on the lobe! It will be just like that, but the second one might be a little more tender after just piercing the skin pretty close to the second location of it. Not painful, just more tender the more you add.
1. Star Studded
2. Extra Mini Stud
3. Orbital
4. Tiniest Studs
5. Diamonds On Diamonds
6. Tiny Lobe Studs
7. Clusters
8. Stacked
9. Small Details
10. In Betweens
11. Little Pieces

Two girls with piercings on their forward helix

Forward Helix

The forward helix is another cool one that I think is always better when you cluster multiple little ones together. One alone is already cool, but add a second or third and you’ve got a full helix!

How Much Does It Cost
The price is going to range anywhere from $20 to $50 per piercing, so how you decide to stack the number of helix piercings in one visit is up to you and you may decide based on how much your shop charges for each one. Jewelry is a separate charge from this price, and the price range varies from shop to shop and piercer to piercer.

How Much Does It Hurt
This is basically a standard cartilage piercing, which in general is more painful than the lobe but isn’t necessarily a painful piercing. These may be tender for a while but you’re not looking at one of the most painful processes here.

You will likely feel the second and third one if you decide to go that route, as the area is already going to be a little tender after having pierced it already. But overall, not a painful piercing.
12. Gold Ball Stud
13. Horseshoe
14. Double Diamond
15. Little Gold Hoop
16. Two Hoops
17. Minimalist Cluster
18. Inlay Clicker
19. Double Gold Ball Stud
20. Triple
21. Two Cute Studs
22. Triple Barbells

Two close ups of ears with piercings on the anti tragus

Anti Tragus

The anti tragus is one I haven’t covered yet myself, but I think is so cool. If you know where the tragus piercing is, the anti tragus is the little cartilage piece that sits above the ear lobe directly across from the tragus. A stud or a hoop would be so cool here, especially if you already have your tragus done.

How Much Does It Cost
There are reports on ranges of this piercing anywhere from $30 to $100, which is quite a wide range for a piercing price. Since it’s such a specialty piece, I would look to stay in the higher end of the range to make sure that you’re going with an experienced piercer.

How Much Does It Hurt
While pain is hard to measure since it’s so different for everyone, this is generally reported to feel like every other cartilage piercing. So it might be a little tough, but it’s not going to be the worst piercing to sit through.
23. The Basics
24. Tiny Hoop
25. Minimalist Gold Hoop
26. Standalone
27. Shiny
28. Stones Hoop
29. Accent
30. Coffin
31. Barbell
32. Black Stud
33. Silver Stud

Nasallang piercings on two different women


I’ve reported on the nasallang more than a few times within different posts– it’s such a cool nose piercing that really says that you take piercings super seriously. Especially on your nose.

How Much Does It Cost
This piercing can cost anywhere from $50 to $100, based on how experienced your piercer is and where the shop is located. Go for a more experienced piercer on this one– it’s a bit of a process and you want to work with someone that you trust!

How Much Does It Hurt
Again, this one is a bit of a process. It pierces through one side of the nose, through the center cartilage, and through the opposite nostril. You will feel it by the end, and the last few pushes might be tender, but these overall aren’t individually painful piercings. I don’t usually go off of others’ scales because it’s so different for everyone, but this one generally gets a seven or eight out of ten.
34. Shaped Studs
35. Flat Studs
36. Diamond Studs
37. Top Chain
38. Turquoise
39. Nasallang Studs
40. Bold Studs
41. Triple
42. Chain
43. Simple Studs
44. Edgy
Having a unique style is such an underrated quality and trait these days. Being able to curate and create your own look and personal aesthetic is so important and such a cool ability these days when we all see and copy each other through the internet. Now I’m guilty of this too, but I personally always try to add something new and different that feels very unique to me to the mix as well. I try to keep things interesting.

So adding something unique like one of these piercing ideas will be cool and will add a flavor of original style to your curated set of piercings.

Cute and girly or edgy and intense, there are so many different piercing options for you, these are only scratching the surface of what you can come up with! I hope you either land on one of these ideas or you become inspired to try something even more different and unique than these. Either way, have fun with your piercings!