Inside: 23 galactic constellation piercing ideas to show off your outer space side.

It’s a huge trend right now to redefine the lobe piercings. They were the first piercing for a majority of us, as the lobes hurt the least and are the most common to buy jewelry for.

We’ve evolved into now not stopping at a second piercing but at a third and depending how large your lobe is and how spaced apart your first and second are, even a fourth!

As I’ve started to look into new styles for lobe piercings, I have fallen in love with this constellation piercing I keep seeing everywhere.

It’s a combination of little bitty piercings with tiny stud jewelry on your ear lobe, essentially looking like a constellation. Duh.

It’s maybe one of the cutest ear piercing trends I have seen in a while, and I hope it sticks! I would love to see how creative people get when styling these.

It’s similar in style to the orbital lobe piercing, the one that connects two piercings with one hoop to give it the appearance of a galaxy orbit in space but on your ear.

Ears with multiple piercings all over

Check it out and if you’re looking to embellish your ear lobe piercings a bit, maybe this is for you!

How Much Does It Cost

The cost breakdown for this piercing it’s a little different. Most places will require you to pay per piercing, instead of them as a set. On top of this, you’re gonna have to pay for the jewelry, which is typical for every piercing. So each piercer might be different, especially since this is such a new trend, so ask around but find someone with experience. Especially since these are so close together you’ll want someone confident in their spacing abilities on your lobe. So pay for experience with this one! You might pay up to $35 to $50 per piercing, but lobe piercings are generally pretty cheap so you don’t have a ton to worry about with that.

Piercing prices vary from shop to shop, and your geographical location may have a factor in the variation as well.
You will have to pay for the jewelry on top of this, so plan for those expenses as well!

The prices of the jewelry will depend on the quality of jewelry. You’ll be using tiny, minimalist studs so hopefully they shouldn’t be too much, but if you have sensitive ears you’ll need to invest in some pure metal ones.

How Much Does It Hurt

Luckily constellation piercings don’t hurt too much in general, since they’re on the lobe. Lobe piercings are typically known to be some of the more easy-going and easy to sit through piercings on the scale, so these won’t hurt too much!

However, there is the factor that you are piercing multiple spots in the same location, so the first one won’t hurt but the second and third might be a little tender! You will probably be sore.

You’re probably gonna feel it throbbing in the next few days since they are so close together and so many pain receptors going off in one place. But in general you shouldn’t be feeling much pain from this piercing.

Pain scales vary from person to person so there’s no real way to know if it really is a painful piercing or not, but just based on general stats, you have nothing to worry about.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

If you’ve already had your lobe pierced before, healing and cleaning is going to be just like that, but you’re going to have more to maneuver. Especially on the backside, when you’re working with two or three posts and two or three packs of earrings that are all close together, you’re really going to have to be careful and intentional to get that cotton swab in there to get the saline all over the piercings.

Speaking of saline, you can get it at any store, from your piercer at the shop, or you can make some of your own. Saline solution is a combination of salt and water that is healing and very cleansing to the body, so these are all great solutions for cleaning your new piercing.
Don’t forget to wash your hands!

What Does The Scar Look Like

If you also have your lobe pierced already, I think you pretty good idea of what lobe scars look like.
The lobes don’t scar very easily, and the piercings don’t grow in very easily either.

If you’re like me, I’ve had my lobes pierced for 15 years now and can go weeks or months without wearing earrings and the piercings stay. You can’t really see them, they’re tiny holes, but you can feel them in the scar tissue if you were to pinch it between two fingers.

You won’t see much scarring, but you may feel it over time.

Two girls with many ear piercings

Minimalist Constellation Piercings

Whether your vibe is funky, crazy, or super minimal, subtle and low-key is the way to go for your constellation piercing.

Likely there’s so much else going on with your ears and ear piercings, this adds a little calmness while keeping it pretty and fresh while filling space at the same time.

1. Little Studs
2. Miniature Stars
3. Single Addition
4. Three Misc
5. Little Adds
6. Teeny Tiny
7. Between Single And Double

A girl with a constellation piercing and a chain earring

Ideas For Multiple Ear Piercings

Sometimes I get these great ideas, like getting a constellation piercing, and then don’t really know what I’m supposed to do with it or what I even want to do with it!

So here are some ideas for you to see how others have styled their constellation piercings so you can know how you want to style your ear lobe constellation.

8. Sporadic
9. Fit Them In
10. On Top
11. Single Mini Studs
12. Mini Hoops
13. Clusters
14. Accent Stones
15. Gold Studs
16. Gold
17. Variety
18. Double Diamond

Zodiac earrings

Zodiac Signs

Big zodiac girl? Me too. I love to see how the stars guide our personalities… Well, not really but it is really interesting and I do like to read my horoscope (it is pretty spot on I must say!)

So if you’re very early in tune and want to channel your inner Sagittarius on your earlobe here are some fun zodiac constellation ideas!

19. Zodiac Stud
20. Constellation Earring
21. Zodiac Shapes
22. Constellation Stud
23.Piercing Shapes

These consolation piercing trends are my new favorite way to spice up your lobes. I love adding little tiny details among big and funky piercings and earrings just to add a little fun and flair. Who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle now and again?

These are so fun and I think they’re going to become really trendy as people start realizing there’s more to do on your earlobe than just your single, double, and maybe your triple.

Get ahead of the trend, and I think these will be huge next summer as people start to wear their hair up more. They want something a little extra and I don’t blame them! I do too. I know this is next on my list personally, so join me and get your constellation piercing!

If you want a little more edge, try these industrial ideas out! I think we underestimate how much we could do with an industrial piercing, there truly are so many cute ways to style it!