Inside: 17 forward helix piercing ideas and jewelry options for anyone choosing their next piercing.

The forward helix piercing is a favorite of mine, it’s like an extension of the classic helix piercing on the top of the ear. It’s usually so small and petite that it’s a subtle addition but it’s a beautiful one. If you’re looking for a new piercing that is subtle and just adds a little extra shine to your ear, the forward helix is for you. 

Much like the tragus piercing, if you keep in the original piercing jewelry it just becomes a part of you and your look. It’s a staple.

But you don’t have to keep to the original jewelry, you can look into so many options of different studs or hoops to wear in your forward helix once it heals! The sky’s the limit when it comes to these kinds of piercings, there’s no wrong answer or bad option. 

Four forward helix ideas

Keep reading to see if this is the best fit for your next piercing! 

How Much Does A Forward Helix Piercing Cost

While the forward helix is a little more complex than a standard ear piercing, it tends to cost about the same, or at least be in the same range. 

It can generally range from $20 to $50, depending on geographical location and the piercer themselves. 

And expect to pay for the jewelry on top of that! That’s not always the case, but it’s pretty typical so keep it in mind for now! 

How Much Does A Helix Piercing Hurt

The cartilage in the area may feel kind of tough, but realistically, it’s not a very painful piercing! It will be more painful than the standard lobe, but nothing crazy. If you’ve sat through any other piercing, this will be easy for you! No sweat. 

How To Heal And Care For A Forward Helix

One thing you have to watch out for during the healing process of a forward helix is your hair! If it’s long enough to get in the way, it probably will. So stay mindful of what your hair is doing, how tangly it’s getting, etc. 

If the wind is blowing and it’s starting to maybe get wrapped up, keep a hair tie or at least a clip on you to pull it away from your ear just enough so your hair doesn’t get snagged!

Avoid touching it as much as possible, except for cleaning it, and only clean it with a saline or piercing solution you get from your piercer or the store. Leave unbothered as much as possible.

Healing for a spot like this can generally take 3 to 9 months, depending on how careful you are with it post-piercing.

What Does A Helix Scar Look Like

Scarring in a spot like this won’t be very noticeable so if the aftermath is something that you’re worried about, you don’t have to be. It’s an easy removing process and as long as there isn’t any extra tearing or stretching during the healing process, there won’t be too much of a scar left behind. 

Forward helix piercings

Forward Helix Piercings

Is this one of your first piercings off the lobe? Or are you a pro already? After your first, double, and maybe even triple lobe piercings, the next step for any new piercing fiend is a helix. Somewhere, anywhere, any style of helix. But it’s usually the next move. 

Nose ring, tragus, third lobe, or auricle might all be strong options as well, but the forward helix is a perfect transition: easy pain level, a little more edgy than some, and super versatile. You can wear anything you think of in a piercing like this if you like barbells, studs, and hoops, there’s a style option for you. 

These ideas might influence you, and if it isn’t your first rodeo, you might just agree this is the best option for your next venture! 

  1. Minimalist Hoop
  2. One of Many
  3. Celestial
  4. Chunky Hoop

Double forward helix

Double Forward Helix Piercings

What’s better than one forward helix? Two forward helixs! It can be such a simultaneously soft and edgy look to have a double forward helix, and you can embellish it any way that you want. Make it your own! 

This is an elevated version of an already stunning piercing, and whether you do a stud and hoop combo or a double hoop, there’s so many beautiful ways to style it!

If you’re considering the forward helix but also thinking you want a little more, this might be the best option for you! ! Maybe you already have one and are considering adding another, or you want to jump right in and get them both at the same time. Check out these double forward helix looks for inspo. 

  1. Double hoops
  2. Two Gold Hoops

Double the stud, and double the fun! These doubles are such cute ways to style a forward helix, since it’s a small area adding the extra jewelry makes it pop that much more! 

  1. Diamond Stud
  2. All That Shines

Gorgeous forward helix ideas

Gorgeous Forward Helix Piercings

Some piercings need a little more styling to make them shine, but the forward helix does it all on its own. There are so many jewelry options for a piercing like this one, and whatever you do with it will be a hit! 

What’s your jewelry style? Flashy? Minimalist? Vintage? There’s a stud or hoop with your name on it to declare your style in your forward helix. If you need a little inspo, check out these different jewelry options for a forward helix, so if you already have one and need something fresh, or if you’re on the edge debating how you want to wear it IF you get it, these might just influence you. 

  1. Vintage Stone
  2. Gatsby Style
  3. Silver Star
  4. Triple Stone

Forward helix ideas

Forward Helix Piercing Ideas

Looking for something specific or pretty general? There’s likely something for you in the forward helix realm. Again, this is such a versatile piercing, you can’t go wrong with committing to it and just going for it. There will always be something new to do with this one, and the jewelry possibilities are absolutely endless. 

You can do something so fun with the forward helix, or you can be simply beautiful and minimal with your styling choices. Either way, you might just need this piercing in your life. 

  1. Barbell Ring
  2. Gold Hoop
  3. Miniature Stud
  4. Mega Chic Hoop
  5. Triple Threat

The forward helix is a great piercing option for anyone in any stage of the piercing addiction game! If you’re just getting started or if you’re looking for something you maybe haven’t done yet but isn’t too wild and crazy, this is a potential for you. 

It’s a beautiful location for a piercing, especially if you’re into the type that you can leave the original jewelry in or if you want to change it to something more personal, the options are endless and you can make it your own. 

Easy on the pain scale and a super subtle location , there’s no reason to not get this piercing. Hopefully you found some inspo pictures you liked that showed you how you can show your own style with the forward helix! 

If so, pull the trigger on the piercing gun and get your forward helix ASAP!