Inside: Pretty examples of a nose piercing on both sides.

Nose piercings are some of the most common next steps after all of your basic ear piercings. Getting your nose pierced is like a gateway to other fun and edgy piercings, it opens the door to thinking about other new ways to add sparkle to your appearance.

If you’re wanting to continue the trend of getting cool new studs in your face, and want to commit to the edgy look, nose piercing on both sides is the way to go. Off the bat it sounds like a lot to have a piercing on either side of your nose, but let me convince you how cool it looks.

While looking into this piercing, you’re probably going to decide pretty quickly if it’s for you or not. But let’s answer some of the typical questions about it and look at some inspo to convince you that you need this piercing!

Two girls with nose piercings on both sides

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of this is going to depend on if you already have your nose pierced or not. If you’re only looking at adding one more to the one that you already have, then this is just a repeat of the process you’ve already done and the price you already paid.

In general, a standard nose piercing costs anywhere from $40 to $90 before you buy the jewelry to go in it. The process and jewelry are usually two separate costs.

And if you’re looking to get each of these done at the same time, just jumping in head first into the pool of nose piercings on both sides, you’re essentially just going to be paying double. Seems like a no brainer and likely doesn’t need explanation, but there are some double piercings that can be sold together as a package. Since these are separate on different sides, this is likely not one of those situations. So plan to pay anywhere from $80 to $180 for these if you’re doing them both in the same sitting.

Prices on piercings vary a lot based on the location of the shop and the experience of the piercer. These factors develop a wider range, and always remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to piercings. With a face piercing, you likely want to invest in a piercer that you know comes recommended, but nose piercings are so common these days that I wouldn’t necessarily say that you need to find a piercer that specializes in noses.

How Much Does It Hurt

If you’ve already got one side done, you already know how this goes. Getting your nose pierced generally isn’t a painful process, but there is definitely a weird sensation when the nostril is pierced!
When I got my nose pierced, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it hurt, but of course there was a little sting. The eye on the same side of the nostril I got pierced immediately teared up and I had tears running down that cheek. Just that one though, not both, so I definitely wasn’t crying.

There’s no way to say for sure that a piercing will or will not hurt, as the pain scale is so different for everyone. There’s not one right or wrong answer saying whether it’s a painful piercing or not. Just knowing your own pain tolerance and how well you handle the general feeling of a piercing will give you a good idea of how you’re going to do with a nose piercing.

If you’re getting them both in one sitting, the first one will likely be the easier one of the two. It’s easy when you don’t know exactly what’s coming. But when you feel it the next time and know what to expect and your body has already braced itself, that second one may feel a little more tender and a little bit more painful. But that’s all mental! You’re strong enough and you can do it.

Can You Get A Nose Piercing On Both Sides At The Same Time?

Healing a nose piercing is easy, but the toughest part can be protecting it from snagging and tearing. I didn’t think that it would be very difficult– until I got it done. Then I realized how vulnerable a nose ring could be to snagging and tearing on everything around me.

Whether you get this done at once though or as two separate appointments the healing process is going to be the same.

Drying off with towels, changing shirts and sweatshirts, sleeping… All of these mundane tasks are easy chances of hurting your nose piercing and you should be mindful of your piercing while performing any of them.

Sleeping is the trickiest one, obviously as it’s hard to keep an eye on it while asleep. A tip that my piercer gave to me when I got my nose piercing done was to sleep with a bandaid over the stud for the first week while it’s healing. It helps the cleaning process but it also protects the nose piercing from any potential snagging in the earliest stage when it’s the most sensitive.

To keep it clean, use a saline solution either from the store or one you make yourself at home (a simple salt and water solution), and clean it twice a day, on the inside and outside of the nose. Using a cotton swab, soak it in saline and douse the area around the piercing.

As it heals you’re going to get some crust. This is not a sign of infection, just simply clean it away and you’re good to go.

The more the piercing is snagged, pulled on, and messed with during the healing process, the more likely it is to become infected. Avoid touching the piercing as much as possible, even with clean hands.

What Does The Scar Look Like

There isn’t much of a scar when it comes to a nose piercing even when done on both sides at once. Facial piercings tend to leave more scarring than any other, but the nose is not one of them.

Unless there’s been an extreme amount of pulling and tearing while you were the piercing, or if you wore hoop that caused a lot of stretching to the piercing hole, you’re likely going to be left without much of a scar when you go to remove the piercing.

I no longer wear my nose piercing, and don’t have any scarring left that I can tell. I never had a big pulling incident and I never saw an infection, so these might be factors as to why it is healed so cleanly. A lot of people report still seeing the piercing hole for years after they remove their piercing, but not many people fall in that category. If you’re worried about scars with your nose piercing on both sides, there isn’t much to worry about here.

Three girls all with facial piercings

Double Nose Piercings

1. Double Stud
2. Double Hoop
3. Rhinestones

A girl taking a selfie in a car

Nose Piercing On Both Sides

4. Mismatched
5. Turquoise Studs
6. Double Gold Hoops
7. With A Septum Ring

Two girls with two nose piercings

Studs And Hoops

8. Stud And Hoop
9. Minimalist Hoops
10. The Basics
11. Aesthetic

I hope these cute examples of a nose piercing on both sides help you decide that this is the piercing for you.

There’s such a cute vibe that comes with piercing your nose on both sides and it’s just so fun to get something new and fresh. If you’ve already had your nose pierced, adding one to the other side is no big deal, and it’s going to be such an edgy look. If you’re thinking about it, this is your sign to go for it. It’s easy, low maintenance, and still a pretty fresh idea, so you have nothing to lose with getting this piercing.

They can be subtle or bold, extra or casual, and anything in between. You can change the look every day and make it match the look for the day.

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