Inside: 25 three ear piercings if you’re ready to go all in on a lobe full of piercings.

Three ear piercings, or triple lobes, are so fun and trendy, this is definitely the next one on my list. For the most part, if you’ve really been into piercings, you likely already have your lobes pierced and with a double piercing. Adding a third almost feels natural! It’s just the next step of piercings.

I’ve said this every time I write to you about new ear piercings: having multiple piercings on the same ear is just an opportunity to curate a cool look of a combination of a bunch of different earrings. I love to carefully choose each stud to match with each hoop or threader.

Adding a third spot for another super cute stud just feels right.

If you’ve had your doubles for a while, and are considering diving into the piercing world with some newer and edgier piercings, this might be the best next step for you.

Four women with multiple ear piercings

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of the three ear piercings varies, but are pretty much going to match the cost of a standard ear piercing. Piercing shops everywhere have different rates that they charge for a standard lobe piercing, and these rates vary on a couple of different factors.

Location of the shop: the geographical location may cause the rates to fluctuate. Of course each state has different price points for just about everything, but when it comes down to the actual city, there are variations too. Being closer to a trendier part of town is going to cause the prices to go up. These areas attract not only those that are looking to get pierced, but cool and experienced piercers as well.

If you’re near a big city, you will likely find that the suburbs will have some cheaper piercing shops than closer to downtown.

Experience of the piercer: The piercer’s experience is going to change the prices on the shop as well. The more experience they have, the more they will charge for their work. You want to find the balance between overpaying for a piercer just because he knows what he’s doing versus paying the cheap prices because they don’t know what they’re doing at all.

Either way, you’re likely looking at a $50/$60 average for this piercing, before jewelry. There are places that advertise free piercings on the lobe with then paying $40 for the jewelry, but these aren’t terribly reputable places. Or professional piercers.

Bottom line, this is most likely one of your cheapest piercings.

How Much Does It Hurt

You probably already have a pretty good idea of how much a lobe piercing hurts. If you’ve already had the first two, you know this one is a breeze. Just a little pinch and a bit of a sting right after and that’s it!

There aren’t many piercings that hurt less than the lobe, in my opinion. Pain scales vary greatly from person to person though. So it’s possible your least painful might be someone else’s most!

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing this piercing is the most simple and straightforward.

Using a saline wash that you buy from the drug store, grocery store, or from your piercer. Or you can make your own! Soak a cotton swab in the saline and clean the area of the piercing, under the earring and under the back of the earring on the back side.

You’ll likely have some irritation, and that’s okay. When open wounds are trying to heal, they “weep” and we end up with little crusties around our piercing. Clean those out the best you can, and help keep that piercing clean!
Infections are most common in lobe piercings through low quality jewelry and investing in nickel based products.

Irritations can cause a reaction in the piercing that then leads to infection. If you have a nickel sensitivity, invest in some quality metal earrings.

Here’s a breakdown on some titanium earring that might be a good substitute for you!

What Does The Scar Look Like

Honestly, there are no scar worries where I’m concerned when it comes to the three ear piercings!
Lobe piercings take a long time to heal up after you’ve worn them pretty consistently for years, and even when they do, the scar is more felt than seen.

If you were to pinch an old ear lobe piercing you would feel the scar tissue in the ear lobe, but you may not be able to see it. The same will go for your three ear piercings, but the triple might be a little less noticeable if you don’t keep it in long. A lot of us have had the first piercing since childhood, so that one will leave a much more prominent amount of scar tissue.

Three Ear Piercing Ideas

These three ear piercing ideas should inspire you and convince you! I know you’ll love all of these ideas and have to start thinking of some of your own. When all else fails, leave in the original stud. But… why not do something a little more fun?!

1. Minimal Combination
2. Triple Hoops
3. Triple Hoop
4. Gold And Sparkly
5. Charms And Pearls
6. Silver Studs

A girl with three hoop earrings

How To Style

Styling these are easy: find your favorite earrings and just put them all on at the same time. Kidding. But honestly, in the age of eclectic vibes, anything goes.

Match your metals, mix your metals, go all minimalist or go all out on funky shapes and sizes.

7. Threaders
8. Same Hoop
9. Chain
10. Mini And Large
11. Minimal Statements
12. Star Stud
13. Two Studs

Three girls with ears full of earrings

Lobe Ideas

There are so many ways to go to pick how you want to style your ear lobes with so many piercings! And if you’re also rocking the constellation piercings, that’s even better.

Check out these ideas.

14. Charm Hoops
15. Different Styles
16. Statements
17. Pearls And Initial
18. Emerald
19. Tiny Pieces

Studs on 2 girls ear lobes

Lobe Studs: Three Ear Piercings

Earring shopping? Let me help you.

Stud packs are always my favorite because they basically do the mixing and matching for you. And when you have a vision, you can even mix and match with other packs then too or other singles you have.

Here are some cute studs that I love, and I think you’ll love too in your new triple!

20. Minimalist
21. Pearls
22. Stars
23. Microstuds
24. Clusters
25. Chains

The triple lobe or three ear piercings is such a simple way to step up your piercing game with a pretty low key piece. Whatever your vibes are, you can always add a little extra sparkle with another stud. Or another hoop if that’s more your pace! I love adding a bunch of fun earrings together, and a space for one more stud makes all the spunky statement earrings even better.

Get creative! You can use little themed packs to make your earlobe something of a curated jewelry section. You can’t go wrong adding another little piece to your current situation. Fall in love with these three ear piercing trends and go book an appointment!

If you’re interested in other versions of three ear piercings, you can also look into the triple helix. This is a cartilage piercing with a different name, and getting three of them is a super sick look.