Inside: 9 Scoop tongue piercing ideas for adding something new to your mouth piercing collection.

Mouth and tongue piercings are some of the most classic styles in the book when it comes to the different types of piercings. In the industry, it’s so common to have multiple mouth piercings, and while there are many variations of them, not many of them are necessarily new to the scene. We haven’t seen something new in the mouth piercing world in quite a while!

But the scoop tongue piercing is one of the newer versions we’ve seen recently. This is a variation of the surface tongue piercing and if you’re debating adding a tongue piercing to the collection, you’re in the right place. This is a really cool one you’re going to love.

You probably have a lot of questions since it’s not your classic straight through post on your tongue, so I’m going to answer all the questions you have and show you 11 ideas to prove it.

Get into some of these tongue scoop piercing ideas for your next trip to the tattoo salon. It’s worth it to get something so cool and unique!

Two Scoop Tongue Piercing Ideas for girls

What Is The Scoop Piercing

The scoop piercing is essentially just the surface piercing version of your classic tongue piercing, it can also at times be called a snake eyes piercing even though snake eyes normally are further up on the tongue. The surface piercing is defined as the entrance and exit point on the same plane, so you would see each point of the piercing on the top of the tongue.

The scoop refers to the shape of the post as it sits in your tongue between the entrance and exit. They usually have a little bit of a scoop to them so that they can hide deeper into the surface of your tongue without showing a bar line under the surface.

This almost gives the illusion of two piercings on the tongue instead of one, which is the main difference between this piercing and a standard tongue piercing or the always fun tongue web piercing.

How Much Does It Cost

It’s pretty typical for a tongue piercing to cost anywhere from $30 to $90 before jewelry, but it’s likely that the scoop tongue piercing will be on the higher end since it’s a bit of a specialty piece. I would plan to spend closer to $70 to $100 on this piercing.

Price ranges vary greatly for piercings based on a few different factors. These are usually based around the shop, but even within that, the experience of the piercer and the geographical location of the shop can be what makes the prices what they are.

There are some piercings that you can get with any certified piercer and not have any concern. Then there are some piercings, like mouth ones, that I really recommend seeing someone who specializes in or has a great reputation in the area for mouth piercings. The care that they require due to being in a super sensitive area is a little bit more delicate and careful. It’s pretty prone to infection, though with the right care, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a high bacterial area, is all, and you want to make sure that from start to finish it’s all taken care of excellently.

All that to say, invest in a great piercer for your mouth. You will thank yourself later.

Trendier areas will enlist piercers with higher rates, as they’re usually more experienced for the crowds that tend to come through some of these major cities, so the shop simply tends to have overall higher rates due to the quality of the shop as a whole.

You’ll get what you pay for with piercings, so shop well!

How Much Does It Hurt

Fun fact– this piercing is considered one of the most painless. That’s a pretty hefty statement to make, saying that piercing itself is painless, but it does also depend on your pain levels. Since this isn’t going through your whole tongue, you’re not piercing through every layer of tissue to get to the other side.

Sitting on the surface of your tongue makes it a little easier for the nerves to recover.

However, it’s pretty impossible to say for sure if a piercing hurts or just HOW much it hurts. There’s no pain tolerance scale in the world that is the exact same for everyone, so if something is super painful to you it may not have been to the person that originally told you that it doesn’t hurt.

But overall, it’s a decently mild pain level on the scale, and I know you’ll be fine sitting through it. If you really want it bad enough, nothing will hurt too bad to stop you.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing a mouth piercing sure is a task, but it’s doable! It just requires more care than most piercings.

As was probably mentioned by your piercer, you’ll need to be cleaning this twice a day at the very least, and there are a couple different solutions you may be able to use to get the area clean, and you’ll just have to choose the best for you and your preference.

You can use a good salt water solution like any other piercing, or an non-alcoholic mouthwash to rinse your mouth each morning and evening, before and after bed.

You also want to be sure to rinse each time you eat. Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy for food to get lodged in your piercing and cause problems, and overall anything that goes in your mouth is a potential issue.

So as you go about your day, plan to rinse several times, at least the first few days. It only takes a few weeks to really heal up completely, but until then, rinse rinse rinse!

Three women with surface tongue piercings

Surface Tongue Piercing

Surface tongue piercings are such a cool look– giving the illusion of two piercings while really having one. Less pain, less upkeep, and less piercings through your tongue.
Check out these surface tongue piercings to see what the hype is all about.

1. Edgy Twist
2. Classic
3. Double

Horizontal tongue piercings

Horizontal Scoop Piercing

4. Simple
5. Interesting Studs
6. Basic
7. Black Studs

Vertical Tongue Piercing

8. Combo
9. Edgy

These cool tongue piercings are fun and flirty, and look so cool! Having two entrance and exit points on the top of the tongue makes it even more edgy and cool than a normal tongue piercing. Get ready for everyone to ask you about your “double tongue piercing!”

It’s a unique look that stands to have its moment in the spotlight. If you want something a little fun and different, this is the move. If you already have some mouth piercings and are looking to add something new and fresh to the palette, then the scoop tongue piercing is totally for you.

The tongue piercing trend is on the uptick again, it’s all about the 2000’s edgy grunge these days. You’re going to love this piercing as long as you long tongue piercings.

If you want to compare it to the standard tip of the tongue piercing, check it out here.