Inside: Nasallang Piercing Nose Chain Ideas.

The classic nose studs and hoops are more common now than ever. It’s not our parents’ favorite per se, but it’s not the taboo that it used to be.

Right now, something new and edgy is the nasallang frontal nose chain. 

There’s something beautiful about this piercing, though the process is more intense than it seems. Chains and hoops are such a dainty and elegant addition to a grouping of piercings, and mixing them in among studs is always a great style choice. 

But is a nasallang nose piercing the right one for you? There’s a lot to this one, but again, such a stunning piece that if bold piercings and pain tolerance are your thing, then this one is worth it.

Girl with interesting shaped nose piercing.

How Much Does It Cost

The nasallang nose piercing can range from $50 to $100. Geographical location and piercing shop will alter the price of your piercing. 

How Much Does It Hurt

This piercing is a singular bar that goes in one nostril, through the cartilage in the middle of the nose, through the other nostril. This is a pretty tough process to sit through, but a nose isn’t the most painful spot to get pierced. It’s given some pretty high rankings like 7 and 8 out of 10, but again, it’s not the most painful location to drive it all the way up to a 10.  

Treating a Nasallang Piercing

Cleaning and care is very similar to a normal nose piercing: never touch with bare hands, use a saline soaked cotton ball to clean. 

It takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months to truly heal, and can be very tender through the healing process. 

What Does a Nasallang Piercing Scar Look Like

Since this piercing looks so similar on the outside to a normal nostril ring, the scarring is similar. It depends on the kind of ring you wore while the piercing was open, how much it was stretched, etc. But generally speaking, it’s only going to show scarring for about a year, with a minor indentation where the ring went into the skin.

 This timeline can change a bit depending on how long it was pierced and how well taken care of it was during that time. 

Girls with a nasallang nose piercing

Nasallang Nose Piercing 

If you’re ready to graduate from the standard nostril stud, but love your nose piercing, this might be your next move. It’s bold, and it’s a commitment. It stands out among all the people that got their nostril pierced to be edgy, and you’ll look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to piercings. It’s an intense move, but if this is the move you’re looking for, it will be worth it! Here are some of the best standard nasallang inspo pics to see if this is the next one for you.    

  1. Standard Bar
  2. Simple Studs
  3. Dainty Studs
  4. Creative Ideas
  5. Beaded Chain
  6. Wide Variety

Nasallang piercings are no joke, they can look a million different ways. 

  1. A Collection
  2. High Nostril 
  3. Double Whammy
  4. Polka Dots
  5. So Pretty Vibes
  6. Powerful Pieces
  7. Artistic Pieces

Two girls with nasallang nose piercings

Nasallang Piercing Chain

You can flip the switch on the look of the nasallang piercing by going from a chain instead of a standard straight bar through the nose. It’s a beautiful, dainty accessory to add to your arsenal, and even if this is one of your first face piercings, switching to a chain makes it a more subtle and pretty version of a bold statement.

  1. Pretty and Understated
  2. Paired with Big Earrings
  3. Nose Chain with Hooks
  4. Chain with Nostril Piercing
  5. With Septum
  6. Elven Inspiration

Is inspiration striking? Here are some more styles! 

  1. Pearl Chain
  2. Bulky Chain
  3. Lip Pop
  4. Nostril Chain
  5. A Little Punk
  6. A Little Faerie
  7. Emo Kinda

Girl with multiple nose piercings

Frontal Nose Piercing

The point of a piercing is for showing off, it’s an accessory. It’s an attention grabber and a conversation starter. And what better way to grab attention than a frontal nose piercing being right in the middle of your face? There are so many different styles of rings and piercings that would portray any aesthetic: punk, grunge, hippie, girly… you name it.

Style this frontal nose piercing any way that you want! 

  1. Something Different
  2. Sweetheart
  3. Nasallang with Double Hoops
  4. Matchy With The Lips
  5. Golden Action
  6. A Hoop and a Stud
  7. Pairings
  8. For the All Black
  9. Statement Pieces
  10. The Whole Set
  11. Imagination
  12. Variations
  13. Textured Chain

Nose Piercing On Both Sides

The nasallang piercing looks simply like two different nostril piercings on either nostril, but it’s a bar that goes across from one side to the other! It’s more daunting than it looks, as it appears pretty understated. But you can cheat the intimidating bar out of it, and get a nose piercing on both sides to simulate the nasallang.

It would sit differently on your nose, but if you’re not about the industrial bar life, then it’s a worthy trade off for you. 

  1. Two Nostril Studs
  2. Paired with a Nasallang
  3. Double Sided
  4. Symmetry
  5. Dual Chains
  1. Subtle
  2. A Full Set
  3. One Of Each
  4. Double Hoops
  5. Surrounded
  6. I Want It All
  7. Huggies
  8. Show Off
  9. On All Sides 

Nose piercings are bold, and they can be a lot to handle sometimes, especially if you’re getting something like an industrial bar through both nostrils and the cartilage. But if you’re up to the challenge, it’s a beautiful piercing that would add so much character to your overall look. If you can take this, kudos to you, friend. It’s not for the faint of heart! But go take that step, and flex on everyone who thought you wouldn’t do it. Whether you style it with the stud bar or a dainty chain, it’s you and matches your style. 

Wanting to get a little punk with it? Check out this article about creative emo piercings!