Inside: Classic examples of a back dimple piercing that you need.

You’re ready to do something bold. You’ve probably been thinking about this one for a while. The back dimple piercing is a powerful piercing, and definitely says you’re not scared of anything.

The styling options are limitless. They can look cute or they can look edgy, and it all depends on what else you’ve got going on on your back! Tattoos can play a huge role in how your body piercings translate.

With the comeback of low rise jeans, there’s likely going to be a comeback of lower back body decor that was so popular in the 2000’s scene! Twenty-two years ago, this style of tattoos and piercings weren’t as adored as they are today, purely because tats and piercings weren’t nearly as acceptable as a whole as they are today.

Four photos of women with lower back piercings

Check these out and get inspired to be a part of the comeback of back dimple piercings!

How Much Does It Cost

Back dimple piercings are technically dermal piercings, so the procedure works a little differently than sending a needle straight through the skin. There’s an intricate process in placing dermals, so these are roughly going to cost about $70 to $80 per piercing, without jewelry.

With something this detailed, don’t skimp on a cheap piercer.

It might be tempting to ask around for quotes and go with the cheapest option, but realistically that’s never the best choice.

If you can spare the extra few bucks to make sure you get the best choice in piercer, please do. Someone experienced will make this a better process and you will feel more confident with the outcome! This is true for every piercing, but with something as specialized and intricate at dermals, I really, truly push this mindset.

Keep in mind you’ll have to add on jewelry prices too! And while we know professionals are always trying to sell us a top dollar product, I like to go with their suggestions with specialty piercings.

How Much Does It Hurt

Again, since these piercings are dermals and the needle isn’t just going straight through in a quick motion, getting this piercing can be a little painful. Only in the moment though, so the pain won’t last!

That’s the good news. You don’t have to worry too much about the pain lingering, other than soreness. Sure you’ll be sore, but it’ll be so worth it for your outcome!

Dermals sit into the skin and are “set” under layers of your skin with an L shape stud, so you’re going to feel that and be pretty aware of it during the healing process.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

As usual, never touch it before washing your hands. It might feel a little redundant or unnecessary but these are such sensitive wounds you’re trying to heal here!

They can’t close up to protect themselves, and it will take a while to do so, so it’s in a pretty vulnerable state. Do your skin a favor.

Follow your piercer’s advice for the next few days. It varies from professional to professional, but ultimately you should probably wear a bandaid on them for the first few days, to help with catching and snagging, as well as any random bleeding that may occur.

Instead of using a cotton swab like you use with other piercings, the best way to get this one clean is going to be with a larger cotton pad, gauze pad, or a paper towel. Soak it or an area of it with saline solution.

You can get saline from any store, your piercer, or you can make some! It’s a simple solution of salt and water.
Soak the pad on each piercing (gently) and clean away any crust that has formed since your last cleaning.

Be super gentle with these, I know that they can be hard to get to on your back. But do the best you can and ask your bestie for help if you need it.

What Does The Scar Look Like

If you already have back dimples, a scar for this piercing will be no sweat. Once you remove the dermals when it’s time to move on, all you have to do is wait for the holes to grow in to see what the scar damage will be.

In fleshy areas of our body, piercing scars never truly go away. They can fade over time, and fade to a point where we don’t really notice them anymore, but they’re usually still there. Scar tissue will always take over, and do its job… It’s part of how the body works!

We will likely still see scarring in the form of indentations on your skin, but if you really had the back dimples before, you’re really going to have them now!

So luckily this one you don’t have to worry about too much, because it’s only enhancing what’s already there naturally.

A girl with a tattoo and back dimple piercing

Back Dimple Piercing With Tattoos

We all know tattoos are all the rage when it comes to body art, especially when you’ve kept piercings on the face.
But a stunning tattoo combo with back dimple piercings is going to be so cute.

Check it.

1. Angel Aesthetic
2. Flamed Hearts
3. Butterfly Between
4. Spine Tattoo
5. Hearts And Spine
6. Lower Rib Tat

A girl in polaroid photos


Back dimple piercings aren’t for everyone– they’re definitely a specific vibe.

If you’ve got the aesthetic or are curious if you do, here are some of the vibes around a back dimple piercing.

7. Baddie
8. Polaroid Shots
9. Dreamy
10. Preppy
11. Sporty
12. Girly
13. Classy
14. Bright White

Some of these are giving Y2K reminiscent and I love it! Be ahead of the resurgence and bring back the lower back embellishments!

15. Neon
16. Casual
17. Summer Loving
18. Simple Dimple


What kind of stud are we looking at now? Diamond? Metal? Shapes? Here are some of the best diamond dermals for your back dimples.

19. Diamond Dimples
20. Simple
21. Floral Diamonds
22. Vintage PINK
23. Pink Diamondsc
24. Studs
25. Gold
26. Teardrop
27. Gold Diamond
28. Classic

Dermal piercing tops

Cute Ideas

We all love an edgy piercing with cute vibes. Channel your cuteness.

29. Spider
30. Diamond Shaped
31. Lady Bug
32. Tiger’s Eye
33. Lightning Bolt
34. Stars
35. Dragonfly


Picking a metal is the hardest part unless to your core you know if you’re a silver or gold girl.

Here are some inspo for both if you’re not sure and need some ideas!

36. Gold Diamond Halo
37. Opal Flower
38. Hearts
39. Flat Circles
40. Triangle Dermal
41. Sparkle Flower
42. Domes
43. Gold And Red
44. Circles And Stars
45. Bubbles
46. Standard Diamond


47. Bubbles
48. Domes
49. Variety Tops
50. Hearts
51. Star
52. Black Stone
53. Diamond And Bubbles
54. Starburst
55. Tribal Swirls
56. Standard Rhinestone

Two photos of the same girl and her back dimple piercings

Back Dimple Piercing Jewelry

What jewelry to get is always the biggest question for a new piercing!

It’s new and the piercings itself has so much personality, but the jewelry makes it YOU.

57. Diamonds
58. Flowers
59. Shiny
60. Minimalist
61. Standard Stud
62. Sparkly Silver
63. Subtle

Black and white photos of lower back piercings

Ideas For Back Dimple Piercing

65. Fresh
66. Stunning
67. Classic
68. Double Dermals
69. Lower Back Piercings
70. Deep Dimples
71. Hollister Ad Vibes

Back dimple piercings are fun piercing to have, especially when the low rise gene trend is back! Hello Y2K! We love to see it.

If you’re ready to venture into the world of dermals, or if this isn’t your first one and you’re just continuing the venture, these are a great piercing to go with.

They’re so cute, fun, flirty, fresh, and you’re gonna look so cool with them.

Show them off at your next girls sleepover or night out in the crop top and low rise jeans trend.

Heal it up before summer so you can still get in the pool and the beach without worrying about it too much.

If dermals are your thing, check out these 37 collar bone piercing ideas that I think you’ll love! They’re such a cute (and non-permanent) way to decorate your body and they’re dainty and elegant and all the beautiful things.