Inside: Chic Dahlia Piercing Ideas + Inspiration

What do you think is the rarest and scariest type of lip piercing? Is it the one that reminds you of the infamous murder- Black Dahlia? The piercing got its name from the facial mutilation of the American actress Elizabeth Short known posthumously as Black Dahlia.

A few people consider it to be one of the types of face piercings but it is more of a lip piercing. Though it is very uncommon, still if you want to attract some admiring glances, this is the type of lip piercing for you.

We have everything you need to know about dahlia piercings, including price, pain level, procedure details, and healing time.

Discover more about this spooky chic dahlia piercing and find some stunning inspiration for your next body modification appointment.

Dahlia Lip Piercing

What is a Dahlia Piercing?

Dahlia piercing refers to one puncture at each corner of the lips. This piercing has a centering effect and is sometimes called a joker bites piercing.

Should You Get a Dahlia Lip Piercing?

As with any piercing, dahlia piercings have their perks & drawbacks. Check out the pros & cons below to see if this piercing is right for you:


  • The dahlia piercing is a fairly uncommon piercing, so having it would set you apart from other piercing enthusiasts.
  • This piercing emphasizes the mouth and highlights the smile. It can also help bring symmetry to the face in conjunction with septum or medusa piercings.


  • The unique placement of the dahlia piercing can cause problems like jewelry migration or rejection. Make sure you find a reputable piercer to avoid these issues.
  • Many piercers may not know this piercing by name since it’s less popular than others. Ensure your piercer has specific experience with this procedure beforehand.

Dahlia Bite Piercing Inspiration

1. Stunning but Simple Dahila Bites

2. Cute Dahila Piercing with Silver Studs

3. Dahlia and Medusa Piercing Combo

Joker Bites Piercing

4. Small Diamond Dahlia Inspiration

5. Dahlia and Snake Bite Combo

Does a Dahlia Piercing Hurt?

Dahlia piercings rank at a 4/10 on the pain scale since there are two punctures. More nerve endings around the lips increase the pain level compared to other facial piercings.

This relative pain level is completely dependent on your body and pain threshold. You will most likely experience swelling and tenderness for the first few days after getting pierced. Cold compresses and pain medication like ibuprofen can make this period more tolerable.

The Healing Process

It can take up to 20 weeks to heal completely. The initial stage will be crucial as it is located near your mouth so be careful while eating and cleaning your mouth. There may be swelling so you might experience difficulty during eating food. There can be instances where you find seepage of whitish-yellow liquid from the wound indicating that the perforation is healing.

It depends on personal care and hygiene you maintain. Although the wound will take around five to six months to heal, it will improvise each day.

Dahlia Piercing Jewelry Ideas

The jewelry that is often used for Dahlia piercings includes Monroe or labret studs, captive bead rings or ball closure rings and curved barbells. Commonly used gauges are of 14-16g of weight and 13mm of length. A longer bar might be used by the piercer to accommodate for swelling.

Once your piercing has fully healed and now you are able to change out your jewerly, it’s important to find the right kind. You not only want your jewelry to fit your piercing comfortably but also something that fits your style and personality. Check out a few of our favorite simple and unique options that bring your piercing to the next level.

6. Gold Flat Star Top Threadless Push-In Flat Back Stud

7.  Gold Flat Triangle Top Threadless Push-In Flat Back Stud

8. White Gold Ball Top Flat Back Stud

Dahlia Piercing Jewelry Ideas

9. Heart Top Threadless Push-In Flat Back Stud

10. 14 Karat Gold Push-In Prong Set Round Gem Top Bio-Flex

11. Add a little color to the mix

12. Diamonds for lip bling

13. This huge multi-pack that works with many piercings.

Dahlia Lip Piercing Aftercare Tips

Just like you need to take care of the sutures if you get them, you also need to look after the piercings to avoid infections. Here are some tips to protect you from germs.

  • Keep the area dry. If you sweat too much, make sure it does not drip near the piercings. It may cause irritation.
  • Clean the area regularly using a cotton ball with sea salt solution or a cleanser like H2O Ocean.
  • Do not touch the jewelry, this will only worsen your wound as the bacteria present on your hands may infect it.
  • Do not drink alcohol, beverages like caffeine or eat spicy food. It will stimulate the nerves and healing may take time.

Dahlia Piercing Scars

Just as the pain, the scars vary from person to person. Sometimes the scars may be more prominent and profuse and they may take years to fade. Other times, the scars might be very light and might disappear within months.

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Dahlia Piercing