Inside: The only face piercing chart you need + descriptions of the different kinds of piercings!

If you’re about to start diving into the world of face piercings, you need all the information you can get before you start making decisions about where to add metal to your face!

I’ve drawn out a face piercing chart for you here, to see it all in one place and decide where your next piercing should be!

A woman with several face piercings around her mouth, nose, and cheekbone.

It’s likely that you already know exactly where you want it, one probably caught your eye a while ago and now you’re diving into it.

Welcome! Here you will find a face piercing chart accompanied by descriptions so you really know what you’re looking at and what you’re looking for while you’re getting inspiration.

So, let’s get started. First, here’s your ultimate face piercing chart.

Black and white beauty shot of a woman with piercings

Facial Piercing Chart

Face Piercing Chart

If you’re looking for lip piercings, cheek piercings, or eyebrow piercings, you’ve come to the right place. Not only am I going to break it all down for you, I’ve done deep dives into all kinds of piercing types! Down to how much it costs and how bad it hurts, I’ve got the scoop for you right here on this blog.

Eyebrow: Horizontal or vertical on the brow bone. Usually a barbell or hoop.
Anti-Eyebrow: A micro-dermal stud under the eye.
Dimple: Mid cheek piercing.
Bridge: The bridge of the nose between the eyes. Interested in a bridge? Check out the whole breakdown here!
Third Eye: Centered above the eyebrows, a microdermal piercing that’s usually set in as a stud.
Nasallang: The nasallang piercing is a nose piercing placed on the upper nose below the bone, going from one nostril, through the cartilage, through the other nostril.
Septril: Maybe the most low key and unseen on your face, but actually the most intensive process for piercing. Like a gauge, it stretches your septum (slowly, and by a professional!) and sits under the tip of your nose. It can be painful and takes time, but is a super unique look! Check out more about the septril here!
Nose: Maybe one of the most common face jewelry! Piercing your nostril and placing a stud or a hoop in its place.
Septum: A piercing in the layer of cartilage in the center of your nose between nostrils, usually a horseshoe hoop or full hoop.
Medusa: A stud placed above the upper lip, centered under the septum.
When combined with the Labret, we call it the cyber bites!
Labret: A stud centered under the lower lip.
Monroe + Madonna: A stud above the upper lip, on either the left or right side. On the left, it’s known as the Monroe, and on the right it’s the Madonna. These are not usually symmetrical.
Dahlia: Symmetrical studs at either corner of the mouth.
Dolphin Bites: Piercings under the lower lip, symmetrically placed under the center of the mouth.
Snake Bites: Piercings under the lower lip, symmetrically placed under the outer corners of the mouth.

What you should know about facial piercing positions

Here are some general details on each piercing type.

How Much Do Facial Piercings Cost?

Your piercing price will always vary based on the location of the shop, the experience of the piercer, and the quality of the jewelry you choose! Remember you get what you pay for, so cheaper isn’t always the best option!
Do your research and choose quality jewelry for your piercings– especially on your face.

Irritation will show much more prominently on your face, so make sure to take care of it.

Ask your piercer for cleaning solution and suggestions as well– they should already tell you, but make sure you have all the information you need before leaving the shop!

Here are the ranges for each piercing type!

Eyebrow: $20 to $70
Anti-Eyebrow: $40 to $60
Dimple: $40 to $100
Bridge: $30 to $60
Third Eye: $60 to $80
Nasallang: $30 to $60
Septril: $50 to $100
Nose: $30 to $90
Septum: $40 to $90
Medusa: $40 to $80
When combined with the Labret, we call it the cyber bites!
Labret: $20 to $100
Monroe + Madonna: $50 to $80
Dahlia: $20 to $80
Dolphin Bites: $50 to $100
Snake Bites: $60 to $100

Face Piercing Pain Chart

Each piercing is going to hurt more or less on different people, so there’s not an accurate way to scale them all individually!

But the type of flesh you’re getting pierced will play a part in how bad it hurts. On parts that are more cartilage than skin, you’re going to be in a bit more pain than a site more fleshy. The tougher it is to pierce the more it will hurt. With exceptions like the anti-eyebrow, which is simply close to the eye so it’s going to feel a little more sensitive.

The septril is an exception as well, as it is an entire process of stretching your cartilage to fit the septril stud. This is an uncomfortable and long process, but the stunning vibe of the septril piercing is well worth the process.
Ultimately, with a few exceptions, face piercings don’t hurt as much as some others on the ear or other various spots!

How To Heal & Not Get Infected

Most facial piercings require the same procedure: using a saline solution from your piercer, the store, or one you make at home, douse a cotton pad or Q-Tip and soak the area.

If you’re cleaning a lip piercing or cheek piercing, you’ll want to rinse with mouthwash to get a good clean inside and out. Mouth piercings are going to be the toughest to keep clean, it’s important to be a little neurotic when it comes to this step in the process, as food and saliva are going to be constantly messing with the wound. If you can rinse at least twice a day, if not three, you’ll be in good shape! Plan to clean it after each meal, and you should be good.

With a nose piercing, it might feel a little off reaching a Q-Tip in your nostril to give it a good clean, but it must be done!

It’s also not common advice, nor commonly taken, but a good way to keep a nose piercing from snagging at night while you’re asleep is to gently place a bandaid over it over night! This is definitely optional, but worked well for me and it healed up pretty quick too!

What Do Facial Piercing Scars Look Like

The scarring for all of these will be a little different. Anything in a fleshy area is going to scar up no matter what you do. There are precautions to take to make sure it doesn’t get worse for sure, but there are some places where a scar is guaranteed. These are: all the lip piercings, cheek piercings, and eyebrows. The eyebrow being the least of all, and the cheek being the most.

Again, the most fleshy areas will leave the most scarring due to scar tissue and the skin growing around the piercing in a sense.

If you can avoid pulling, snagging, and tearing during the healing with all of your piercings, you’ll help not let the scar be bigger than it needs to be when it comes time to take it out.

Prevent embedding on the lip to help that scar as well! We have a whole guide here.

Feel like you know everything about face piercings now? You should! You’ve got the full lowdown on every type of face piercing from lip to nose to eyebrow! If you’ve been debating which route you want to go, hopefully you’ve got some idea now! This face piercing chart should line out all the piercings you’re considering and give you a good idea of what it would look like in comparison to others.

And as you move forward in your piercing journey, refer back to this facial piercing chart to continue to choose your piercings down the road.

There are many more where these all came from, the mouth more specifically. If you’re looking for other more random ones, some more to look into are the spider bites, frowny, and smiley! The spider bites are even tinier on the side of the lip and the frowny is inside the lower lip while the smiley is inside lower.

You’re well versed in all the different kinds of facial piercings, go show off your new piercing knowledge!