Inside: The ultimate titanium piercing guide and the best titanium piercing jewelry.

It’s pretty common for our bodies to reject a piercing, and more often than not it’s due to the jewelry used to pierce. The quality of the metal as well as the type of metal are the biggest factors when it comes to your body rejecting jewelry. 

If you have sensitive skin, are there any jewelry types that will allow you to keep a new piercing healthy? 

Professionals say that titanium is your best bet, and it has the best acceptance rate. So while you’re looking for answers to make your next piercing go better than the last one, or to make sure your first one is a success, here’s your total titanium piercing guide!

The ultimate titanium piercing guide

Hats off to you for doing your research! Keep reading to learn all about the why and how behind titanium piercings and how they keep your piercing feeling its best!  

How Much Does A Titanium Piercing Cost?

The cost of a titanium piercing solely depends on where you’re getting the jewelry. Each tattoo/piercing shop will price their jewelry differently. For the initial piercing jewelry, the price range for titanium jewelry is likely between $15-$50, usually more on the higher end, so expect to pay a little more. 

But you’re paying for quality and hopefully a better chance at a proper healing process, and if you’re kind of concerned about the healing, then this is a worthy investment. 

After the piercing has healed, if you’re determined to keep a titanium ring in, then the price range increases a bit when you start shopping at jewelry stores. The range for these can be anywhere from $19 to $60 for a standard, but if you’re looking at finer jewelry options, you can find anything $200+, so no matter how much you want to invest into it, you’ll find something in your price range!  

How Much Does A Titanium Piercing Hurt?

The kind of jewelry used for a piercing doesn’t influence the pain level, so there aren’t any pain levels to factor into the titanium piercing debate! If anything, it will help the healing process be cleaner, healthier, and smoother, so it would minimize the irritation and possible pain in the healing process, ultimately taking away from the total pain level!

Whatever you’re getting pierced, that pain level will remain the same, but also remember while researching: pain is different for everyone! 

How To Heal A Titanium Piercing

Titanium piercings are all about the healing process. While other metals can irritate and reject, the big appeal to using titanium jewelry is the ease of the healing process. It’s much easier and smoother than mixed metals that you might react to, so just by investing in the titanium jewelry, you’re going to get a better healing process. 

Purchase a saline solution from your piercer or DIY your own (it’s just a saltwater solution!) and clean the area twice a day, and avoid touching as much as possible.

Why titanium piercings are best

Why Titanium Piercings Are Best

If you’ve ever been pierced and had your body reject it, you know the annoying feeling of doing everything you can to try to heal it back up and make it work, but then know that it won’t. One of the worst metals you can get pierced with is nickel, and it definitely gets rejected on most people. Most mixed metals often contain nickel, making it more common than you think and even jewelry you think would be okay, sometimes isn’t.

Titanium piercings have the best track record, even above your classics: sterling silver and solid gold. But if you’re like I was and don’t just know the chemical makeup of different metals, then this sounds a little random. 

Experts say that titanium is a “biocompatible” metal, as it lacks any traces of nickel or any other irritable contents. The body is less likely to react harshly with pure titanium and will accept the piercing, giving you a cleaner healing process! That’s a win.

If you’re nervous about your first piercing rejecting or you’ve had a history of piercings-gone-wrong, then you’re probably better off investing in a titanium piercing for your best chances at success! 

How To Get Titanium Piercings

Acquiring a titanium piercing is just like any other– it’s the jewelry that you buy when getting your piercing! This is usually where the price range varies on top of the procedure price. It might be a little pricier, but just like wanting to invest in a good piercer, you want to invest in good jewelry to make sure you can even keep the piercing. 

Quality will always make this process better and healthier, and saves you a lot of stress in the long run if you’re not having to chase down healing solutions and possible remedies to make the icky rejection go away. If you want to keep your piercing long term, invest, invest, invest. 

So when you go to get your piercing, as you’re talking to your piercer, ask them about the titanium jewelry options for the particular work you’re getting done. If they’re a high quality shop, they should have plenty of titanium options– or at least a few for you to choose from to wear while it heals and you can shop around for more to wear after the healing process is complete! 

During the shop around process, you obviously have a wider variety of options, but you’ll probably need to be a bit more focused on what you’re looking at to make sure that the jewelry is actually pure titanium. Read listing details, product reviews, and research the company. While we love to support small businesses, make sure it’s also credible and legit before buying something that’s supposed to be as high quality as titanium. We don’t play games with our piercings! 

Best titanium jewelry

Best Titanium Piercing Jewelry

Hopefully by now you’ve decided to try to go the titanium route with your next piercing, both with the actual piercing jewelry and the replacement once it’s time to switch! 

It’s such high quality jewelry that it’s worth your investment, and you can keep it around for a long time without it turning green or crusty while you wear it. 

Titanium jewelry doesn’t necessarily look any different, it’s simply higher quality metal under the gold, silver, or black coloring. The world is your oyster when looking for jewelry options for a titanium piercing, anything from credible piercing jewelry shops to random fine jewelry stores, you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for in titanium. 

  1. Classic Earring Stud
  2. Nose Flower Stud
  3. Belly Ring
  4. Dazzling Septum Hoop
  5. Dermal Tops
  6. Industrial Bar

We’re not all concerned about our piercings and the healing process, I know there are some of us that are just down for whatever happens– but to those more careful and want a clean and easy process, this is for you. 

Check out these titanium piercing facts and jewelry options to decide if this is the move for you! If you’ve handled a jewelry rejection before, you should probably give titanium a try and see if that’s been part of the problem in the past (it probably was).

Enjoy your next titanium piercing!