Inside: 9 hip piercing ideas to try something new and really different if you haven’t gone dermal yet.

Whatever your piercing style is, whether it’s pretty subtle and hidden or out and showy, hip piercings would be a perfect move for you. They’re so edgy that the second you show them off, they hold the attention. But they’re obviously naturally hidden enough that you don’t have to have them out on display if you don’t want to.

Dermal piercings are a totally new venture, and whether you’re new to them or not, you’re totally going to love them. It’s a delicate process, but they create such fun and bold results, you can’t help but become obsessed once it’s done.

Three women with piercings in their hips

Hip piercings and general body piercings give off the Paris Hilton Y2K aesthetic, but with it back in full swing, it’s going to be so fun to go after these embellishments we’ve been dreaming of since 2006.

They’ve never lacked in popularity, but they’re more trendy now than ever!

How Much Does It Cost

Since hip piercings are dermals, they’re a little bit of a pricier process.

The price you pay will vary based on your geographical location and the experience of your piercer. If you go to someone who does a lot of dermal work, you likely don’t need to worry about the experience levels too much with hips specifically. The catch is that you do definitely need to see someone that’s well versed in dermals!

Hip piercings are likely to or can reject, so you want to make sure you go with someone that knows what they’re doing with dermals so it’s done correctly with the lowest chance of rejection.

Don’t skimp out and go cheap on your piercer. I don’t ever recommend it but there are some piercings that it’s more important than others. This is one of those.

You’re likely looking at anywhere from $50 to $100 per piercing. If you want both sides done, it will range from $100 to $200 to get them both.

This does not include jewelry, and again, the price range is varied based on shop and shop details.

How Much Does It Hurt

Hip piercings will likely hurt, since it’s a dermal punch (what dermatologists and doctors use to perform biopsies.)
Pain levels are hard to scale because everyone is different– different pain tolerances and different body build. The answers to the question “how much does it hurt” already vary a lot on ear and face piercings, but body piercings vary even more so. Since each of our bodies are built differently, especially in the hip area, when it comes to results based off fleshy balances, it’s going to be different for everyone.

If the area you are piercing is more fleshy, it may not hurt as bad. But if your hips are a bonier area, you might feel it a little more. However, this may not be accurate for everyone, so again, the pain scale is off balance.
All you need to know is that it’s a quick, stinging pinch, and you’re done. You’ve got this!

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Dermal piercings are always a little easier to clean but definitely more prone to infection.

Using a saline solution you buy from any store available to you, from your piercer, or one that you make, you’ll want to clean the area twice a day.

Saline is the best solution to pick up for this, as it’s the most natural. A salt water solution and you’re good to go.

Snagging and tearing can cause infection, if it’s allowing too many foreign particles to get into the area. Something else to be mindful of with a body piercing that you don’t usually have to think about is sweat. If you’re getting this done in the summer or if you sweat a lot working out or moving around while you work, pay attention!

Taking a break from exercise might be good for a while while it heals up completely, about one to three months. If you’re an avid gym goer, I know that sounds like too long, but you’ll be thankful for a clean and healthy hip piercing!

If you sweat a lot in general without any excess work, maybe take a break during the day and give your piercing a good little clean. Just dabbing it with some saline should help keep the dirt and grime out to keep it nice and clean.

What Does The Scar Look Like

You’re likely going to see scars when it comes time to remove your hip piercings.

Anything off of the ear or nose leave scars due to the fleshy areas utilizing strong scar tissue when there’s been a wound to the skin.

It’s not an ugly scar per se, but it’s a slight indentation in the skin where the jewelry used to be. Your skin got used to having something in the way and worked around it. That process in combination with scar tissue makes this into something that doesn’t go away very easily or quickly.

There are treatments that work for scarring, like oils and creams. If you’re looking into how to get rid of a hip piercing scar and you’ve found yourself here, start chatting with your dermatologist. They can recommend and even prescribe you some scar reversing products.

Two black and white photos of women with hip piercings

Surface Hip Piercings

While the most common type of hip piercing is a dermal, there are several examples of a surface hip piercing.

These don’t sit as clean on the surface, but still have that cool edgy look. And you can use a barbell through the skin giving the illusion of two piercings on the same side!

Check it out.

1. Brackets
2. Curved Barbell
3. Flat Barbells

A girl with piercings and tattoos on her hips

Dermal Piercing Options

Since they sit nicer and neater on top of the surface of the skin, dermal piercings are my preferred version of the hip piercing.

If you’re not sold on the whole process and concept of a dermal piercing, check these out. They might convince you.

4. With Tattoos
5. Simple Studs
6. Triple Threat

Different tops of dermal jewelry

Jewelry For Hip Piercings

The jewelry for hip piercings are pretty limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun! There are a lot of cute dermal tops that I think you will love for your new hip bling!

7. Opal Cone
8. Gold Heart
9. Black Stone

Hip piercings are so cool and cute! I always love the pairing of an edgy piercing like this with tattoos, if you have any in this area as well, it’s a cool pairing.

There are no reservations that I have about hip piercings– if you’re feeling it, go for it! Especially if you have wanted to venture into the realm of body piercings, this is a good one. While they can be pesky while healing since they’re kind of in a high-pressure spot, they’ll be so worth it once they’re done and over with.

If you want something else new and different, I’m loving the septril! It’s a single tip of the nose piercing that is so beautiful. I won’t lie, it can be a painful process, but the result is to die for. It’s subtle and cool, with a little flat stud on the underside of your nose. Unique!