Inside: DIY Christmas earrings to stay festive all season long! From your sweaters to your earrings, feel the jolly.

I LOVE Christmas! It’s one of the best seasons of the year to be extra and wild, and to be fun and festive in the most crazy ways. From my grandmother’s personalized Christmas sweaters to the fun Rudolph the Reindeer slippers in the stores, from head to toe I’m ready to be my most festive self this season.

Head to toe Christmas also includes your earrings– and while a cute pair of red studs keep you on theme, creating some DIY Christmas earrings take it up a notch!

And who doesn’t love to be a little bit extra around the holidays?

I found some of my favorite DIY Christmas earrings to try this year, and want to share them with you so that you can jump on the train with me.

Christmas decor around gold jewelry

These will be so fun to do in your own little craft time, at a girl’s night, or with your kids! Have fun with these DIY Christmas earrings and let the festivities begin!

How Much Does It Cost

There are so many variations, kits, and tools you could use to make these DIY earrings, there’s not one right way of doing it or one right set of craft supplies to make it happen.
I recommend this Amazon earring making kit for all of the posts, hooks, chains, rings, and pliers that you need! It’s $11, so if you need all of these supplies, add that to the total of the supplies for these different earring crafts.

The DIY Christmas Tree Beaded Earrings:
This one follows a pattern! The pattern is listed as $2, and the beads are less than a dollar. If you enjoy beading, this is a wonderful, cheap, and easy DIY project!

Mini Ornament Earrings:
All of your supplies for these can cost anywhere around $20 depending on the ornaments that you choose and how many of the supplies that you need you already have.

The Candy Cane Set:
I found the most adorable candy cane DIY jewelry set for you. You’ll love it.
The pattern and DIY instruction manual costs $10, and the beads you get will probably need to be another $5 to $7.

What Can These Be Used For

Obviously, they’re earrings, to be used as earrings.

These can be a really great pair of earrings to make your ugly sweater party outfit more extra or make a white tee shirt more cute and festive! They’re too cute and fun to just have one use!

You can use these as easy gifts– little girls in your life, the funky aunt, or even a white elephant exchange where the recipient is likely to have their ears pierced.

Anyone will love these, and they’re sure to be a hit with anyone.

Most Popular Styles

When you’re looking for Christmas accessories, you’re generally going to find all of the iconic and traditional Christmas icons. Christmas trees, candy canes, jingle bells… you name it.

Depending on the look you’re going for, candy might be the best style for you! It’s the best fit for a full red and or white outfit!

If you’re wearing green, I love the white and gold Christmas tree pair I’ve linked for you. It adds some neutral tones with the white as well as something a little fun and funky with the metallic gold. These are so festive but neutral enough to add to an outfit that’s already got a lot going on.

Ornaments and jingle bells are forever basic staple pieces that will be easy to pair with everything for Christmas. Even a simple black dress will be perfect for a pair of jingle bell earrings to ring in the season! Guide the sleigh home with those bells.

mini christmas ornaments

DIY Ornament Earrings

These ornament earrings were found on Fleece Fun and I know you’ll love them! Ornaments and jingle bells are my favorite pieces to use for subtle and fun Christmas accessorizing.

You can make these as simple or as elaborate as you would like. Essentially, you’re turning mini ornaments you can get for any desktop Christmas tree into a pair of earrings. If all you want to do is put an earring hook on them, you can totally do that and be good to go!

What you’ll need:

Mini ornaments | Idea One | Idea Two
Modge Podge – optional
Glitter – optional
Mini charms – optional | Idea
Earring making kit

Okay you have your ornaments. If you like them the way they are, move onto the earring hook part.

If you want to customize them, coat them in Modge Podge, the staple crafting glue, and roll them in the glitter, or gently sprinkle the glitter all around the surface of the ornament.

Once you put all of the right hooks and rings on the ornament to effectively turn it into an earring, you can use more of the jewelry rings (in the earring kit) to attach the mini Christmas charms to the ring. A more in-depth step by step for attaching everything together can be found in the original tutorial.

Happy with the outcome?! I’m obsessed!

Christmas bead work

Beaded Christmas Tree Earrings

These beaded earrings are definitely part of a skillset I need to grow in! Bead work is not my strong suit but these are so adorable I might just have to give it another try!

This is a pretty simple tutorial though, it comes with a pattern and everything you need to successfully execute these beautiful earrings.

You can obviously do this with any color of beads you choose– there’s no reason you should have to choose gold and white if you don’t want to!

Follow the pattern exactly and use your earring making kit and you should end up with some phenomenal results!

Candy canes on white background

Candy Cane Set

I’m obsessed with the full set of candy cane themed jewelry. If you’re only interested in the earrings, that’s a great set to have forever on its own!

Buying this pattern comes with a full tutorial and step by step instructions.

If you’re already familiar with this style of beadwork and crafting, then use this as inspo and do your thing with your own skills.

Red and white are my favorite colors to play with all season long– so I might just have to try these myself.
Christmas is the best season to get super festive and extra for– and Halloween is a close second! Anything that’s centered around fun and childhood enjoyment is accepting of a really extra accessory like a beaded earring. And a matching bracelet.

Christmas earrings

DIY around the holidays too is a perfect way to make handmade gifts that people will cherish forever, or to schedule some craft time to spend quality time with your friends or family.

I remember the holidays always surrounded baking or crafting while growing up, with either of my grandmothers, any of my aunts, or even just my sisters and my mother. It was such a special time, and if you use these DIY Christmas earrings to curate a craft time with your family, you’ll love the memories forever.

If you’re looking for more DIY opportunities after the holidays, and are leaning towards a home piercing, here’s the complete guide with the answers to all of your questions about piercing your nose at home!