Inside: Why You Should Get A Septril Piercing .

Planning your next funky piercing can go one of two ways: it either comes to you and sticks with you, or you have to deliberate until you finally land on something. If you’re in the planning, debating, and considering phase, maybe consider the septril! 

Are you looking for something totally different? I haven’t personally seen a ton of these, especially on a mildly pierced face.

It’s definitely a more out there and rare piercing location, but it’s a really unique look! 

If you’re debating and don’t know many details, keep reading for a guide to a septril piercing that may just have you convinced! I have 21 stunning reasons (aka beautiful examples) as to why you should get this piercing. 

Reasons to get a septril, two septril pierced noses

We love fun and different piercings around here, so if you’re ready for something that will make you stand out, you’ve come to the right place! 

How Much Does A Septril Piercing Cost

This piercing takes a little more expertise than any standard piercing that goes in one side and out the other. And it isn’t a spur of the moment decision you can make– it’s a long process to prepare your septum for it. Not days, not weeks, but literally months. It’s a doozy, but if you’re ready for it, it will be worth it in the long run. 

There’s what they call a “stretching” process that will have you in the chair with your piercer a few times, so this one costs just a little more than a normal piercing. 

Plan to pay anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on location, shop, and piercer. Some may charge more than others simply because of the process. And as always, jewelry will likely be separate.  

Does It Hurt?

It’s not going to be one of your easier piercings, that’s for sure. It may not be your worst, everyone is different, but you want to be prepared for this one. As it goes higher into the cartilage of your nose, the pain will increase. As you continue to stretch and move to higher gauge is when you’ll start feeling it a little more and the pain will linger for the next few days.

You’re a champ. You got this. 

How To Heal And Care For A Septril Piercing 

Once you’ve completed the process (and while you’re going through it) the best way to keep it clean and healthy is the standard process for any piercing. 

Clean hands and saline. Over and over again. That’s it. 

Submerge the piercing site in saline if you can, and/or use a q-tip. Gently. Either purchase this kind of cleaning solution from your piercer or DIY your own. This isn’t likely your first piercing, so you know what you like and what works for you! 

Just make sure you don’t get too relaxed with this one– it’s going through a lot so it needs attention to make sure it stays nice and clean.  

What Does A Septril Scar Look Like

The typical scarring with any piercing will also occur with the septril, but the stretching of the cartilage with each gauge size is permanent. So there may not technically be too much of a visible scar on the tip of your nose but the septril stretching won’t reverse back on its own when you remove the jewelry someday. 

Past a certain gauge size, surgery will be necessary to sew the piercing back up to its normal size, and there will be more scarring than normal. 

The septril piercing is no walk in the park, but if you’re still thinking this is your move, check out these 21 beautiful examples! 

Standard septril piercings, a man with a silver septril piercing stud

Standard Septril Piercings

When I saw a septril for the first time, I thought, “that’s either a really easy one, or a really tough one.” And the more I learned about it, naturally I came to learn that it is more tough, and that’s why I don’t see them much! 

But they’re such a beautiful piercing, it accents any other nose piercings so well: nostril (stud AND hoop!), septum, nasallang, anything! Whatever you’ve already got going on, a new stud on the tip of your nose can only add to the fun! 

Check out these examples of great septril piercings! 

  1. Gold Gem
  2. Stud Chain And Hoop Combo
  3. With Forward Facings
  4. Classic Silver Ball
  5. Blue Stone
  6. Flower
  7. Tri-Stud

Septril piercing inspiration, two girls with septril piercings

Septril Piercing Inspiration

You might be lacking in the inspo pic department, since there’s not too many Pinterest girls that have rushed out to get this done and post it on Pinterest! 

I’ve rounded up some of the prettiest (in my opinion) photos of septril piercings I could find on the internet to show you what the reward of such crazy work could be! It’s a commitment, and you have to be sure you’re ready for this kind of process, but when you’re there, you’re there. And it will be one of your favorite decisions, I’m sure. 

Committing to something like this is hardly ever followed with regret if it was met by thought and research. But if you know what you’re getting, you’ll be happy with it in the end. 

Men and women alike style and wear these so well, and piercers love to share the content with the world since it’s such a rare procedure. It’s too cool to not post once you’ve done all of that work on one client.  

Click through these beautiful examples while you’re on the fence and they’re sure to convince you to get it done. 

  1. Simple Silver
  2. Gem Flower
  3. Flat Head Stud
  4. Tiny Triangle
  5. Opal Orb
  6. Blue And Green Stone
  7. Minimalism Ball
  8. Gold Plait

Septril nose piercings in multiple

Septril Nose Piercing

These piercings are not for the faint of heart, but it’s one of the few that will set you apart from the trendy piercing people as someone who is really in it for the long haul for the real piercing experience

It might be one of the least intimidating looking piercings, but might be one of the most in-depth processed ones I’ve heard of. 

The variety of different stones, metals, and aesthetics that you can channel with this is just as interesting as any other– you can style it anyway that you want to cater to the vibes you already have going with the rest of your facial piercings! 

Some of these might inspire you and show you how many styles are possible at the tip of your nose

  1. All Black
  2. One And Only
  3. Super Tiny
  4. Opal 
  5. Metallic Blue
  6. Hoop Pairing

The septril is so beautiful and unique, and it’s so hardcore that if you have this one or get it, I have major respect for you! You are brave and it’s going to look so killer on you! 

It’s going to start conversations and people will know you’re serious about your piercings (if they even know the whole process behind it!) It’s truly a stunning piece.

If you’re still on the fence, find a piercer you trust in your area and start the conversation. If you can set up a consultation to get their exact process and experience, do it. Going into it with all of the details will make it a much better process!

Start the conversation and go get that first piercing! If you have your heart set on it even after all the details, it will be worth it.