Body Piercings

The back of a girl's neck

Nape Piercing Ideas – Best 11 Examples And Tips

Inside: Best examples of why to get the nape piercing. Different body piercings are booming in popularity as face and ear piercings have become increasingly more common and it becomes easier to lean towards something new and different. Maybe you’re looking to get something that can be generally hidden really easily but shown off whenever […] Read more…

A girl with rings on her hands touching her hips

9 Fun & Edgy Hip Piercing Ideas

Inside: 9 hip piercing ideas to try something new and really different if you haven’t gone dermal yet. Whatever your piercing style is, whether it’s pretty subtle and hidden or out and showy, hip piercings would be a perfect move for you. They’re so edgy that the second you show them off, they hold the […] Read more…

Someone piercing a belly button

9 Classy Cute Outie Belly Button Piercing Ideas

Inside: Classy examples of a cute outie belly button piercing Have an outie belly button? Are you pregnant so you’re now starting to see your belly button turn out? No big. The belly button piercings are still super cute, you just have to know how to work it! There are a lot of questions about […] Read more…

Woman showing her lower back

71 Classic Ideas For A Back Dimple Piercing

Inside: Classic examples of a back dimple piercing that you need. You’re ready to do something bold. You’ve probably been thinking about this one for a while. The back dimple piercing is a powerful piercing, and definitely says you’re not scared of anything. The styling options are limitless. They can look cute or they can […] Read more…

Piercing tools

11 Sternum Piercings You’ll Love

Inside: 11 sternum piercings you’ll love! Also known at the chest piercing, breast bone piercing, cleavage piercing… whatever you want to call it. If you’re looking for a bold move, I have the piercing for you. I think this is so cool, and though I was skeptical at first, I fell in love after I […] Read more…

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