Inside: 21 of the best earrings to sleep in comfortably all night long when you’re traveling or at home. 

Once you find your staple earring you want to leave in all the time, it’s easy to leave them in and forget they’re there! And those are some comfortable earrings if you can super easily forget you’re even wearing them.

How many times have you been trying to fall asleep and the pesky earring post just keeps poking your head behind your ear? Annoying!

“Sleeper earrings” are a huge trend right now, luxury jewelry brands and standard middle market jewelers alike are creating lines of earrings specifically to be easy to sleep in. They can be labeled sleepers, nap earrings, or anything of that nature.

Marketing teams are honing in on the concept, so I’m looking into some of the best options out there on the market so you know what’s worth your money and won’t negatively impact your sleep.

Two girls with comfortable earrings in

Check out these beautiful earrings that you can sleep in!

What’s Different About Them?

There isn’t anything super specific about earring you can sleep in. They’re regular earrings constructed with the concept of not being poked in the head while you sleep.

The “sleeper” earrings are technically listed for those who have just had their ears pierced and have to leave earrings in around the clock, even at night. However, anyone can benefit from a sleeper earring! I don’t know a ton of people that actively take out their earrings for sleeping even if they can.

Do Metals Play A Role?

The metal your earrings are made up of can play a huge role in how comfortable they are to sleep in.

Growing up, I had super sensitive ears when it came to my piercings and sometimes I would need to take them out to sleep, purely because I couldn’t wear the same pair that long, not because they weren’t comfortable to sleep in.

If I slept in them, I woke up with discomfort in my piercings, and needed to remove them and give them a good clean and leave them out the rest of the day. So for a while it became a habit to remove my earrings at night just to give my earrings a break.

After a few years I started to look into the higher quality earrings that I could be wearing to see if it would make a difference. That’s how I discovered my sensitivity to nickel!

Nickel is a common metal found in all earrings that aren’t pure materials like sterling silver, surgical steel, pure gold, and titanium. Once I started wearing pure metal earrings, I could sleep in them again! And keep them in all of the next day as well.

If the poking isn’t an issue for you, maybe it’s the quality of metal you’ve been wearing. Try a newer pure metal pair and see if that helps your ears with their overnight discomfort.

Do The Different Earring Backs Matter?

Yes! There are some regular post stud earrings that are made comfortably without changing the back style, so it’s not the only culprit, but there are some earring back styles that could easily make it more comfortable to sleep in without having to look into the whole nap earring fad.

Flat back earrings, silicone backs, and infinity hoops are some of the earrings that are most likely to naturally be easy to sleep in!

Three girls in small earrings for sleeping

Nap Earrings

The market for napper earrings is booming right now, and they’re so cute!

While the goal is creating some comfortable earring styles to sleep in, they’re getting creative and coming up with some really cute new shapes of hoop and stud earrings to make them more practical.

I love some of these I simply love as style choices, not just sleeping choices.

Find the nap style earrings that are best for you, and see if that helps the uncomfortable feeling you’re experiencing while wearing earrings while you sleep! Most of these are also made of pure metals, so you might knock out two birds with one pair of earrings.

1. Black Studs
2. Bolts
3. Bars
4. Claw
5. Keys

Coil earrings

Pure Metal Earrings

I’ve written up a whole post on titanium itself, you can find all of it here.

Pure metals are always a good idea, regardless of how long you have had your ears pierced or what kind of sensitivities you have. Since you’re literally piercing your skin and trying to heal a wound with an earring in it, putting quality and clean metals in it really makes it a healthy environment for healing. Especially since piercings never truly heal all the way back up until we remove the jewelry for good.

Try these pure metal earrings and feel the difference in your skin!

6. Coils
7. Sterling Silver
8. Huge Hoops
9. Pure Metal Bolt
10. Circles
11. Charm

Two silver earrings that are hypoallergenic

Best Earrings To Sleep In

There are several factors that we have discussed that make earrings comfortable or uncomfortable to sleep in. Several jewelry brands are catching on to the need for more comfortable earrings to wear all of the time.

There are new lines of earrings popping up often that are pushing the best earrings to sleep in, and creating a whole aesthetic around it. They’re becoming the new thing, and soon everyone will be switching out their favorite pair of studs to wear all of the time with a pair of sleeper earrings.

Try these out if you’re interested in the new sleeper earring trend!

12. Hypoallergenic
13. Silver Huggies
14. Flatback Pearls
15. 14k Gold
16. Gold Stud
17. Sterling Silver

Earrings With Comfortable Backs

Aside from simply investing in the pure metal earrings we should all be wearing, switching your earring backs or the type of earrings you wear might be the easiest fix when it comes to finding the best earrings to sleep in.

It’s no brainer when you have a couple needle posts in your ears that they’re likely to become uncomfortable at some point while laying on the side of your head.

If this is a common issue for you, try some of these more comfortable back options!

Flat back, silicone back, infinity hoops, there are so many options for earrings that won’t be poking you at night!

18. Gold Screw On
19. Flat Back
20. Back Caps
21. Silicone Backs

Getting a good night of beauty sleep and waking up better than ever– there’s nothing better than this feeling! Don’t let your earrings be the part that makes getting a good night’s rest so difficult! If you want to leave them in to sleep, leave them in. No big.

There are tons of “easy to sleep in” earrings on the market, but hopefully this guide helped you kind of figure out which ones you actually need to invest in to fix whatever discomfort you’re experiencing with your earrings at night.
Enjoy the night and sleep well in these earrings.

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