Inside: 11 cute reasons to get the cool new sideburn piercing.

The sideburn piercing didn’t sound like the coolest one to me when I first heard about it, but as soon as I started sifting through pictures, I fell in love with it! I have the tragus piercing, which is pretty similar, but this just raised the bar to another level!

It’s similar to that of the tragus, but it’s a little closer to the cheek rather than sitting on the actual tragus itself. Hence the name of the piercing: the sideburn placement.

These are also referred to as vertical tragus or surface piercings, being more of a surface level type of piercing.
This is an interesting new take on some more typical tragus and cheek piercings, so if you’re interested in this look, get ahead of the trend and try this piercing!

I’ll break down some of the frequently asked questions and tell you everything you need to know!

Why you should get a sideburn piercing this year

How Much Does It Cost

This surface piercing looks like a dermal but has an entrance and exit point, unlike the dermal. It’s not a more intense piercing but it is a little tricky to accomplish. This will likely raise the prices for it because you’ll be looking for a bit more experienced piercer than your standard ear or face piercing.

The cost will also vary on a few different factors as well: geographical location and shop minimum.

The location of your shop will play a role, in a big city or in a trendy neighborhood they’re likely to be a little more pricey. Again, don’t go cheap on a piercer, but do know that the location may also be a factor sometimes when they give you a quote.

On average, this kind of piercing ranges from $70 to $100. This is pretty common for a surface piercing.
The jewelry prices are separate from the price of the piercing as a whole, so you’ll want to plan for an extra $20 to $40 for the jewelry.

How Much Does It Hurt

Pain levels of piercings are so different for everyone, there isn’t a way to say for sure how much it’s going to hurt.

Personally, I think this one would hurt me quite a bit, it’s a pretty fleshy area with a lot of nerves. Any spot that feels like a normal part of your skin (as opposed to your ear lobe or cartilage) is going to be a little more painful.

The location will likely feel bruised and will for sure take about eight to ten weeks to heal.

However, it’s not on anyone’s list of most painful piercings, so you’ll get through the process just fine!

Cute sideburn piercing ideas

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing these piercings are like healing any others– cleaning with the right solution and keeping it free of anything that may harm it like tangled hair.

How to clean it: Take a cotton swab and soak it in a saline solution. You can get this cleaning solution at any grocery store, drug store, or at your piercing shop. Or you can make your own with a simple salt and water solution.

Using the cotton swab, gently clean the area of the entrance and exit points of the piercing under the jewelry as best you can.

There’s a high chance of rejection with a surface piercing like this, so being super gentle is the best way to let the skin and wounds get used to the new feeling of the jewelry in place.

If you have long hair, I would suggest keeping your hair back as best you can. It’s not easy to get it wrapped around the earring, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep all of the potential irritants out of the way.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Realistically, this is not the piercing that you get if you would like to avoid scarring on your ears and/or face.
In fleshy areas of your face and body, you will see a scar after piercing your skin like this. In general fleshy spots, it simply looks like indents on the entrance or exit spots. Surface piercings will also leave the line between the two spots.

The severity of the scar will vary based on everyone and how well your piercing heals to begin with. If it even starts to reject, it will leave a more intense scar in its place.

You can speak with a dermatologist to get creams and different treatments for more severe scarring if you feel necessary, but it is on the side of your face after all! And it fades over time.

Vertical Tragus Piercings

Cute Sideburn Piercings

These sideburn piercings are so cute. With piercings, it’s the little details that make them all work together! And the new placement of these, they grab attention and frame the ear in a cool way that no other piercing currently does.

With all the different styles of jewelry you can get, you can style it perfectly to match all of your other piercings.

Finding new ways to add piercings on the same ears never gets old, so check out these cute sideburn piercings!

1. Black Bar
2. Blue Stones
3. Standard Silver

Vertical Tragus

The placement of surface piercings aren’t always exact and they aren’t the same on any two people. Especially in this placement, where your jaw and other bone structures play a role in where a metal bar can sit comfortably on your face.

I love the general placement of this is along the tragus, and if you have the actual tragus piercing as well on the same side, it’s no doubt going to make a really cool illusion of multidimensional piercings around your ear! How dope.

4. CZ Trios
5. Bright Blues
6. Silver And Diamonds
7. Mismatched Stones

Surface Tragus Piercings

Surface piercings aren’t yet a venture I’ve wandered over to yet, personally, but I think that these are so cool and once I do I know it will open a world of piercings that I haven’t even considered before. They add a new potential of places you can place a bar under the surface of the skin with these!

Add something new to your piercing game with some surface piercings, and start with these surface tragus piercings. I know you’re going to love them.

8. Silver Flats
9. Different Colors
10. Cool Blue
11. Double Bars

These sideburn piercings are the new cool piercing that’s about to circulate. We’re getting more creative every couple years with a new version of a piercings we’ve seen plenty over several decades. While piercings are nothing new, we keep coming up with new ways to see the old ones and I love that about the piercing community. It’s fun and adventurous and new, a perfect piercing when you need something fresh!

There are actually a lot of new trends happening right now. After you get this sideburn piercing, get it healed, and are ready for something new, consider your lobes!

If you haven’t seen the constellation piercings yet, you totally should. They’re precious and so different yet still a simple lobe piercing but with a twist. Some tiny studs in place around the first and second (and maybe even third!) lobe piercings create a visual of tiny constellations.
Change it up!