Inside: 83 Cute Navel Piercing Ideas (Belly Button Piercings)

Belly button piercings have been popular for a long time!

Considering the piercing is fairly painless due to a fleshy placement and easy to take care of since you don’t have to look in a mirror to see it, they’re a great choice that has endured the test of time.

You can dazzle up a cute navel piercing with hundreds of different jewelry options that will transform your look.

Add your own spark of personality with a little help from these cute navel piercing ideas.

Belly Button Piercing

What is a Navel Piercing?

A belly button piercing, also known as a navel piercing, is a piece of jewelry that’s typically inserted through the skin, directly above the belly button. This allows the jewelry to hang slightly over the belly button to essentially highlight itself.

How to Clean a Navel Piercing

1. Wash your hands

The first thing you want to do is wash your hands well before you begin touching your belly button piercing. If your hands are dirty, they are probably harboring bad bacteria and you might just be giving yourself an infection with your carelessness.

2. Remove loose crust

After having your belly button pierced, you’ll notice a crust forming around it for the first few days. You should remove as much loose crust as you can with a Q-tip that you’ve moistened with warm water. You don’t want to be like a bull in a china shop with that Q-tip, though. Any crust that still feels firmly attached to the area should just be left to fall off by itself.

3. Clean the piercing

You should clean your piercing twice a day using a sea salt solution. This mixture is easy to make – stir one-fourth of a teaspoon of sea salt into 8 ounces of boiled water that has been cooled. You can use cotton balls soaked with the solution for cleansing.

If you’re not comfortable in making your own healing solution, or simply just don’t want to, there are many pre-made ones on the market that are specifically designed to help heal a piercing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We recommend using  After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. Not only is it vegan, but it’s also completely alcohol and additive-free. The solution works well on all skin types including sensitive skin, and it comes in a generously-sized mist-spraying bottle for easy application.

How Long Does a Navel Piercing Take to Heal?

It can take from 9 months to 1 year for a belly button piercing to heal completely.

Do Navel Piercings Hurt?

Belly button piercings are considered the second least painful piercings after ear piercings.

That’s because the thick tissue left behind from when your umbilical cord was removed is flesh and not very nerve dense.

You may feel a lot of pressure when the needle goes through because the tissue is hard to poke through, but the pain goes away quickly.

Cute Belly Button Piercing

1. Diamond Belly Button Piercing

2. Gold Stud with Heart Shaped Diamond

3. Crystal Starburst Shaped Belly Button Ring

4. Small Simple Belly Button Piercing Idea

5. Diamond Heart with Dangling Charm

6. Butterfly Charm on Belly Button Ring

7. Rose Gold and Trillion Cut Jewel

8. Scorpion Shaped Belly Button Jewelry

9. Turquoise Dream Catcher with Feather Jewelry

10. Double Diamond Hearts

11. Dangling Pearls Navy Ring

12. Small Gold Bar on Belly Button

13. Dangle Purple Belly Button Jewelry

14. Vintage-Inspired Diamond Belly Button Ring

15. Diamond Butterfly Jewelry

Cute Navel Piercing Ideas

16. Sparkly Heart Shaped Diamond Piercing

17. Simple Gold Belly Button Ring

18. Glittery White Opal Jewelry

19. Small Gold Ring with Turquoise Charm

20. Diamond Snake Jewelry for Belly Button Piercing

21. Dangling Gold Dream Catcher Jewelry

Cute Navel Piercing Ideas

22. Basic Diamond Belly Button Piercing

23. Small Ball Navel Jewelry

24. Gold Lotus Belly Button Ring

25. Sparkly Heart Jewel

26. Large Light Pink Crystal Butterfly

27. Purple Dangle Cherries Jewelry

28. Gold and Crystal Butterfly Piercing

29. Tri Diamond Jewelry

30. Belly Button Ring with White Bead

Cute Belly Button Rings

31. Double Gold Balled Bar

32. Butterfly Floating Belly Button Ring

33. Double Sparkle Triangle Zircon Belly Button Ring

34. Crystal Marquise Belly Ring

35. Stainless Steel Gold Bee Belly Button Ring

36. Starfish Charm and Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

37. Opal Colored Jewelry

38. Glitzy Diamond Dangle Jewelry Idea

39. Belly Button Ring with Sparrow Charm

40. Evil Eye Belly Button Ring

41. Sea Shell Charmed Jewelry

42. Crystal Trio with Floating Belly Button Ring

43. Sparkly White Opal Jewelry

44. Large Diamond Belly Button Ring

45. Lime Green Navel Jewelry

Cute Double Belly Button Piercing

46. Double Piercing with Bar

47. Diamond Double Bar Piercing

48. Gold Horizontal Bar

49. Infinity Belly Button Ring

50. Gold Barbell Jewelry

51. Crystal Dangly Belly Button Ring

52. Silver Hamsa Pendant with Blue Charm

53. Double Gold and Diamond Belly Button Piercing

Double Belly Button Piercing

54. Double Diamond Piercing

55. Unique Diamond Double Piercing

56. Double Surface Belly Piercing Idea

57. Top and Bottom Belly Button Piercing

58. Gold Horizontal Bar

59. Infinity Belly Button Jewelry

60. Crystal Dangly Belly Button Ring

Cute Belly Piercing

61. Multiple Navel Piercings with Surface Piercing Ideas

62. Dangle Jewelry Belly Button Piercing

63. Space Themed Belly Button Jewelry

64. Unique Circle Ring

65. Blue Diamond Belly Button Jewelry

66. Diamond Dangle Jewelry

67. Rose Gold Oval Bursts

68. Colorful Flower with Pearl Jewelry

69. Dangle Daisy Belly Button Ring

70. Modern Ritual Piercing

Cute Navel Piercing Inspiration

71. Large Crystal Jewelry

72. Diamond Stacked Belly Button Barbell

73. Sea Shell Charmed Jewelry

74. Gold Stud with Heart Shaped Diamond

75. Rose Gold and Trillion Cut Jewel

76. Butterfly Floating Belly Button Ring

77. Crystal Dangly Belly Button Ring

CuteNavel Piercing Inspiration

78. Rose Gold Oval Bursts

79. Modern Ritual Piercing

80. Blue Diamond Belly Button Jewelry

81. Infinity Belly Button Jewelry

82. Unique Circle Ring

83. Colorful Flower with Pearl Jewelry

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Cute Navel Piercing