Inside: 17 Bridge Piercing Nose Ideas Tips & Pretty Jewelry.

Bridge piercings can be surprisingly subtle despite their unusual placement, but they’re always eye-catching.

Nose piercings are notoriously edgy, but the standard-issue nose ring or stud has become more and more popular these days.

There’s at least one style of nose piercing that’s still harder to come by, and that’s the bridge piercing. As the name suggests, bridge piercings cross the bridge of the nose, usually at the narrowest part between the eyes.

If you’re wondering whether or not you’d be a good candidate for a bridge piercing, or thinking about getting one and daunted by the prospect of taking care of it, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out everything there is to know about a bridge piercing and cool jewelry inspiration.

Nose Piercings Jewelry

What is a Bridge Piercing?

Also called an Erl, is a horizontal bar across the bridge of the nose. It’s considered a surface piercing since most people don’t have a lot of flesh for the jewelry to grab onto in this area, so the risk of migration and rejection is high.

Do Bridge Piercings Hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different so it’s not easy to narrow down pain level, but since the bridge piercing is pierced through tissue, and not cartilage or an area with a lot of nerves, people say it’s not that painful of a piercing.

They can be a little higher on the ‘pinch and pressure’ scale, but if you’ve gotten any cartilage piercings on your ear you should be able to handle a bridge piercing.

Healing Time and Aftercare for Bridge Piercing

A bridge piercing can take eight to 10 weeks, maybe even up to 12 weeks to allow the soft tissue to heal.

After this time, you can change to a shorter curved barbell if needed, but it will take an additional period of several weeks for the inner tissue to heal.

The entire healing process could take up to eight months before there is no pain in replacing jewelry.


A bridge piercing should be cleaned daily with a gentle cleanser and also using a warm salt water rinse two times a day to remove any bacteria.

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t poke and prod your new piercing too much—including rotating it.

Twisting and turning used to be standard for aftercare, but new protocol says to leave the jewelry in place for the duration of your healing process and avoid fiddling with it—the only things we want touching that area are warm water and saline spray.

Ultimately you want to prevent any trauma to that area while your body is healing.

Nose Bridge Piercing Ideas

The bridge piercing is one of the newest trends in body modification. An up-and-comer in the industry, it is fast becoming a popular alternative to septum piercings in the body-art community.

If you’re looking for a completely new and unique look, the bridge piercing is definitely the right option for you. Less risky than a septum piercing and flashier than a nostril piercing, the bridge piercing will soon be one of the biggest looks around.

1. Simple Bridge Barbell Jewelry

2. Gold Bridge Jewelry

3. Small Curved Barbell for Bridge

4. Symmetrical Piercings with Bridge

5. Curved Outter Pearl Bridge Piercing

Nose Bridge Piercing

6. Small Bridge Barbell Idea

7. Double Piercing on Bridge of Nose

8. Silver Barbell Bridge Jewelry

9. Pearl End Bridge Piercing

How Much is a Bridge Piercing?

Every shop is going to have different prices for piercings, but if you pay anywhere from $30-$50, you should be fairly safe if you’ve done your research. The jewelry will be the biggest price variable.

Bridge Piercing Jewelry

What Type of Jewelry Is Used for Bridge Piercing?

The starting gauge of your piercing needs to be determined by your piercer, based on how much tissue you have available in this area. The larger gauge you can comfortably wear, the better (to hopefully prevent rejection).

Curved barbell: The best jewelry for this piercing is a small curved barbell. A straight barbell will cause too much tension on the edges of the fistula and could increase the chance of migration.

10. Spiked Gold Barbell with Chains

11. Green Jewel Bridge Jewelry

12. Spiked Crystal Barbell Jewelry

13. Spiked Bridge Jewelry

14. Flat Bridge Jewels on Barbell

Bridge Piercing Jewelry

15. Pearl End Barbell Jewelry

16. Opal Barbell Jewelry

17. Purple Bridge Jewelry

18. Basic Silver Barbell

More Cool Nose Piercing Ideas You’ll Love

If you liked these piercing ideas, then check out a few more of our favorite nose piercing inspirations.

  • Rhino Piercing: If you looking for a really edgy nose piercing that will wow all your friends, then check out the rhino piercing. Rhino piercings have a couple of different names and variations, but all are placed on the tip of the nose and pierced through the cartilage of the nose.
  • Cute Nose Piercing Ideas: Whether you chose a subtle nostril sparkle or a statement septum ring, a nose piercing can totally update your look. One of the most fun aspects of a nose piercing is how much creativity you have when it comes to placement. A nose piercing is also one of the easiest to handle when it comes to pain and healing time, too.
  • How to Care for your Nose Ring: Now that you have your nose piercing idea, its time to learn how to care for it. A new nose piercing requires frequent cleanings. Like any new piercing, regular cleanings help keep debris out of the piercing while also preventing infection.

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