Inside: Ideas and care tips for horizontal eyebrow piercings that will sell you on the iconic eyebrow piercing.

The eyebrow piercing is one of the most iconic facial piercings we see today, it’s probably one of the most common after a nose ring!

If you’re debating an eyebrow piercing, not only do you need to decide which eyebrow you’re going to embellish, but decide if you’re going for the vertical or horizontal look. It’s a style choice just like everything else. 

Eyebrow piercings are edgy and cool, and they will never become basic like some former “edgy” piercings are now! It is bold and it’s a statement that tells people you’re serious about this aesthetic.

Whatever message you want to send with your eyebrow piercing, you’re sending it! 

Verticals are cool when they can frame the top and bottom of the eyebrow, but horizontals feel like something new, like you’re enhancing the natural eyebrow line, by following it with the ring. 

Two women with horizontal eyebrow piercings

How Much Does A Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing Cost 

Standard (vertical) eyebrow piercings tend to be a bit cheaper because of how common the piercing is, but the horizontal, being a little different, it’s a bit more expensive than the basic brow piercing. 

Depending on the city, shop, and piercer, it can cost anywhere from $30 – $80, but is likely within the $30 – $50 range. But some major cities with hot-shot piercers can raise that average pretty quickly! 

Of course there is also always the chance that the jewelry will cost extra as well on top of the $30 – $80. 

Does It Hurt? 

Generally speaking, an eyebrow piercing hurts less than most piercings during the process, but is more uncomfortable during the healing process. Horizontal eyebrow piercings are done at a precise and straight angle, so the piercing is a little more direct. 

How To Heal, Treat, and Clean An Eyebrow Piercing 

Horizontal eyebrow piercings take the same time to heal as most piercings, two to three months, generally. Because it is a pretty shallow piercing, and isn’t in a potentially “dirty” space (like a lip ring), the cleaning process is pretty general. 

You can use antibacterial soap or a standard saline solution given to you by or purchased from a piercer. Be cautious when washing your face and applying skincare and makeup products.

Eyebrow piercings can be rejected by your skin/body, so take notice of anything that seems more irritable than usual for a piercing. Any discharge, extra irritation, etc. will let you know that you should maybe remove the jewelry and/or return to your piercer for advice or a new barbell. 

What Does A Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing Scar Look Like

Eyebrow piercings do grow back over time, and naturally with any skin puncture there will be a scar. But if you have taken care of your piercing and there hasn’t been any accidental pulling or stretching on the piercing, it should be a pretty minimal scar. 

I know we all want to rush to put in our ideal jewelry into our new piercing, but removing the standard bar too early can definitely result in more scarring. Letting it heal with as little disturbance as possible is the best case scenario for the day you take it out. 

The scarring only occurs at the in and out points of the piercing, and as with any scar, scar creams recommended by a dermatologist. 

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing On Men

This could be an interesting take on eyebrow piercings for men too–  not just the girls! Whether you have a lot of piercings or this is your first, it’s a cool embellishment to add to your facial features! 

You can never go wrong with a good eyebrow piercing, and the horizontal is a really cool version of it. 

If you’re on the fence about horizontal versus vertical, check out some of these photos to see if the horizontal is the right one for you! Especially for those on the bush eyebrow trend, it’s a very subtle piercing, almost hiding above the Boy Brow. Here’s your inspiration: It’s stunning on each of these men.

  1. Lots of Piercings 
  1. No Piercings
  2. E Boy
  3. Subtle

Two women with horizontal eyebrow piercings above the eyebrow

Though the eyebrow piercing itself isn’t anything new and revolutionary, the horizontal is a fresh and unique take on the classic edgy piercing. If you’re always drawn to the eyebrow concept and think you’re ready, but want something a little more unique as well, you can totally consider the horizontal.

It’s less common than the standard vertical, and it’s an interesting new take on one of the most iconic face piercings. 

Verticals are edgy and grunge aesthetic. Horizontals can be beautiful in an edgy way, enhancing your eyebrow line with jewelry and highlighting the bone structure. It’s subtle, not interrupting any features, and it’s still edgy. Check out the horizontal eyebrow piercing inspirations.

  1. Minimal
  2. Edgy Class
  3. Colored Stones
  4. Under the Brow

a woman with an eyebrow piercing below the brow

Variations Of This Piercing

A horizontal eyebrow piercing doesn’t have to be the simple barbell across the top of your brow (though it totally can be! And it would be stunning.) but there are so many beautiful variations of kinds of rings, posts, and barbells that turn your eyebrow piercing into something so unique and different you won’t want to remove it for anything. 

  1. Trail End
  2. Under the Brow
  3. Double Up
  4. On Top

Finding new ways to do the same old thing is so fun, in my opinion, and it’s what keeps personal style interesting! If you’re wanting to shake it up, whether you already have one and want to do something new, or if you’re considering and need to see what the possibilities are: here’s some inspo for you. 

  1. Vertical But Horizontal

two people with multiple eyebrow piercings

Cute Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings

It doesn’t have to be different to be cute. And in the world we live in with a million online stores and different places to get jewelry for your obscure face piercing, there’s so many options to choose from! 

There’s different colors, styles, and ways of wearing your horizontal eyebrow jewelry that will make it so YOU. Check out these cute horizontal eyebrow piercing ideas to get inspired. 

  1. With Hoops
  2. One of Each
  3. Teal Studs
  4. Minimalist

Committing to a new piercing like an eyebrow piercing is a big deal! Right on your face where everyone will see it is bold but also so exciting. Besides, who wants to get something new that no one can look at? It’s perfect! 

If you’re debating the horizontal eyebrow piercing, I hope this inspires you. It’s a cool take on one of the edgiest piercings out there, and there’s so many ways to make it your own: placement, jewelry, combination with other piercings… 

It will draw attention to your eyes and highlight the beautiful bone structure of your eyebrows– it’s a phenomenal piercing for someone who wants to use them to enhance their features. 

If it would be your first face piercing, it can be subtle enough. If it’s not your first, there’s nothing to be scared of! Go get a horizontal eyebrow piercing!