Inside: 37 collar bone piercing ideas to get your décolletage looking fabulous.

Collar bone piercings are a classic staple of the edgy girl or guy that loves the deep V neck shirts or tank tops to leave their collar bones on display. 

It’s a beautiful addition to your neckline and necklaces if you wear them, or takes their place if you don’t! It’s a beautiful piece of bling to keep on you, and if you show them off enough, totally worth the process. 

Are you debating the collar bone studs? Keep reading the tips and tricks to know if you’re ready to give those collar bones a little spunk! It might totally be your next move, and I fully support it. During the summer, they’re going to be the center of attention! 

Two women with collar bone piercings

If you’re looking to level up your piercing game and are looking for ideas outside of the realm of face and ear piercings, this is a really cute option for you.

How Much Do Collar Bone Piercings Cost?

When looking at a price sheet, you’ll be reading pricing for your collar bone under “Dermals”, referring to the dermal layer of your skin that is pierced in the process rather than the shallow layers. These are likely to range anywhere from $70 to $100, since it’s a deeper piercing and a newer style. 

Jewelry will be separate and you can always find a variety of pricing from piercer to piercer and location to location. Don’t look for the cheapest price for something like this, you want to invest in whoever is piercing the deeper layers of your skin! And invest in the quality of metals that’s going that deep as well. 

Will It Hurt?

If you’re not new to the piercing scene and know what it feels like to have a softer area pierced, it’s just like that! The pain level isn’t too high, but does vary from person to person. 

Something to be mindful of, is the chances of snagging the ring once it’s done. Some people with the collar bone dermal piercings say that that is what hurts the most: pulling and snagging the piercing on clothes, towels, pillows, necklaces, etc. 

So if you’re looking for something that isn’t super painful, take that into consideration! If you’re not too concerned, this might be perfect for you. 

How To Heal And Care For Your New Décolletage Piercing

Caring for dermal piercings and protecting them from infection is just like any other piercings! Saline, saline, saline! And it is recommended that you keep bandaids over them for the first few days to avoid snagging and pulling while the wound is so fresh. 

Avoid touching them with unwashed hands and if you absolutely have to, clean the area right after. Your body will thank you. 

Since the collar bone piercings are in a potentially high-sweat area, you may want to avoid working out for a bit as well, or be ready to deep clean the wounds immediately after to keep it nice and healthy for you.  

What Does A Collar Bone Piercing Scar Look Like/Removing A Collar Bone Piercing 

Since it’s dermal piercing, using an anchor and going deep into the skin, it does require a small procedure to remove the jewelry from your skin. That being said, in combination with the usual scarring that comes from piercing the skin, there is going to be extra scarring from the removal as well. 

If you’re totally anti-scars on your collar bones, this isn’t the move for you. But if you’re in it for the long haul and want to commit to all of the processes that come with this piercing, then go for it! 

Cute Collar Bone Piercing ideas, two women with collar bone piercings.

Fresh Ideas

Looking for a new piercing? Maybe landing on the dermal collar bone piercings? Here are some ideas to potentially inspire you to pull the trigger and do it! 

They’re cute and edgy in all the right ways, and they’re definitely an attention grabber when you let them be on display! Whatever your style is, these beautiful studs are definitely a good idea, and if the processes and procedures haven’t turned you away, nothing will. 

Take a look at these beautiful collar bone piercings and see if you can picture them on you! 

  1. Single Sternum
  2. One On One
  3. Stunning Studs
  4. Diamond Studs
  5. Over Under
  6. Triple Threat
  7. Star Studs

The variety of styles you can add to these is so fun, you can truly make it your own. Double, triple, single, centered… they’re all so cute and whatever you do it will reflect your own personal style! 

There’s a reason they’re popular with the fashion crowd these days– they’re lowkey but so cool– jump on the trend ASAP to be ahead of the fashion curve! 

  1. Stud Trio
  2. Symmetry
  3. Sternum Barbell
  4. Simple
  5. Riding Solo

Double collar bone piercings

Double Collar Piercing 

The most common piercing you’re going to see on collar bones is the doubles– one on each side. We love a symmetrical moment. 

It’s also trending to get two right next to each other on the same side, almost emulating the typical barbell, but not, as you would see the barbell under the skin. 

Whichever style you’re leaning towards, there’s still a hundred different ways to personalize it too! Still not sure though? Here’s some photos that might influence you to go the two piercing route! Or the three… or one. Whatever stands out to you! 

  1. Standard
  2. Classic
  3. Wide Collar 
  4. Highlight
  5. One On Each
  6. Double Trouble
  7. With A Tattoo

The creativity that people put into creating a piercing and styling it in a way that is totally unique to them and becomes part of their personality is simply astounding. Piercings should be a representation of self, and these creative versions of the double collar bone piercings show just that! 

  1. Quad Silver Studs
  2. One Sided
  3. Minimal
  4. Dainty
  5. Blue Stunners

Collar bone piercing ideas

Cute Collar Bone Piercing Ideas

Again, variety and creativity are what make these piercings so fun and unique! If you want to get the dermal on your collar bone but are worried about it looking like everyone else’s, take a look at some of these cute collar bone piercing ideas and see if one jumps out at you! 

Let it spark some inspiration! 

  1. Three Diamonds
  2. Black Trio
  3. Gold Plaited
  4. Unique Jewelry
  5. Subtle
  6. Three On One Side

When you know how you want to style a piercing in the future, it helps to know how you want to get it pierced in the first place! 

If you can visualize how you want it to look in the long run, making the decision is a lot easier now. 

  1. Flat Top Flowers
  2. Three Silver Studs
  3. Three Diamonds
  4. On The Throat
  5. Match The Wrists
  6. Sternum Moon
  7. In The Dips

Collar bone piercings are edgy and beautiful, and if this reflects you and who you are, then this is the move for you! Dermal piercings take some commitment and you have to be mindful of how it is cared for, but it’s not exactly painful  or intolerable. If you’re ready to commit then do it! 

It’s in fashion and trendy now to get your collar bones all blinged up, and it will be a conversation starter during the months that they’re out and visible for the world to see! 

It’s a striking piece to have, and if you’re gravitating towards it, it’s a good move to make! Start the conversation with a piercer you trust today and get going towards your collar bone piercings!