Multiple Piercings

A girls ear with many piercings

9 Edgy Daith And Rook Piercing Combinations

Inside: Daith and rook piercing combinations for you to be inspired by. You’re going to love these if you’re looking for something a little edgier. Daith and rook piercings are some of the cutest and edgiest ear piercings you can get. While they’re still ear piercings, they’re some of the most uncommon and most complex […] Read more…

girl with many nose piercings

27 Same Side Double Nose Piercing Ideas

Inside: The best same side double nose piercing ideas & how to style them. Sometimes even the most beautifully minimal piercings need a little something extra. I love minimalism with piercings, but even more than that I love something fun, funky, and unique. While same side double nose piercings may not be the most unique […] Read more…

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