Inside: The best mustache septum ring trend ideas for you to try to change up your septum piercing.

The mustaches on everything trend came and went in the early 2010’s, remember: “I mustache you a question”? But it’s still a fun and quirky addition to anything you may need to make a little funky. 

Especially when we’re talking about a septum piercing that could actually play with the idea of a mustache, it’s cute. And the 2010’s are back anyway, I bet it will be in the next wave of Y2K inspiration pictures that come around on TikTok and Instagram! 

Get ahead of the nostalgia curve and bring back the mustaches on your septum!

It will be a conversation starter and I bet your TikTok comments would call it camp. 

best mustache septum rings

We love a good fun and funky accessory, but what does it look like to actually hop on this trend/trend resurgence? Check out these pointers and then some mustache inspo pictures and see if this is your next funky move! 

How Much Does A Mustache Septum Ring Cost?

As with any piece of jewelry, the price range depends on the quality of the metal and where you buy the jewelry. You could buy a septum ring that is 18 karats of gold for $200+, or you could buy something simple on Amazon for under $20. 

Whatever your price range is, you can participate in this trend! You probably know by now what kind of metal works best for your skin and piercings, so keep that knowledge in mind when shopping for your mustache septum ring! Don’t sacrifice the quality of your piercings to jump on a trend for cheap. 

Does It Hurt? 

No matter what charm your septum ring has or what shape it is, if it’s healed (which it should be if you’re changing it out!) it shouldn’t hurt much to add a little mustache look to your jewelry. 

If this is your first change out since you pierced your septum, it might feel a little odd and a little weird since it could be a different size or shape than your piercing is used to, but ultimately, it won’t hurt you! 

Play around with it and different little trend ideas, starting with this one! 

How To Not Get A Mustache Septum Ring Infected

Again, hopefully your piercing should be healed before switching out to a new piece of jewelry, but even if it is, there are precautions to take to make sure that you’re not introducing foreign bacteria to your septum piercing. 

When you get the new jewelry, go ahead and give it a good clean. We probably get pretty lax on this practice once we get used to switching our piercing jewelry, but it’s still a good idea to clean your jewelry before changing it out. And while you’re at it, clean the one you take out too. 

You never know how well it was handled before put in its packaging so be on the safe side. 

Use a saline solution from the store, your piercer, or a DIY version, and either soak the septum ring or wipe it down with a towel or cotton pad soaked in the solution. Let it dry and replace your rings! 

How To Switch Out This Type Of Piercing

This depends on when you have in and what kind of mustache ring you landed on! If you have the classic horseshoe, you’ll simply unscrew the ball at one end and slip it out. If you have a clasp hoop, unclasp and remove, and a retainer, simply slip it through. 

To put in the new one, there are a couple different shapes you could have: the hoop with a charm or the metal mustache shaped rod to slip through the piercing. 

A majority of the time, the mustache charm is on a cuff, meaning it’s not a real piercing!  So if that’s what you have your eyes on, just put it on the septum bridge of your nose and you’re good to go! 

If you have the shaped rod, it’s the same on both ends, so slip one end of the rod in and through until it’s centered under your nose! Easy peasy. 

Minimalist mustache septum ring

Minimalist Mustache Septum Ring 

There are some of these mustache septum rings that are wild and crazy, and some that are simple. If you want to ease into it and simply play with the trend, these are for you! They’re fun because they’re still bold enough to grab attention but they’re not too fun and crazy that it’s out of place with a pretty standard outfit. 

You can find these in black, gold, and silver for your minimalist vibe, or even the purple rainbow titanium colorings if you want to add a little pizzazz to your minimalist mustache septum ring. 

It’s a fun accessory for the likes of those who like to make statements with what they wear. If you have a piercing and like to be a generally bold accessorizer, this is for you. 

Check these out if you’re debating bringing the mustache trend back to life within your circle and want to do it minimally (but still be the talk of the party!)

  1. Black Plated
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Black Metallic
  4. Silver
  5. Plain Gold
  6. Swirly Stache

septum ring jewelry

Mustache Septum Ring 

Until now, we’ve seen about every option for the septum ring, but now as we see these mustaches coming back around, it’s opening a new door to a wave of funky and creative pieces of jewelry in our facial piercings! Once we start incorporating charms and shapes back in where we’ve stuck to charms and hoops, there’s no telling where these trends could go! 

Make your piercing your own with a mustache septum ring. Start a new trend of something different, even if it’s just something you hold onto for when the moment is right. 

We love to see creativity and spunk in the piercing world, and we love to see people express themselves excellently every chance they get. If this is you and how you want to express yourself through your septum piercing, go for it! And upload pictures for the world to have fun with you. 

Check out these mustache septum ring trend ideas to convince you once and for all! 

  1. Colored Swirl Staches
  2. Beaded
  3. Round Charm

Cute cuffs that look like mustaches

  1. Black And Gold Cuff
  2. Bronze Cuff

These rings are so fun and so different! If you want to make a statement in your day-to-day life or if you want to be fun for an event, costume, et cetera, this is the best move for you!

To even be considering this jewelry move, you’ve got to have a pretty big personality wanting to start conversations with your piercings and jewelry! And we salute you. 

Have fun with the different shapes, colors, and metals you can find within this jewelry category, and embrace the 2010 mustache nostalgia! 

If you’re not pierced up on your septum yet but have been looking at the cuffs that make you feel like you’ve made the bold decision, you definitely should. It’s a fun piece and when it’s that easy to take on and off, there’s nothing to lose! 

Embrace your quirky side and snag that mustache septum ring!