Inside: Classy examples of a cute outie belly button piercing

Have an outie belly button? Are you pregnant so you’re now starting to see your belly button turn out? No big. The belly button piercings are still super cute, you just have to know how to work it!

There are a lot of questions about if you can even pierce an outie belly button, and of course you can. It just takes a little bit of experience to know the difference. Choose your piercer carefully and they’ll give you something beautiful that you’ll love for a long time! Even if you hate your outie. We don’t!

If you’ve been dying to get your belly button pierced, don’t let something like having an outie deter you. In the summer you’re going to love the crop top and swimsuit look, and if this is something you’ve wanted for a long time, don’t miss another season!

Two women with outie belly buttons and piercings

Here are some examples of how it can work for you.

How Much Does It Cost

There’s not much of a difference between an outie belly button piercing and a regular one. It might take a little more technique to make it work, but you’re not paying for anything extra!

The price range is likely going to be anywhere from $30 to $60. Belly button piercings are some of the most common and affordable piercings, so you’re likely going to be able to find some pretty decent prices on it!

Some factors to pay attention to when salon hunting by price is that each piercer and the location of each shop affect the prices you’ll be seeing.

Going to a trendy shop or any shop in a trendy area is going to raise the prices, simply because of the clientele that come through and the kind of piercers they can hire on. The piercers matter because their prices should reflect their history in the industry.

Keep this in mind as you look around for the best fit!

I never recommend going for the cheapest option, but I do know several people that have pierced their own belly button at home… So as long as the shop you choose is more sterile than that, I think you’re good.

How Much Does It Hurt

With this part of your body being more fleshy, it’s going to sting but it really isn’t going to be painful. Truly.

The most painful piercings are on tougher areas like cartilage or close to bones. You with think softer skin would hurt a little more but since it’s soft and easy to pierce, there’s less force and it’s a much less intense process.

Pain levels for piercings are far too relative to really take anyone else’s word for it. If you’re pretty weak with pain, I personally think you’ll still be just fine with this one. If you’re tough, you’ll have no problem at all.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Clean, clean, clean.

There’s going to be a lot of interference with this piercing, so you’ll want to be pretty mindful and aware of what’s happening around that area. As you go throughout your day, keep your cleaning supplies on you so as you sweat or touch it, you can be sure to give it a quick little clean.

Get a saline solution from the grocery store or drug store, or buy a cleaning solution from your piercer! They probably sell one in the shop that they recommend.

What Does The Scar Look Like

This is a piercing that is likely to leave scarring behind. The pro to this being a fleshier piercing is that isn’t usually as painful, but the con is that the fleshier it is, the more it conforms to the piercing and will leave a mark.

There will be indentations where the piercing enters and exits the skin, and may be deeper inset or enlarged based on the style of belly ring you wear. If there’s a large stud that sits on the surface of the skin, then you will see the markings from that as well.

How long you keep it in and how stretched it gets will determine the severity of the scar. The longer it stays in the more your skin adapts to the jewelry and shapes itself around it. This can fade over time but doesn’t necessarily go away.

The more pulling and tugging there is on the jewelry, the more intense the scar will be as well.

It’s only natural! When we pierce our skin, it’s our body’s job to enlist the scar tissue to fix it.

An outie belly button

Can You Pierce Outie Belly Buttons?

Can you pierce an outie belly button? Of course you can. Let these pictures prove it to you.

The lack of results when you search it online might be totally discouraging and might be telling you that it’s not the vibe. But it so is. Once you figure out the best way to pierce your specific outie, you’ll find a whole new way to appreciate what you’ve got.

Here are some prime examples of making it work and not letting anything stand in the way of your dream piercing.

1. Classic
2. Opal Stud
3. Standard

Two belly button piercings

Cute Outie Piercings

I think these are so cute! There are a ton of variations of different ways to accomplish the belly button piercing on an outie: surface, above, below, and short barbells.

Take in your favorite pictures to your consultation and ask the piercer what they think can be done. They likely have some experience with these to help you make a more informed decision. It’s possible that they know something you don’t about the way some of these age, and that can help you narrow down your technique a lot!

4. Pink Belly Ring
5. Subtle
6. Cover

Two belly rings

Outie Belly Button Piercing

Here are some of the cutest examples of the outie belly button piercing.

As you’re planning your outfits for your summer vacation, plan to have this new piercing out on display– that’s the best part about getting a new piercing anyway!

Check these out and start planning!

9. Surface
10. Cluster
11. Neon

Belly rings are some of the most classic body piercings– I know a ton of women that had it done in their youth and carried it with them into our adult years. It’s a fun little accessory to have when summer hits!

Just because you have an outie belly button and it feels a little more complicated to get it pierced doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t or that it wouldn’t look adorable on you. A frequently asked question is if you can even get an outie belly button pierced… and you totally can. Having enough skin around the area is the bigger concern than how far “out” your belly button is.

Set up a consultation with the piercer you find and see how comfortable they are with what you’ve got to work with! Take a professional’s opinion.

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