Inside: 19 new mantis piercing ideas to convince you to follow this new trend.

Have you heard of this cool new mantis piercing? I love the creativity that’s starting to flow from people being bored with all the facial piercings we’ve seen thus far!

The mantis piercing is a front-facing nose piercing. It’s not anything super crazy but it’s a style we haven’t seen before and it will give you a new idea of piercing styles to try even moving forward. Thinking about the classic piercings we’ve seen in the past and all the small ways that we can alter them to make them new and fresh is such a fun way to look at future piercings.

These are two tiny studs that sit on the front tip of the nose into the nostril. They’re so cute to pair with other piercings or have on their own, a little subtle shimmer to add your facial features.

Two people with several nose piercings

Check these out if you need something new!

How Much Does It Cost

The mantis piercing cost is going to be a little bit higher than most piercings. It’s a pretty new style, and it’s a complicated process to pierce the tip of your nose.

You’ll want to call around your area and look for piercers that offer this service, as it’s likely to be pretty rare unless you live near a big city where there are a lot of progressive moves made in this industry and with your local artists.

If you do live near a big city, you’re likely to pay more at shops in the city and for those piercers as opposed to the shops in the more suburban areas. However, in a situation like this, it’s better not to go cheap on a process. Since it’s such a new style, you want to go with someone you can be confident with their abilities and piercing style. As well as the cleanliness of their shop.

You’re likely to be looking at around $100 before the jewelry for the mantis piercing. This may vary based on the shop, city, and piercer, but you’re likely going to be paying a higher price tag for a more tedious process. If this is something you want to go well and have for a long time with minimal complications, it will be well worth it!

How Much Does It Hurt

These are a bit more painful than a regular nostril piercing, but not so much so that you have much to be nervous about. The tip of your nose and nostrils is a tougher and thicker area so it’s a little tougher to pierce comfortably. However, it’s still just a nostril piercing.

The pain scale for piercings are a little different for everyone.When I got mine done, it didn’t hurt as much as it simply felt like a weird sensation. I could feel the pinch, and then discomfort, and then my eye had tears pouring out. I wasn’t crying, it was simply the eye right above the piercing reacting to the sensation!

I would imagine it would feel a little more sore than the normal nose piercing as well. The healing period does go on for a good while afterwards. So it may hurt for a while, but it won’t hurt intensely.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

If you have your normal nostril piercing or even your septum, this process is going to be very similar.

To heal it, you’ll want to be super careful about snagging and pulling it, which might be a bit easier with it being on the tip of your nose instead of the side. I don’t touch many things with the front of my nose, save for shirts and dresses while getting dressed.

If you can avoid touching it too much and avoid snagging or pulling, you’ll be okay.

To clean it, using a cotton swab, soak it in saline solution. You can get this at a grocery store, drug store, your piercer, or you can make your own. Although you probably already have some that you like, I’m sure this isn’t your first piercing!

Using the saline, gently clean around the outside of the piercing with the cotton swab. You might find some minimal crust build up under the jewelry, so if you can do your best to clear that away, you’ll be in good shape.

A random tip: When I got my own nose pierced, my piercer gave me some advice that saved me, I think. I apparently had the least complicated healing process of most people I’ve talked it through with.

I slept with a bandaid on my nose for the first five days. It wasn’t tight, there was still a bit of air flow, but I think it kept the saline moisture in a little bit longer rather than drying out overnight, and it prevented snagging in my sleep. Ask your piercer, but I would imagine you could do something similar and have similar results.

What Does The Scar Look Like

The one thing I’ve always heard about nose piercings is that they likely will never close up completely.

You may not be able to effortlessly get jewelry back in the original piercing site, but you may have a little dot where the piercing once was located. Especially on the front of your nose like a mantis piercing where it’s a fleshier, you’re likely to see little indentation scars.

If you do well at minimizing tearing and pulling, you can minimize the scarring left behind!

A girl with matching studs in her nose and lip

Paired Mantis Piercing

The coolest part about getting something so different and still so minimal is the opportunity to pair it and elevate your other piercings you already have.

Refresh your look with a mantis piercing and see how these are all paired with other piercings!

1. Studded Septum
2. Simple Hoops
3. Opal
4. Gold Hoop
5. Minimalist Gold
6. Plated
7. Maximal Gold Stacks

Three people with mantis nostril piercings

Mantis Nostril Piercing

If you’re having a hard time envisioning these mantis nostril piercings, I don’t blame you! Not having seen them before, I had to do a lot of digging to really understand what was going on here! But I found some beautiful examples that I think you’ll love.

8. Minimal
9. With Chains
10. Black Stars
11. Through The Nose
12. Simple
13. Tiny Bubbles


My personal favorite part of a new piercing is all of the jewelry options for it! It’s so fun to envision a new way to wear some fun earrings or nose rings.

Check out my favorite jewelry pieces I’ve seen on mantis piercings.

14. Rhinestone
15. Dual Septum
16. Stars
17. Flats
18. Green Stone
19. Gold Detail

These mantis piercings, though they’ve technically been around for a while now, are still pretty fresh on the mainstream circuit. You won’t find a ton of people with this piercing, which is a cool concept! Finding a piercing trend that can be pretty specific to you is a rare find.

I personally really value doing things like this that aren’t too hot on the trend cycle, so I think this is an incredible piercing to invest in if it is the style you’re looking to bring into your next piercing session.
Ask around and find your local piercers that can perform this process, and have fun! Get something super new that will wow the people in your life.

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