Inside: The best same side double nose piercing ideas & how to style them.

Sometimes even the most beautifully minimal piercings need a little something extra.

I love minimalism with piercings, but even more than that I love something fun, funky, and unique.

While same side double nose piercings may not be the most unique piercing, they’re definitely not overdone! So I love when I see someone flawlessly execute the double nose piercing, whether it’s double studs, double hoops, or a mix, it’s always so cute.

If you’re considering it, I’m here to convince you to do it. Because I personally love it, so I think you should do it. And that totally makes sense.

I’m here to answer all of your questions about it and give you all the cute inspiration you need to go ahead and book that appointment!

Three people with piercings on the same side of the nose

The fun part about these is, they can still look minimal even with having two. If you want them to. Make it your own!

How Much Does It Cost

Different shops are likely going to have vastly different prices for a piercing like this. The average nose piercing costs around $30 to $80 depending on different variables, but your shop may require you to simply pay double for getting it double pierced.

It’s possible that they could bundle them together at a discounted rate, but it’s also possible that they could charge a little extra for a more difficult process of piercing a small space that’s already pierced.

As you’re asking around for rates, you’ll want to get clarification on these points, just so you know exactly what it is you’re paying for.

The variables that make the prices of the price of the piercing so broad are the piercer and the location. You pay for a piercer’s experience, and their history in the piercing industry should reflect their prices. I always think this is a worthy investment to know you’re getting someone that really knows what they’re doing piercing your skin! I know plenty of people open to letting newer piercers do what they want, and I love that! That’s how they learn. But there are some more intricate piercings I’m more interested in being more knowledgeable about.

You should expect and plan to pay the higher prices for a more experienced piercer working on something as detailed as this double piercing.

The location of the shop matters too of course because shops each have their own minimums and requirements, and since some states are generally more expensive than others, piercing shop prices will reflect that. So getting pierced in Oklahoma may be cheaper than California, even for a similarly experienced piercer.

How Much Does It Hurt

My nose piercing didn’t hurt all that much. Just your average sting of a piercing. And my eye watered on that side. As a natural response of course, I wasn’t crying…

No pain scale will be truly accurate when everyone perceives pain differently. So don’t pay too much mind to what anyone else says about how bad it does or doesn’t hurt.

However, I will say that after the first one, your nose is likely going to be pretty tender. So you’ll need to be pretty prepared that while the first one may not hurt too bad, the second one might.

Just take a little Tylenol and you’ll be alright.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing this piercing is pretty simple.

The same saline wash you would use for any of your other piercings you can use for your nose.

Find a piercing cleaning solution or a simple saline solution at any store or buy from your piercer. Just be sure it’s a non-nasal saline spray, they look similar but it has other chemicals that will irritate your piercing.

Use a cotton swab to get all under the piercing and under the stud as best you can.

A pro tip my piercer told me: sleep with a bandaid over it loosely the first few nights to protect it from snagging.
Keeping your piercing from getting snagged in your sleep and while you’re changing and washing your face will help it heal so much faster! I also think the band aid helped lock in the saline and keep it working overnight while I slept, and then let it air out during the day. I never had issues with the “bump” that so many people experience. I can’t technically attribute it all to the band aid but I do anyway.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Unless there’s a lot of pulling, snagging, and stretching, you won’t see a scar from a nose piercing. There will likely be a tiny residual hole that you can’t really get jewelry through again, but you won’t be able to see it. It’s rare that nose piercings close all the way up.

Even if you could see it, the nose usually has so much texture anyway that it won’t be noticeable!

Two girls with two nose studs

Double Studs

Are you wondering if you want two of the same kinds of jewelry in your double nose piercing?

I love these examples of the double studs! I think they’re so dainty and fun. Check them out!

1. Glam
2. Minimal
3. Silver Ball
4. Mismatched
5. Rhinestones
6. Elevated Basics

Double Hoops

7. Minimal Gold
8. Black Hoops
9. Hammered Gold
10. Earthy
11. Isolated
12. Identical

Two girls with same side multiple nose rings

Cool Same Side Double Nose Piercing

How are you wanting to style these same side double nose piercing? You can go really basic or really cool and really stylized. Check these out and see if something inspires you! It just might show you a style you didn’t even know you loved.

13. Mini Stud
14. Embellished Hoop
15. Stacked
16. Ultra Glam
17. The Basics
18. Studded Hoop

Two girls with many facial piercings

Cute Double Nose Piercings

Just about any combination you put in these is going to be so cute!

Fall in love with these different piercing combos and get inspired.

19. Symmetrical
20. Intricate Studs
21. Diamond
22. Overload
23. Blue Stones
24. Black Titanium

How To Style

Wondering how to style something like it? It’s pretty new territory– with not a ton of people posting how they’re doing it, it’s hard to get inspired to get creative.

Here are a few ideas for you to take and run with!

25. Cluster
26. Teal Cluster
27. Silver Hoop

If your favorite piercing you see is a nose piercing, you’re going to love these. Getting to do a little more than the bare minimum makes it all a little bit more exciting, and I always anticipate the results a little more.

There’s a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking when it comes to piercings these days, so as you start to consider your next piercings, think of ways you can do them a little differently! It’s becoming so fun to see all the new piercing trends going around, and I know this will be a huge one in the next few years.

The auricle is another one of these piercings we’ve seen for a while, but not very often! On the side of the ear is a really cool placement, and pretty visible too.

If these same side double nose piercing ideas sold you, my work is done.