yInside: 3 different nose chain piercing options if you’re dying to add a chain to your look.

There are so many ways to decorate our piercings these days. Obviously starting with new piercing styles, then trying it with new jewelry, and then adding on some pretty spunky accessories to all the pre-existing piercings and jewelries.

A woman in full glam with different facial piercings.

Something I’ve been seeing quite a bit of on the more edgy/girly/super pierced market is more nose chain piercings! These were interesting to me at first because I was trying to figure out how they worked– how are they connected and what is the actual piercing?

Then I realized that it’s an embellishment on one of three different nose piercings: the bridge, the nasallang, or two separate nostril piercings.

Three different spots to wear a nose chain

Nostril | Nasallang | Bridge

The chain is added as jewelry on one of these three (or any combination of them if you have all of these!) and it just looks like an elevated version of these classic piercings we already know and love.

If you’re simply so in love with the nose chain piercing and need to figure out which piercing to get to achieve the look, I got you! Here’s a breakdown of the piercings you may want to get to get the nose chain.

I’ve broken them down by question so if you’re not already sure which one you like best, you can compare by answer.

I’ve done a whole dive on nasallang and what it is, and you can check it out here!

How Much Does It Cost

Each of these price ranges are not including the typical jewelry price, as oftentimes, they aren’t included in the overall price of the piercing. These price ranges vary on geographical location and experience of the piercer.

Nasallang: Essentially, you’re looking at anywhere from $50 to $100 before the jewelry costs to snag this piercing. It’s a pretty intricate process, and not every shop in your area may offer it. So call around before trying to walk in for something! On that note, you may not have many options for different price points, but something this elaborate shouldn’t be skimped out on just to get the cheap version anyway.

Bridge: A bridge piercing is simply the bridge of your nose between your eyes. This one isn’t anything new, but still pretty rare because it’s a more bold placement. If you’re looking at this placement for your nose chain piercing, it’s on the cheaper end of the scale. You’re probably going to find it within the $30 to $60 range.

Double Nostril Piercing: These might be the simplest way to achieve the nose chain look, but the most expensive. These are two separate piercings unlike the bridge and the nasallang. Usually you pay for one nostril, so getting two, they may cut you a deal! It wouldn’t hurt to call around and ask before making any plans to go anywhere, just to see.

One nostril piercing is usually anywhere from $30 to $90, though I have never heard of anyone paying the $90 bill for a nose piercing! But for the sake of the possible range, if you were to pay for two of these, you’re looking at a $60 to $180 process, though the higher end is unlikely.

If you already have one nostril pierced already, then you’ll only need to get the other one done, bringing us back down to $30 to $90 for the piercing.

How Much Does It Hurt

Each of these piercings are incredibly different pain levels! Which are hard to really narrow down anyway, seeing as pain tolerances are different for everyone.

The nostril and the bridge may hurt to the same effect– slightly tender areas near the eyes, but aren’t necessarily painful. The pinch may just be a little more intense with the soft skin on the bridge piercing.

My nostril piercing didn’t hurt much at all, but my eye reacted! My eye on the side of my face that got pierced started tearing up, but not tears of pain, it was simply a reaction to the sharp pinch I experienced on my nose.

The nasallang is a different story, I will say, as it is a piercing going into the cartilage higher up on your nose.
It’s a bar going from one side to the other. This is going to be a little more sore, and have a little bit of a tougher piercing process from the start.

They each are uncomfortable in their own ways, but none are incredibly painful.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

The process for healing these piercings are all the same. Using a saline solution on a cotton swab or the like, go ahead and clean around the area.

You can get a good saline wash from any grocery store, drug store, piercing shop, or you can even make your own! It’s a simple solution of water and salt, a perfect natural cleanser for wounds and piercings.

The more you can get the cleaner under the jewelry the better– while the germs get in from the outside, they get infected on the inside. Do your best to get it all in that piercing. You may find some crust and buildup under the jewelry. If you can clean that out, you’re in good shape. It means it’s healing! That’s a good thing.

A pro tip I learned from the piercer that did my nose was to sleep with a bandaid over it loosely for the first five nights. Let it air out during the day, but protect it at night. I had a perfect healing process and it never experienced the common “bump” many people find on their nose piercings. I don’t know why it worked, but it did! Give it a try if you go for the nostril piercing.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Stretching, snagging, and infection are all factors that you can pay attention to to hopefully minimize the scarring on these piercings. Each of them have different scarring levels, but if you can prevent them from being disrupted while it’s healing, you’re on a good track to minimal scars.

Nasallang and nostrils don’t leave much of a scar– maybe a little indent you can see if you really look for it, but you’re not at much risk of seeing the impact of these piercings.

The bridge however, since it’s in a fleshier location on the face might leave some more noticeable scars. They will be more on the side, fortunately, but you will be left with indents.

A photo of nose chain jewelry

Nose Chain Jewelry

Whichever nose piercing you choose to get to get a nose chain, here are some jewelry ideas for you!
If you’re using normal studs for your piercing types, use these chains by connecting it through your studs before placing the stud in the piercing.

1. Heart Shape
2. Simple Metal
3. Nose Studs
4. L-Stud

Woman with bridge piercing.

The nose chain is such a pretty piece of jewelry that I know you’ll love once you go through all of the hoops of piercing and healing to get to that point! Chains are a fun way to add what feels like a little more flair to a pretty relaxed piercing.

Adding a chain to an earring or a nose ring adds a really bohemian and earthy look to your aesthetic.

Whichever route you choose to go with adding these super cute nose chains, you’re going to look killer!