Inside: 9 cool high nostril piercing ideas to check out if your nose needs something new.

All the new ways we’re doing nose piercings these days is dope– adding a little something new here and there really makes a difference when it comes to styling your piercings! The high nostril piercings are fun and different, two characteristics of some of my favorite piercings.

These high nostril piercing ideas should sell you on this if you’re getting bored with what you’ve got. Especially with your nose, it’s hard to narrow down something cool to do, a lot of nose piercings are pretty invasive or intense. Septum, septril, rhino… They all are so cool but a big commitment!

If you just want another little stud to accompany your others, the answer is simple. Another nostril piercing… but a high one of course.

At first I thought that these were like most other nose piercings– intense like the nasallang. Though totally beautiful. But it’s pretty simple!

Three people with intricate nose piercings

I’ll answer all your questions.

What Is The High Nostril Piercing?

It’s as simple as it sounds. It’s a nostril piercing but at the top of the nostril, about as high up as you can go before hitting the bone. It’s a super similar process to that of the regular nostril piercing but a little more tedious working with a narrower space inside the nose.

This space is strictly for studs since it’s too far away from the nostril opening to fit a hoop. If you get this piercing on both nostrils, there are cool chains you can get to attach the two studs together in a neat embellishment, but overall, your studs are here to stay!

How Much Does It Cost

Nostril piercings are generally pretty cheap, but these go up in price just a touch. The high nostril piercing costs around $40 to $60, without jewelry costs.

The range is based on a couple of different factors: store location and piercer experience.

Geographical location changes the price points in a few ways: some states are just generally more expensive than others, and even within a state, so are cities. Going to a piercing shop in a trendy part of town isn’t going to bring your price down very much, they tend to be more expensive in these areas.

They also bring in more experienced piercers from all over, which is another high price point. Prices reflect a piercer’s experience in the industry, so you truly get what you pay for with your piercers. The shop itself will have a shop minimum, but from there each piercer will have their own price points.

How Much Does It Hurt

A nostril piercing doesn’t hurt much, in my opinion. I’ve only had one really painful piercing, my rook, and everything else just feels like a sharp pinch and you’re done!
You can’t take into account what other people are saying hurts too much, the pain scale is pretty relative.
But people that have had both a regular and a high nostril piercing report that because of the proximity to the bone, the high nostril does hurt a little more than the regular. That doesn’t mean it actually hurts, necessarily. Just between the two it’s a little more tender.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing this is just like healing your other piercings, nose or otherwise.

Using a piercing cleaning solution, soak a cotton swab and douse the piercing site as best you can to get under the stud and into the piercing underneath as well. You’ll want to do this twice a day to ensure it’s getting cleaned as best as possible.

You might be familiar with the concept of “the bump” that is pretty common with nose piercings. It can be healed with cleaning and extra care, but to avoid it all together, make sure to be cleaning your piercing as regularly as needed and avoid touching it during the first few days.

If you engage in any activities where you’ll be sweating on your face, add an extra cleaning in right after to clean out the sweat toxins out of the area. Anything that might irritate your piercing, it’s okay to take extra precaution and add an extra cleaning.

You can get a cleaning solution from any grocery or drug store. Alternatively, your piercer may sell some that they recommend in the shop or you can make your own! It’s a simple solution of water and salt to make saline wash.
Keep all face washes and skin care products out of the area, as the chemicals will likely irritate the piercing.

What Does The Scar Look Like

The good news is that you don’t see too many scars from nose piercings! They can leave behind tiny piercing holes that won’t fit jewelry anymore, but you can’t see it usually.

The one thing to be careful of is pulling, snagging, and tearing that might cause stretching on the piercing. When piercings get stretched, they’re less likely to truly heal up all the way, and will leave behind some sort of visible markings.

Be mindful when washing and drying your face and changing your clothes to not let your piercing snag on anything, and you should be scar free!

a girl with three piercings on one nostril

High Nostril Piercings

If you’re not totally sure about the placement and the combination with other piercings, here are a few examples that I really love!

I think they’re so stunning, and I’m always a fan of an extra little stud anywhere just to spice up but also ground all the other piercings. It’s an elevated look.

1. Silver Ball Stud
2. Stone Stud
3. Black Stone

Three double high nostril piercings


Doing double high nostril piercings is really trendy right now, and it’s all because people love symmetry.

Symmetrical facial piercings and asymmetrical ear piercings are all the rage, because it’s backwards from what we’ve always done! And it’s a fun way to change it up too.

4. Studs
5. Gold Cluster
6. Blue Stone

With A Chain

If you’re sold on the doubles like everyone else, you’ll love these with a chain connector.

Ethereal, edgy, whatever you want to call it, these are too cool.

7. Eclectic
8. Dainty Gold
9. Cool Aesthetic

These high nostril piercings are so cute! But in like, an edgy way.

Nostril piercings in general have that “I’m edgy but I can also be cute” vibe to them if they’re the only facial piercing you have, and the high nostril is no different. Have fun with something new and something fresh on your face!

Not every piercing we get has to be super wild, but doing something a little different really makes all the difference when it comes to how everything feels all put together. So instead of going really bold with a straight across nasallang, do something a little simpler and just add another little stud to the mix.

However, if you want to go a little crazy, I think the nasallang is pretty cool! I’ve done a whole post about it as well, so check it all out here. Try something new this week!